Best Rechargeable Fans in India

The term rechargeable finds its meaning in a Battery Fan device, enabling the electrical energy regenerated by connecting the device to a well-capacitated power supply.

The Rechargeable Fan operates in the same manner. It is a very convenient domestic appliance to own, having multifaceted utilities. If you happen to be a persistent tripper whether, on official assignments, business tours, or a family vacation, a Rechargeable fan alongside is a pleasant experience.

To make your choice easier we have made a list of the best rechargeable fans in India. We have reviewed the top fans with their Pros and Cons for your better understanding.

The Best Rechargeable Table Fans are:

CZ Cool Zone Powerful Folding Rechargeable Table Fan

Rechargeable Table Fan

KLAY Led Light Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan

Rechargeable Table Fan

CITRA LR-2018 Powerful Rechargeable Table Cum Wall Fan

Rechargeable Table Fan

Besides, there are many more avenues where you can make use of rechargeable fans to your best satisfaction. You can treat it as a back up at home for intermittent power cuts or as an alternative to your permanent fixtures like ceiling fans or ACs in case of any significant breakdown.

A Rechargeable Fan in India is, therefore, a logical option, considering the climatic conditions of India. You can experience the agony of prolonged power shut down due to many reasons. It may be due to weather turbulence such as the aftermath of low depression, a landslide in hilly regions, rain havoc, planned electrical maintenance, and so on.

Both planned and unplanned events may bring in extreme inconvenience in your otherwise calm and peaceful life that may unsettle your routine activities. So, what are you waiting for? Now, the onus lies on you to invest in premium rechargeable fans and enjoy the joyful experience, for a change, to swim against the tide, and defeat all the distress and hassles.

A Charger Fan is compact, discharges sweeping airflow at a comfortable zone, renders non-stop service for years to infinity, and does not even require much maintenance.

The age-old economic principle applies here too, which states that the wants are unlimited, but the means to satisfy them are limited together with multiple-choice factors.

Therefore, based on this statement, you have to utilize your limited resources to make a selection and optimize your purchasing power.

In keeping with this, a sincere effort has been made to display a product review of 10 varieties of Best Rechargeable Fan in India available in the domestic market.

List of the Best Rechargeable Fans in India:

1. CZ Cool Zone Folding Rechargeable Fan

It is a perfect buy if you are looking for a Charger Fan having both AC and DC modes and has sufficient battery backup.

rechargeable fan

Top 5 Features:

  • 5590 Rechargeable Fan folding that inherits 2 in 1-7” Leaf Table Charger Fan, functions in both AC & DC. In the event of power failure, the device also facilitates recharge, making use of Solar Panel Boards.
  • Two-step speed & 21 LED, throwing both low & high brightness. Also, it carries individual buttons for Charging Fan with Light and both the elements are covered for simultaneous use. Led Lamp and Charger Fan can be stretched for 8 hours and 4 hours respectively or both at a given period for 3 hours.
  • This particular fan can be fixed on a wall or placed on a table and carried anywhere due to its negligible weight.
  • The said fan has a provision for vertical height adjustment. It is without any swing option.
  • A new model has been brought with updated features, which is available with additional battery back up, lasting for 8 hours without any interruption.


  • Ideal battery backup
  • Easy portability
  • Inclusion of Charging Fan cable


  • Too delicate
  • Devoid of Swing option

2. KLAY Led Light Rechargeable Fan

rechargeable fan

KLAY Led Light Multi-Function Powerful Rechargeable Table Desk Fan is another spectacular model with plenty of facilities like decent airflow and easy portability. This is also ideally suited to Indian subtropical humid climate.

Top 5 Features:

  • It is complete with 2 in 1-8” Leaf Table Charger Fan, which works in both AC & DC as and when power fails. Solar Panel Board is also a charging option.
  • Two-step speed & 21 LED light provision with low, medium & high brightness are the key attributes. Besides, individual buttons for fan & light and their simultaneous are hard to ignore. Led lamp and Charger Fan can be employed for 8 hours and 4 hours respectively or both in tandem for 3 hours.
  • The fan can be pinned at any vantage point on a wall partition or kept on a table and is designed for portability as it is lightweight.
  • The Charging Fan cable is included in the box and the fan does possess a micro USB charger cable.
  • New updated model with additional battery backup for 8 hours is an attractive bargain and charging the mobiles with the help of backup energy is not to be disregarded.


  • Secured battery backup
  • Attractive design


  • Low cable quality

3. Citra LR-2018 Powerful Rechargeable Fan

rechargeable fan

It resembles a conventional electrical table fan most common in India. Looking at it, you will be tempted to possess one that carries the following excellent features.

Top 5 Features:

  • 2 in 1-7” Leaf Table Charger Fan is the main interest. It can be operated in both AC & DC in case of power failure. Solar Panel Board charging is also a memorable exploit.
  • Two-step speed & 21 LED lamp providing low and high brightness are factors to reckon. Individual buttons are chiseled for Charging Fan with Light. Both are open to simultaneous performance. Led lamp and fan cater to 8 hours and 4 hours run respectively. Alternatively, both can be synchronised at a time for 3 hours.
  • The fan can be mounted on a wall anywhere in your apartment, be it your drawing room, bedroom, dining hall or kitchen. You can place the fan on a table or a teapoy and take it anywhere without feeling an iota of burden.
  • The package comprises of a Charging Fan cable and the respective fan can be charged, applying the micro USB cable.
  • It is a new updated model with extra battery reinforcement extended to 8 hours in a given situation and you can charge your gadgets, using the restored energy.


  • Easy to carry
  • Solid battery backup
  • Inclusion of Charging Fan cable


  • Cost of accessories high

4. Mr. Right 3 Blade Rechargeable Fan

It is a lightweight portable fan with Charging Fan cable constituting an integral accessory and is deemed as one of the best buying choices.

rechargeable fan

Top 5 Features:

  • 2 in 1-12” Leaf Table Fan, works in AC & DC framework when power backs down. It is compatible with charging, using Solar Panel Boards also.
  • Three-step speed & 21 LED with both low and high brightness is the key. Individual buttons set up is available for Charging Fan with Light. Both can be executed in tandem. Led Lamp and Fan are open for use either for 8 hours and 4 hours respectively or both at the same time for 3 hours.

The fan can be placed high on a wall at a convenient position or shifted on a low plain surface. You can take with anywhere, as you like as its weight so insignificant.

  • The Charging Fan cable is inclusive in the package and the fan can also be charged through any other micro USB cable.
  • A brand new updated version with additional battery backup conducive to as long as 8 hours is now available for charging the home appliance, using the backup energy.


  • Easy to use
  • Solid battery backup


  • Recharge time is too long

5. Geek Aire 12 Inch Rechargeable Fan

Another excellent choice would be the aforesaid table fan with unique features as depicted below

rechargeable fan

Top 7 Features:

  • It is a new generation state of the art rechargeable high-velocity outdoor floor fan. Also, it is driven by 15600-mAh high-quality Lithium-ion battery.
  • The run time is 4 to 24 hours subject to speed settings. It is replete with 24 V power chargers, facilitating a charging time to the tune of 4 to 5 hours.
  • It incorporates a 12-inch metal fan blade. It caters to high-performance airflow up to 1500 CFM together with a metal body, IPX4 water-resistant property. The very device is ideally suitable for outdoor activities. Intrinsic built up with the latest BLDC motor technology is the essence. Also, it is noise resistant and durable to the core.

It is a unique, versatile fan with power bank function – An extra USB output port for recharging digital devices (USB cable not inclusive).

  • It contains a one-knob easy control, encompassing variable speed settings for precise control. It is complete with an LED battery gauge indicator entwined in the control box.
  • 120-degree direction mobility with adjustable air discharge and anti-slip rubber cushion for safety angle is widely appreciated.
  • It conforms to latest Indian electrical standards, i.e., ETL & cETL certification regulated with a 2-year warranty.


  • 120-degree tilting provision angle for all-round airflow
  • LED battery indicator


  • Reduced portability
  • USB cable not included in the kit

6. Rico Rechargeable Fan

These fans are tagged with Japanese quick charge technology with high-quality battery performance. The all-important property is the protection from deep discharge and overcharge, leaving the battery undamaged. The oscillation facility is also an added feature.

rechargeable fan

Top 5 Features:

  • High-class premium rechargeable table fan with a 1-year product warranty. It can run on both electricity or without electricity.
  • Japanese quick charge technology with premium battery with longer life span is a valuable proposition.
  • It is built with high-quality components. Being lightweight (2500 grams only), it can be taken at any place easily. It will work for 4 hours at a slow speed and 2 hours at high speed.
  • Oscillation function is an integral part. Suitable hanger for easy grip is quite suited. The inbuilt maintenance-free rechargeable battery is a point to consider.
  • Deep discharge and overcharge protection is a key factor to contemplate as it reduces energy consumption.


  • Near-instant charging (only 2 hours)
  • 4 hours battery backup capacity on a full run
  • Decent product quality with dual power mode


  • A slow speed with inadequate airflow

7. Geek Aire 5″ Handheld Rechargeable Fan

If you are searching for a handheld fan for personal comfort, you are on the right page. It is available in 2 sizes viz., 4 & 5 inches and with 2 colour options i.e., white and pink. 1-year warranty included in the offer is also a considerable advantage.

rechargeable fan

Top Features:

  • The 5-speed setting is an extraordinary element. Other properties are aerodynamic 4-blade design, driven by hardwearing brushless DC motor. It caters to robust airflow with air velocity up to 27 ft/s.
  • This mini fan is designed with 2600 mAh high-quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery with the run time of 3 to 8 hours at a stretch, depending on the speed dynamics. The charging frequency is nearly 4 hours.
  • It is comfortably regulated with LED indicator. You have to depress the button engraved in power panel for speed setting with a blue LED light as an indicator fitted therein. Moreover, 3 white LED lights have been provisioned to indicate power level/gauge.

Portable mini handheld is meant for easy portability. It is construed as a perfect ploy for both indoor and outdoor service.

  • It comes absolutely with arresting accessories. It comprises a charging anchorage for convenient charging and desktop utility. The relevant charging port has a washable and adherent rubber cushion for underlying stability.
  • USB charger cable is an all-inclusive component. Provision of 5V low voltage subjected to tension-free use. A built-in PTC & CID circuit protection is empowered for further safety. It also assimilates a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Perfect portability with a 5-speed setting
  • 1-year warranty
  • Battery backup up to 8 hours at a stretch


  • Absence of dual power mode

8. Impex BREEZE-D1 Solar Rechargeable Fan

Dual speed modes with LED light are the features to admire. It is lightweight and aesthetically designed and can discharge adequate airflow.

rechargeable fan

Top 5 Features:

  • 22 pcs LED night lamp is the key
  • Fan speed up to 8 hours is the comfort zone
  • LED up to 90 hours is a major area of consideration
  • High-speed motor RPM extending to 1700+-10% is a strong factor
  • It embraces 2- step speed and light selection variance as distinct choices


  • Decent motor RPM
  • Brighter LED for emergency
  • Significant battery life


  • Inadequate recharge system

9. REBORN 5590 Powerful Rechargeable Fan

The compactness is the essence that is integrated into this model. It is one of the most efficient appliances in the Indian market.

Top 5 Features:

rechargeable fan
  • Two in One 7 inch leaf table fan, works in both AC & DC in case of power failure. Can be charged with the help of solar panel also.
  • 2 in 1 step speed coverage & 21 LED with low & high brightness are its worth mentioning characteristics. Provision for individual buttons for Charging Fan with Light is the long-standing ingredients. Ideally, the fan runs on a full charge, giving absolute comfort.
  • The fan can be mounted on a wall hanging or placed on table symmetry and is crafted to carry at all plausible zones as it is lightweight.
  • The height of the fan can be adjusted to a vertical aperture. However, it lacks the swing option, so to say.
  • Charging Fans with Light altogether can be operated with a simultaneous concurrence.


  • Ideal battery backup
  • Easy portability


  • Too delicate to use in the long run
  • No swing option

10. Impex Breeze-D4 Solar Rechargeable Fan

It accounts for 40 pcs of 0.5 LED that emanates a bright and transparent beam of light absorption. The sleek craftsmanship with brushless motor mechanism is the talk of the town.

rechargeable fan

Top 6 Features:

  • It comprises of 40 pcs LED night lamp to boot
  • It provisions a fan speed backup of a minimum of 8 hours
  • LED backup is to the tune of to 90 hours at a stretch
  • The inbuilt USB charging port is a pronounced insertion
  • When fully charged, the run time may stretch to 50 hours
  • User-friendly function and use are underlined features


  • 8 level speed adjustments
  • A 1-year warranty is pre-defined
  • An inbuilt USB port is a point to recognize
  • Decent battery backup with an attractive look


  • Not cost-effective compared to similar substitutes

Advantages of Owning a Rechargeable Fan

As discussed, the benefits derived from a Rechargeable fan are countless. Nevertheless, one should know the pros and cons before buying the appliance.

  • It is very much user-friendly. You can buy it as a fall back in case of an emergency.
  • Compactness is the essence. Take it anywhere, be it inside your house or to any outstation of your choice.
  • It is highly cost-effective.
  • It embraces unblemished performance.

Barring these benefits, there are more grounds to invest in a Rechargeable Fan, which can be unfurled only after possessing the same. 

Buying Guide

Buying the Rechargeable Fan Online or offline is virtually a matter of dilemma. The reason is obvious. As mentioned at the outset, that a consumer always finds him amidst multiple choices with limited resources.

Now, being a consumer, you have to think rationally while contemplating to purchase the Best Rechargeable Fan in India.

Before deciding on which type of Rechargeable Fan suits you, first you need to carefully go through the important guidelines, which will help you optimize your buying prospects. Here below are some factors that may influence a customer’s decision-making:


The Rechargeable Fan Price remains the main parameter while opting for any domestic appliance.

Once you decide on the Rechargeable Fan Price, your perception will become confined to the selected few ranges of products, and you can quickly come to a right decision.

Different product models bear separate Rechargeable Fan Price tags. In this case, the cost of a Rechargeable Fan depends on its inherent features. You can check the latest price on amazon by clicking on the required image.

You will observe that some of the features do not suit your requirements. Buying that product at a higher price might be useless for you.

The more the multiplicity of features, the greater will be the possibility of a hike in prices. You need to compare the models and choose as per your suitability and comfort. It should meet both the required functions and spending ability.

Customer Care

Customer after-sales service is also a vital area of concern when you are thinking to own a Charger Fan. This facet is a great solace for you as you can use the model without any tension irrespective of your purchase of Rechargeable Fan Online or from the physical store.

The time-bound warranty covers free maintenance and after that, you can avail of the services at a reasonable cost. It also ensures the best performance of the product. It is, therefore, suggested to choose amongst the most popular brands of rechargeable fans that provide decent after-sales care during use.

Frequent uses of an appliance in case of Rechargeable Fan, the wear and tear are bound to happen. So, there should be adequate provision of customer service to take care of the eventualities.

In India, the customer care service has become immensely popular and can be at your doorsteps at every beck and call.

Room Specification

The size and dimension of your room or workplace also matter the most. A Charger Fan is best suited for a cosy little room so that the airflow becomes more effective.

This kind of Battery Fan is of no use in large rooms or halls in terms of Indian climate where nine months out of twelve are mostly humid. If you have a small room with easy portability, you can place it anywhere as per convenience.

In this case, the Rechargeable Fan would be the ideal one. Besides, you need not worry about power points as it is a Battery Fan and operated accordingly.

Requirement of Accessories

The onus is on you if you want to purchase a Rechargeable Fan with or without accessories. The accessories primarily consist of inbuilt lights, USB ports and so on. The utilities of accessories are to be properly realized.

One has to ensure whether the accessories are required at all. Remember that these accessories may be comprised of the hidden cost of the Rechargeable Fan Price constituent that will lead to an unforced inflated price stigma.

Knowing this fact will immensely assist in proper decision-making.

Product Specifications

Operational run time, battery life and recharge schedules are also the most significant benchmarks to consider in a bid to purchasing a long-lasting Battery Fan.

The plethora of parameters must be browsed through before venturing for the right option. This effort is directly proportional to your decision-making as it is human nature to gather more amenities at lower prices than at higher prices.

This policy will exceedingly benefit you to make the right choice.

Goodwill of the Product

The name and fame of the product in general or product model in specific do count distinctly while looking for an appliance of this genre of Rechargeable Fan in India.

The name of the product manufacturer embossed on the body of the device means a lot to the customer. In this regard, one can cite an example of Usha Rechargeable Fan repeatedly.

If you go for a model manufactured by a reputed firm; you will tend to incline to that brand regardless of price as the name itself guarantees the quality of the product and after-sales service.


In recent time, a major chunk of Indian populace is willing to possess battery operated Rechargeable Fan Online.

The tendency has transformed into a necessity from fancied outlook in the backdrop of global warming, that has affected India with scorching heat and humidity.

Besides, notable consumption of electricity has brought about frequent power cuts that have thrown the means of heat reduction like ACs, electrical fans and coolers in disarray. In light of these facts, rechargeable fans in India seem the best option to buy.

So, there are 10 models of rechargeable fans listed above for buyers’ convenience. You can choose any one of them as per your budget.

Usha Rechargeable Fan is also a great option if you go for a brand name. The bottom line is the customer should get value for money. 

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