How to Use Your Refrigerator More Effectively

The first thing that comes in mind with bringing a new appliance at home is its efficiency. The affectivity comes along with the gentle care and the way of using it. The refrigerator is one of the most required and useful appliance in a kitchen.

With a refrigerator, you do not need to do groceries regularly. It helps you to store your food up to a week or more. It keeps fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. fresh and intact. But, wrongly using it or not taking proper care of this may shorten its lifespan. It may even cost you more electricity bills.

However, to avoid these situations, just make sure to use it effectively. When you use the refrigerator properly, it pays you its efficiency, low energy bills, and durability.

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Below is a detailed breakup on the key points of how to maintain your refrigerator more effectively, plus few additional details which we have not covered in this infographic.

1. Keep Used Food in Front

While talking about increasing the freshness of the foods, the first thing to look into is the way of organizing it. The trick of adjusting the fresh and the leftover foods items assist you to make your refrigerator run smoothly.

Moreover, left-over foods are not suitable to keep in the refrigerator long. Thus, place it in the front parts. When you do this, the used items remain in front of your views. It will remind you to use it in the first place. But, if you keep them inside the refrigerator, you may forget about those items, making their quality worse.

It is helpful for your refrigerator’s performance to eliminate the oldest items first. Furthermore, ensure to store them in airtight containers. If you keep them in the metal cans, the cooked food may catch the smell of the metal.

  Always try to freeze the used items within 2 hours from its cooking time. This might help the foods to smell fresh and taste better for a bit longer time. 

2. Optimum Temperature

Balancing the temperature of your refrigerator is another primary step following its effectiveness and lifespan.  Apart from that, the maintenance of the food quality relies upon the adjustment of the optimum temperature.

The optimum temperature of the refrigerator and its freezer portion is different. A refrigerator requires a minimum of 3 degrees to 5 degrees Celsius to keep your foods suitable to eat in the future. This temperature assists to halt the formation of bacteria and germs.

Extending the temperature may spoil the quality of the stored food due to bacterial interaction. Moreover, setting the temperature below 3 degrees Celsius may dampen your items, making it’s quality poor.

For the freezer, the optimum temperature is -18 degrees Celsius. The fun-fact is: you can store up meat or seafood at the temp of -18 degrees Celsius for a year. But, below the optimum temperature, the food items may lose their rich flavor or taste.

To perceive the best results in storing the food items properly, set the optimum temperature in both refrigerator and freezer. Along with the food quality, using the refrigerator in optimum temperature keeps its quality maintained for a long period.

3. Allocate Proper Space

Your refrigerator may take a great many loads if you can utilize the space inside it properly. Most of the time, the wrong way of storing items ends you up storing fewer loads. Hence, manage the inner space before storing the foods.

First of all, clear all those items that you are not going to use in the future. Most often people store unwanted items long without any further purpose of using it. This takes up the maximum place inside the refrigerator, making it harder to store the useful ones.

The newly launched refrigerators come with different labels of allotting the items. Thus, furnish your refrigerator with specific food items according to the labels. For instance, many refrigerators appear with a basket for keeping grocery items like fruits and vegetables.

While storing the grocery items make sure to arrange them properly. Like the green and leafy vegetables in one place and the colorful vegetables in another individual place. While storing the fruits, do not mix the vegetables.

On the upper side, there are racks to store eggs safely without any risk of cracking. On the other hand, there is a separate space for storing cheese or other dairy products. Refrigerators also enable you to store the water bottles in a separate place.

The systematic storing of the different items makes you able to access the whole inner space. Besides, the systematic arrangements help you to find out items quickly and conveniently.

4. Protect from Heat Sources

The basic thing to fix before purchasing a refrigerator is planning the perfect place to connect it. If you choose a warm place to install the refrigerator, it may not provide you with its perfect response. It is important to place your refrigeration in a cool and dry place. A temperature of 35 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable to install your gadget.

While placing it, make sure, there is no heat source like an oven or any origin of intense sunlight. All these factors may harm the lifespan and its cooling ability. Frequent contact with a direct heat source or high temperature stands as a barrier before your refrigerator’s efficiency. The heat may require your refrigerator for harder efforts to cool or store the items. As a result, it may affect its longevity and may increase the electricity bill massively.

Besides, heat sources refer to the presence of humidity. Not only refrigerators, but humidity also affects every type of electronic appliances. Thus, choosing the perfect place for the refrigerator where there is hardly any heat source is essential for maintenance.

5. Clean Every 2 Weeks

You need to maintain the hygiene of your refrigerator more often to keep your foods healthy. You store several sorts of foods in the refrigerator. Thus, it can catch bad odour from each item. If you leave it unclean, the odour may leave its signs to your freshly stored items. 

Moreover, while storing or clearing items, the foods may spill and your refrigerator may get stains. Apart from that, the formation of mould and decaying vegetables and other residues make your refrigerator stink acutely.  When you store the items in a messy refrigerator, it affects the quality of the food, its fresh smell and even its texture.

Furthermore, an untidy refrigerator can leave a bad impression towards your guests.  They may feel disgusted having foods from your refrigerator. Thus, you must clean it with appropriate hygienic cleanser.

Your refrigerator requires cleaning every two weeks. Empty your refrigerator while cleaning to get the best results. It may get hard for you to clean the whole mess at once. To avoid such circumstances, you can wipe out the inner surface of every specific rack with a cotton cloth.

Make sure not to use water directly to clean the refrigerator. There are several refrigerator cleaners available in the market. Use that to clean the refrigerator more often.

6. Always Keep the Door Closed

Keeping the doors of your refrigerator closed is another great way to increase the gadget’s efficiency. The longer you keep the doors open, the cool air blows out of your refrigerator.  As a consequent, it reduces the cooling effects of the gadget. It means your fridge takes a longer period to cool a specific item. It results in a massive electricity bill. The longer you keep the door closed, the more you save your money.

 Another disadvantage of keeping the door opened for the maximum time is the formation of moisture in it. When you do that, the outer warm air enters in your refrigerator. It interacts with the inner cold air forming moisture. It increases the inner humidity plundering the food items. It can even make water dripping inside the refrigerator. 

Along with the refrigerator, the freezer might even suffer from some effects. If you keep the freezer door open for a certain time, it may take more time to form ice. Gradually, the entrance of warmer air may damage the frost and the defrost system of your refrigerator.

If it continues, it may eventually make your refrigerator unwary, making you spend a lot of money for its servicing.  While storing the vegetables and the other items in the refrigerator, do not hold the refrigerator door for long. Close it every time you are done with loading a part or section of eateries.

7. Keep Non-perishables in Doors

While sorting out the items to store according to the levels and shelves, mark the perishables and the non-perishables ones. The perishables item refers to those that need utmost care and lowest temperature for preservation.

One the other hand the non-perishables come with a greater lifespan. So, you can manage to store them anywhere without the risk of getting toxic. The shelves in the door area are the warmest part of the refrigerator. The delicate foods are not suitable to store there. 

Hence, it is the most perfect place for keeping perishable items. They enjoy a moderate temperature, remains fresh and the keep the originality of the taste. Moreover, the fluctuation in temperature that mostly occurs in the door areas can not affect their texture.

The canned pickles, jams, soft drink, etc and another non-perishable item can remain and exact till the expiry date even if you store them in the door areas.

8. Meat and Fish Foods

To store up the cooked meals like meats and fishes, you must try to refrigerate it as early as you can after cooking. But, make sure they are moderately cool. If you load the warm foods inside the fridge, it may take a longer time to freeze it. As a result, your eateries may get easy bacterial formation.

The utensils you use to preserve it can be the trigger of the microbial formation. You must be more cautious while preserving the dishes that come under the casserole category. It is because, in the casserole categorized food dishes, the bacteria that may cause food poisoning, tend to survive even after cooking.  

But, with the modern refrigerators, you do not need to worry about cooling your meals before storing. They come with several friendly facilities to store even the steaming food items. But, while conserving the steaming meals, make sure to leave them without cover for a certain time. If you cover the item with a lid or store it any other covered container, the results may not be favourable.

Cover the items once they get cool properly. Now coming to the storage of raw meats or fishes, try to keep them away from the cooked ones. While processing the raw items, wrap them properly or put them in such containers where it will not contaminate.

If you wrap the raw items, you may keep it fresh in the refrigerator for 3 days. Wrapped item relishes its texture and tastes better than the unwrapped ones. You can store the unwrapped raw meats and fishes up to 4 or 5 days in the maximum temp of 3 degree Celsius.  But, If you do not cover it, the item may get smelly.  

For keeping the processed meats or farmed fishes, you may have to more careful. While buying the items, make sure to read the detailed description of its preservation. Store it according to how they mention doing that.

Generally, the upper shelves of the refrigerator enjoy the coldest region. Thus, store those items that are more likely to get weary in fewer days.

9. Fruits and Vegetables

The storage process of fruits and vegetables is to handle extremely delicately. If you do not pay careful attention, the fruits may get darker spots, the veggies may turn dry. For maintaining its healthy and crunchy nature, you must not peel or broke any of its skin. Doing so may hurt its shelf life leading towards deterioration.

To store the leafy veggies, wrap them in degradable plastic coverings before equipping them in the veggie basket. However, if you clean the leafy parts of certain veggies like beetroots, carrots, turnips, etc. you may store them two times longer. 

For storing vegetables like potatoes, choose the coolest and darkest place inside your refrigerator. If you keep it along with other items, it may get sprouting. Unlike leafy veggies, potatoes need paper coverings.

Fruits such as apples, strawberries, stone fruits, etc are suitable to stock up both in the grocery basket and in the shelves. But, they require the plastic covering to reduce the production of sweat and moist.

On the other hand, storing of juicy fruits is also a matter of concern. If you store them as they are, the fruits may lose their watery formation in it. So, make sure to wrap them in shrink-wrappers. The nectarine fruits get ripe easily. If you keep it in the refrigerator, using the bio-degradable polythene bags, it will remain greener.

While storing the vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, always sort out the fresh ones. Do not mix the rotten and the fresh ones.

10. Dairy and Leftovers

Dairy products are the most sensitive item to store in the refrigerator. A small mistake in preservation may spoil the whole item. However, to make your refrigerator work more efficiently in case of storing dairy products, you may take some essential steps.

The same thing applies to the leftover items too. Both the items are easily perishable. Thus, make a habit of storing them in the front part of the refrigerator. The more they will be in your notice, you will try to clear them fast.

There is a simple trick that you can implement. Check out the expiry dates and arrange them according to their order in the front rows. To store the cheese, canned cream, milk, yoghurt, etc keep them in their manufactured container. Substituting them in different containers make affect their texture and longevity. 

To store the milk, prefer utilizing the plastic container than the cardboard ones. The cardboard containers are more prone to the bacterial formation. Moreover, never store any dairy products or leftover items in the door shelves.

The door shelves relish the least coolness. Hence, the product may reduce its freshness sooner. As mentioned before, keep them in a noticeable yet cooler zone. The upside portions and shelves are the most ideal place for keeping the leftovers. It is because the upper portion owns the topmost consistency in temperature.

 Though it is worth mentioning, the refrigerator makes every dairy item intact until its date of expiry. However, practicing all these facts may help you to keep your dining item fresh for the utmost time.   


The refrigerator has become the most-required gadget in daily life usage. It has made life easier and convenient. Using the refrigerator, you do not require worrying about decaying of items even it is 40 degree Celsius outside.

Many of you do not know the proper systems of using the gadget. The above-mentioned aspects are extremely useful and necessary to expand the gadget’s competence. If you follow them thoroughly, you may attain more benefits out of it.

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