How to make soft chapati/roti

Chapati is a regular food for north Indians and it is also becoming popular in South India. It is very annoying when you have to chew hard chapatis. It is very important to learn how to make soft roti so that your family can enjoy their meal. It is not that hard to make soft chapati/roti.

Make Roti Dough

The first step towards making soft roti is making its dough. When you plan to knead the dough by your hands, it can be very tiring and it will consume a considerable amount of time.

An appliance called dough maker can solve this issue. Atta dough maker,s is now available in the market which can be used to knead the dough. When you use atta dough maker, you can reduce a lot of your efforts.

You have to pour the ingredients in the dough maker and start the machine by pressing the start button. Your dough will get ready in just a few minutes. The dough will be smooth so you don’t have to knead it further from your hands.

The dough will be free from germs because it does not require the usage of hands. Your dough will be hygienic if it is prepared in dough maker.

How to make chapatis (chapati recipe)

How to make soft chapatti

Step 1

Use your fingers to ensure that the dough/atta is well prepared. For this, you have to use your fingers to press the dough and see if your fingers are bouncing back. If this is not happening then the chapatis will be dry because the dough is not that soft as it should be. Make sure the dough is not too hard. Then roll a portion of dough with the help of your hands and make it flat.

Step 2

Now take whole wheat flour and use it to roll the dough and make a thin circle out of the dough. Making a proper circular roti can be a task for some people. Try rolling it from the center and don’t put a lot of pressure because it will create a problem in making a round chapati. Take the help of wheat flour to roll the chapati but make sure that you don’t use an excess of flour because it will make roti hard.

Step 3

Now turn on the gas and heat your tava. Make sure when you place your roti on the tava, tava should not be too hot. So do one thing, keep the tava on the low flame when you place the chapatti on it. And you can also check if the tava is ready for cooking or not by sprinkling some water drops on it. If tava sizzles, you can start making roti.

Step 4

After placing a roti on tava, wait until small light brown spots start to appear on the surface of roti. Now repeat this same thing after turning the roti. Cook this side also until light brown spots begin to appear on the surface of roti.

Step 5  

Now take the help of a tong to lift the chapathi from the tava and put the first side of the roti upon the flame and let it puff up. Now turn over the roti and let the remaining part also puff off. Don’t cook on the open fire excessively long or else the chapatis will burn and turn out to be hard.

Step 6

Now the roti is ready. Apply some ghee over it and place it on a plate. Use a soft close to enclose them and keep them in a hot case.

Now you know how to make soft chapati/roti? Here are some tips that will help you in making good chapatis

  • The warmth of the fire is significant while cooking chapati. It ought to be low to medium. When you cook on high flame, roti will become so hard.
  • Rolling the chapathi of uniform thickness is essential for uniform puffing else chapathi won’t puff up in certain spots. Likewise never roll the chapathi extremely slim. They will dish like papad.
  • If you keep the dough in the air for a long time, you will get hard rotis from that dough because the dough will become dry.
  • Do not use the excess of wheat atta while rolling chapathi because it will make roti dry.

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