How to Call Landline from Mobile in India

The most popular mode of communicating with your family in short, as well as long distances, is definitely picking up your phone and calling them. Gone are the days when you would write letters and wait for months to receive answers to them.

Gone are the days when you would precariously wait in line while the operator would get you connected to your family who would have waited even longer for that one call at the nearest PCO. Since the entire country is using mobiles and landline phones to connect with each other, it is important to know in detail how to call landline from mobile in India.

Let Us See How to Dial Landline Numbers From a Cordless Phone

  • Local calling with the same STD code area

Now, it is noteworthy that landline phone and keypad mobile phones are two very separate entities with different functional units. So, even if we dial a landline number from a mobile phone in the same STD code area, we will have to follow an elaborate process of using a 0 and an area STD code, which does not happen in the case of calling between two cordless phones or two landlines.

When you are calling from your cell phone to a landline phone, you need to remember that you are required to dial the complete landline number. This means that you have to include STD code/area code. Most importantly, the dialed number should have aleading ‘0’. This is similar to the process followed in case you have to make NLD (National Long Distance Dialing) calls.

For example, if you are a resident of Delhi and you have to call someone from the same region, whose landline number is 12345678, you have to dial the number in the following format to get the call connected 011-12345678. This has the leading 0 and the area code of Delhi.

  • National long-distance dialing

For making National Long Distance calls (NLD calls), you are required to dial an 11-digit number starting with a ‘0’.  The digit 0 is NLD code or NDD code for India and it has to be typed before typing the landline number.

Let us see how to call landline from mobile in India in a different city. Firstly, you need to dial the NLD code of ‘0’. Then, you have to follow it up by the complete 10-digit landline phone number. And your call gets connected.

For instance, the code of Mumbai is 22 and the landline number is 87654321. To get your call connected, you need to dial 022 87654321, 0 being the consistent NLD code for India.

Important STD Codes of Different Cities in India

Since you are here to understand how to call up a landline telephone number from your cordless phones correctly, let us make it easier for you by listing a few important cities of India with their STD Codes. You can always use this list for your convenience.

011 New Delhi Delhi
022 Mumbai Maharashtra
033 Kolkata West Bengal
044 Chennai Tamil Nadu
080 Bangalore Karnataka
020 Pune Maharashtra
40 Hyderabad Telangana
079 Ahmedabad Gujarat
0141 Jaipur Rajasthan
0542 Varanasi Uttar Pradesh

Now, let us head towards a short tutorial for how to use your keypad mobile phone to dial and call.

  1. The section of your phone where numbers are mentioned is the keypad. Go to the keypad and type the digits correctly, along with NLD and STD codes.
  2. After you have dialed the numbers, depending on whether you have a touch screen phone or a typing keypad, you will have to touch or press the green dialer sign.
  3. As your phone beeps, indicating that the call is connecting, wait for the receiver to pick up your call.
  4. Have a conversation for as long as you want and then cut the call using the red button on your screen or keypad.

In these easy and simple steps, get connected from your mobile phone to your loved ones’ landline phones. So, the revolution in the telecommunication sector in India, which has made everyone capable to own mobile phones.

It can help you be in constant touch with members of your family who still prefer to use the old school landline phones.  Just a simple dial from your keypad and you can communicate with anyone during any time, residing in any part of the country. I hope this helped simplify the steps of how to call landline from mobile in India.

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