How to Divert Landline Calls To Mobile

Diverting calls refers to the process post which the receiver with Number A receives the call directly on Number B to which the call diverting has been done. There are various mobile networks and each of them has a unique method of diverting the calls.

A step by step procedure has to be followed whenever you need to divert your landline calls to your mobile. This article will teach you how to divert landline calls to mobile phone whenever you go outside. People can reach you easily even when you are outside.

This increases your connectivity with the clients and your reputation is maintained as a responsible businessman. Such small measures add on to your productivity. This can be done using either your landline phone or your cordless phone.

Those who handle their business alone can make their lives easier with call diverting. The call diverting keeps them updated about all the details through their diverted landline calls.

How to Divert BSNL Landline Calls to Mobile

The step to step guide for diverting the BSNL landline calls to a mobile:

Step 1. First, you need to dial 114 which has to be followed by the number you where you want to divert your call Let’s say the Number is B. Hence your number would look like- 114B.

A thank you message is heard once you call.

Step 2. Disconnect the call after that.

Step 3. You may try this using your cordless phone or your landline phone and begin roaming.

When you learn to divert calls from your landline number (Number A) to Mobile phone then it is necessary to become knowledgeable of canceling that operation as well.

You need to dial 115 using your keypad mobile phone in order to cancel your call diverting process. You will get the assurance that the call diverting is cancelled as that will be followed by a Thank you message. Call diverting is chargeable.

This is the method that teaches you how to divert landline calls to mobile if you have a BSNL landline. There are other landline networks that have a different pathway for this call diverting as mentioned below.

How to Divert Airtel Landline Calls to Mobile

If you are using an Airtel landline then it has its unique call diverting process that you need to follow. The following steps will guide you through the process that has to be followed while diverting Airtel Landline Calls to mobile. The cordless phone can also be used for the process.

Step 1. If you are using your keypad phone then types or otherwise dial **21** from your landline phone followed by the number to which the calls need to be diverted and then add #. If you call has to be diverted to number ‘B’ let’s assume then, you are supposed to type/dial **21**B#.

Step 2. Then make a call in order to check. If you diverted the call using a mobile phone then a confirmation message regarding the call diverting will flash.

 Again it’s important for you to know the cancellation process for call diverting. You can cancel the call diverting by dialing ##21#. Wait to get a cancellation confirmation. This is how to divert Airtel landline calls to mobile.

How to Divert Calls from MTNL Landline to Mobile

In this section, we will teach you how to divert landline calls to mobile phones if you are an MTNL landline user. The MTNL users can divert landline calls to any local operator or CDMA or GSM number using the method mentioned below:-

Step 1. Dial 114 from your telephone followed by the number to which you wish to divert the call.

Step 2. Wait for the confirmation regarding the diverted calls. If successful then a message would be received.

If you want to deactivate the call divert dial 115.

This way you can effectively divert calls from MTNL landline to mobiles.


The call diverting from a landline phone or cordless phone to mobiles is quite easy. You can simply use the above-mentioned procedures and divert your calls whenever you are away from your home or office. This article has brought together some of the most popularly used landlines network call diverting details to our desks.

The landlines are used in many business organizations and large institutions. The confidentiality of your work is served with the availability of such features.

The best person to handle your work or business is only you. So, if you live in India and use a landline network mentioned above then you may follow these procedures. A Keypad mobile phone can also be used.

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