How to make a torch?


Torchlight is the first handy device that allows a person to get some light in darkness. Torch acts as a guide in dark places. In India, there are several rural areas where electricity is an issue. Hill stations of North India suffer a lot without electricity. The torch is one of their basic amenities. A simple torch runs with a single or double battery; for high power torch more power are required.

Flashlights can be used for several purposes. At borders or our nation, the army uses torch widely. Even in forests camps, the torch light is handy to find ways. Mountain trekkers use a head torch at the night time. The power source is also an essential aspect of deciding how to make a homemade torch.

There are several types of torches. Generally, torches run on battery power. It may be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. These days, torch lights with solar power are also available. Many people think that only engineers and technically sound people can make a torch. This article covers the necessary steps required on how to make a torch light.

Basic Requirements for making a simple torchlight

  • Cylindrical Container: A container of length around 10 cm and diameter about 4 centimeters. Tubular structures work as the body of the torchlight. Make sure that the body is made up of a hard substance that is not easily breakable. It can be of plastic or aluminum.
  • Wires: Wires connect the batteries to the terminal of the bulb.
  • DC bulb or LED bulb: Torch lights run on the cell which produces DC supply. In this case, the AC bulb is not applicable. A light-emitting diode (LED) can also be an option.
  • Battery holder: Simple fibered battery holder holds the battery in a proper place without any disconnections.
  • Cell: Choosing the cells should depend on the battery holder. One has to make sure that the combination of the cell should produce 5 to 6 volts. It is because a standard LED light glows with full intensity at 5 volts. Other bulbs also burn at this voltage.
  • Two-way Switch: The switch control the switching the situation of the light.
  • Soldering wire and rode: Use Soldering wires and rode for connections.

Steps of making torchlight

Step 1: Make the container one side open. Make two holes on the lateral surface of the cylinder to allow the wires for the switch

Step 2: Put the cells in the battery holder.  Connect wires to the negative and the positive terminals of the battery holder. Insert the battery holder inside the cylinder by making a wire out of the hole.

Step 3: Connect a terminal switch with the wire that is coming out from the lateral hole.

Step 4: Connect another wire to another terminal of the switch. Insert the wire inside the cylinder through another hole.

Step 5: Make sure that you find two wires coming out from the cylinder’s end. Mark the negative cable and the positive wire according to consideration.

Step 6: Put the reflector at the end of the cylinder. Make the wire pass through the glass. Paste the mirror with any gum so that it won’t come out quickly.

Step 7: Connect the bulb with the wires. Make sure that the connection is perfect. Connect the negative cable to the negative terminal and the positive wire to the positive terminal. Use shouldering rod and shouldering wires for better connectivity.

This will complete your torch light. Press the switch to on its power. If you have to make a solar power torch, then instead of battery and battery holder use solar panel out of the cylinder. The connection is the same in both cases. Rechargeable batteries are also available nowadays.

Things to keep in mind while using the torch

Keep the torch away from water, especially when it is on and don’t allow any splash of water over it. Doing so can lead to a short circuit. It can permanently damage the torch. While making the torch, keep in mind that the matching of terminals must be maintained. Take special care while dealing with shouldering rode and wires. Do not use higher voltage batteries. It may cause permanent damage to the bulb or the LED.


The torches have a wide range of applications. It is possible to construct different types of flashlights. A flashlight can be of battery power or solar power. A person with basic knowledge can make a torch.

For a couple of centuries, this pocket-friendly gadget evolved a lot. Several innovations came out along with this. Nowadays, a head torch is also available for trekkers and mountaineers. A waterproof head torch is also used by underwater drivers.

Efficiencies of a torch has also increased with time. This device is not replicable by any innovation. The simple torch is much affordable for anyone. Especially in a country like India, rural people use this gadget a lot. It is an eco-friendly gadget with no harm to human health and the environment.

Rechargeable torches need to be charged from time to time. Torch is a pocket-friendly gadget and easily compatible to carry with. This article narrated the process of how to make a torch light at your own house, hope it was helpful.

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