Best Electric Cycles in India

An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, is a type of regular cycle, which gets the power of running from an in-built motor. Thus, naturally, with this type of bicycle, you will not have to use the pedals to reach to your destination.

However, if you wish to use the cycle for exercising and breaking some sweat, then no one will stop you from using the pedals. 

Due to their efficiency and environmental-friendliness, the electric bicycles in India have gained a lot of reputation since the last few years. Nevertheless, like everything, if you want to get the best results, then, naturally, you would have to buy a good bicycle.

Thus, to help you to find an ecycle, which is perfect for you, we have listed down the top 12 e-cycles below. Along with their names, we have also provided some essential information, which might help you with decision making. So, make sure to follow the whole article with great attention to detail. 

List of the Best Electric Cycles in India:

1. Elektron Hybrid Bicycle

Elektron Hybrid Bicycle - Best Electric Cycle in India

This is the first cycle in our list of best electric cycles in India. The Chandigarh-based e-bike company Elektron started their journey in 2016, and since then, they have launched numerous amazing products. Among these, the Elektron Hybrid bicycle is considered by many as one of the best in the business.

In respect of appearance, the Electron HB looks almost like a regular MTB but packs a lot more punch. Like their other e-bikes, Elektron has used the same aluminum alloy material to build this cycle, which makes it both sturdy and lightweight. Thus, if you maintain this cycle properly and give enough attention to it, then it will last for many years. 

Key Features

  • 11.6AH (374WH) battery
  • Weighs around 21.5 kg
  • Comes with a carrier and mudguard
  • Large and wide alloy pedals
  • Gets two disc brakes for braking

Known to be the best e cycle in India, the Elektron HB comes with a height of 104cm, a width of 40cm, and a length of 175cm. Thus, any person, with average height, can ride this bicycle quite comfortably. 

For braking, the Elektron HB comes two disc brakes, which are quite uncommon in this electric cycle price range in India. To provide you with optimum riding experience, Elektron has also added a hardtail suspension system and two wide tires.

Other than protecting you from small bumps, the tires can also offer a marvelous grip and balance on any road. Thus, besides city roads, you can also use this cycle on rough surfaces without facing any difficulties.  


  • Features an LED ODO meter and battery meter
  • In-built battery for providing security against thieves and explosion
  • Can offer a maximum speed of 25km/h on economic conditions  
  • Comes with wide tires, which offer excellent grip on any road
  • Ideal for anyone with a height of 4’9” to 6’0”
  • The battery offers a mileage of almost 85km/charge


  • It is available in only one color variant

2. BattRE Electric Cycle

BattRE Electric Cycle - Best Electric Cycle in India

The next cycle on our list of the best electric cycles in India is the Battre Electric Cycle, which is both manufactured and distributed by Battre. For providing a smooth riding experience, this cycle uses a 250W motor and 21-speed gearbox.

Both of these parts of e-bike are quite efficient and, along with the battery, can help it to achieve a mileage of 80km/charge. However, with regard to fuel efficiency and mileage, the rider’s weight, too, plays a quite vital role. The lighter the rider is, the more distance the e-bike can cover.

Key Features

  • Equipped with disc brakes, both at the front and the rear
  • Uses 21-speed gear system
  • High capacity 36V lithium-ion battery
  • 26 inches of double wall rim
  • 250 watts engine and 21-speed gear system
  • 17.5-inch steel frame

To stop the vehicle in an instant, Battre provides two disc brakes with their cycle, which is, in one word, fabulous. However, for taking care of the suspension duties, the e-bike gets the same old-fashioned hardtail suspension system.

Nevertheless, if you are only going to use this bicycle for daily commuting, then you would not face any difficulties at all.

Like the previous e-bike on this list, this one, too, comes with two wide and robust tires. Due to their size and pattern, these tires can provide excellent grip and stability on almost any road. Key


  • Comes with a robust frame
  • The braking system of the bike is quite effective
  • No license or registration is required for driving this ecycle
  • The best electric bicycle in Indiawith regards to engine performance
  • Features two wide tires, which offers excellent stability
  • Can achieve a top speed of 25km/h


  • Comes with an expensive price tag
  • The suspension system of the two-wheeler is not great
  • It is available in only one color choice

3. Omobikes Model E.0 Electric Cycle

Omobikes Model E.0 Electric Cycle - Best Electric Cycle in India

This is the 3rd cycle in our list of best electric cycles in India.

Since its inception, the Indian company, Omobikes, has always been quite popular among the crowd. However, in terms of overall popularity, it is still quite far from being called as one of the best e cycles brands in India. Thus, to change this scenario and bolster its position in the market, Omobikes has recently launched its new Omobikes Model E.0. 

In the matter of durability, the e-bike is considered as the best battery cycle in India because of its carbon steel frame. Due to this frame, the bicycle also weighs much less than many other electric bicycles in India 

Key Features

  • Features disc brakes both at the front and at the rear
  • Single-speed gearbox for doing transmission duties
  • Removable battery which can be charged anytime, anywhere
  • 250W engine and 15Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Comes with a cozy and adjustable seat
  • Features LED headlight and horn

For providing the power to run, Omobikes has equipped their bicycle with a 15Ah of battery. Under economic conditions, this battery unit can offer a mileage of 40km/charge, which, in our opinion, is more than enough. 

Along with a 250W motor, the e-bike also features a single-speed gearbox for doing transmission duties. As this system is quite uncomplicated, you can control it like a professional, even if you are only a beginner.


  • The battery requires only 4 hours to get fully charged
  • Comes with an adjustable seating position and comfortable seat
  • The cycle is water-resistant
  • Eye-catching design and gorgeous looks
  • Features the coveted rigid suspension system for a smoother ride
  • Comes with numerous features, like Mudguards and Front basket


  • The horn of the e-bike is quite feeble
  • Its headlight is not that bright or efficient

4. LightSpeed Dryft – Futuristic Electric Bicycle

LightSpeed Dryft - Best Electric Cycle in India

LightSpeed is an Ahmedabad-based company, which has been offering e-bikes at an affordable price in India since 2017. The company currently has 3 e-bikes under their portfolio, among which, the LightSpeed Dryft is the latest one yet. 

Considered as one of the best electric cycles in India by many riders, LightSpeed comes with a steel frame, which is quite durable. However, because of being made with pure steel, the bike is also quite heavy. Thus, if you are a beginner, you might experience some balancing issues while riding the cycle on rough surfaces. 

Key Features

  • 250W motor with10.4Ah portable, removable battery 
  • Comes with amulti-feature display panel 
  • Features two disc brakes 
  • 18.5 inches of robust frame 
  • Single-speed gearbox 
  • Two 26 inches of wheels for providing optimum stability  

The bike comes with a 250W motor powerful motor, which draws the power for offering its services from a 10.4Ah battery unit. Together, as a brute force, this battery and motor can help the 

In respect of its appearance, the bicycle looks almost exactly like a traditional MTB cycle. The only thing, which can help you to differentiate between them, is its bottle-shaped battery unit. 


  • The pedal assist of the e-bike is quite easy to use 
  • Features 26-inch MTB tires which provide superior grip and traction 
  • The braking system is quite responsive and works efficiently
  • Lengthy handlebars for proper handling and riding posture
  • The suspension system offers excellent riding experience
  • Features a single-speed gearbox, which is quite easy to operate 


  • The frame of the bicycle is somewhat heavy 

5. Egnite Alloy body Magnet Pedal Assist Bicycle

Egnite Alloy body Magnet Pedal Assist Bicycle - Best Electric Cycle in India

Pure EV is a pretty popular name in the segment of two-wheelers and electric bikes. However, due to the recent hike of competition in the market, its reputation has been diminished a little bit.

Thus, to regain their respect and popularity in the market, Pure EV has launched its new model Egnite with numerous exclusive features. 

For starters, the e-bike features a 250W engine, which is quite powerful and efficient. Thus, with the 36V battery, the bicycle can achieve a top speed of 25km/h quite comfortably.

Key Features

  • 7-speed Shimano rear wheel derailleur 
  • Telescopic suspension forks at the front 
  • 5-magnet pedal-assist system 
  • Double-wall alloy rim
  • Equipped with disc brakes at both the sides 
  • Made with pure aluminum alloy material 

Along with this, Pure EV Egnite can also provide you with a mileage of 80km/charge, which is great for both daily commuting and adventure trips. 

To make it one of the best electric bicycles in India, Pure EV has equipped their bicycle with two-disc brake unit. These brakes are known to be quite efficient and, thus, can stop your vehicle almost instantly even if you are riding at a higher speed. 

Another thing, which makes Pure EV Ignite the best electric cycle in India, is its suspension system. This system consists of an XC30 fork, which works wondrously even on challenging road conditions. 


  • The e-bike comes with a sturdy structure 
  • Efficient braking system 
  • Features wide tires for providing superior grip on any road 
  • It can be used both on city roads and uneven surfaces 
  • The suspension system of the e-bike is decent 
  • Weighs only 23 kg, which is decent for an e-bike
  • Features a 7-speed transmission system


  • The gear system of the cycle is not that powerful 


COPPERNICUS T3 E-Bike - Best Electric Cycle in India

This is the 6th cycle in our list of best electric cycles in India. The Bangalore-based e-bike company, Coppernicus, has been on the scene of bicycles for a long time. However, for some reason, they still have not gained that much reputation and popularity in the Indian market. Thus, to change this picture once and for all, the company has recently launched Coppernicus T3.

Key Features

  • Features hydraulic disc brakes, one at the front and the other at the rear
  • 250W rear hub engine with a portable 36V battery unit
  • SR Suntour forks for suspension duties
  • Comes with an aesthetically beautiful look and design
  • TFT LCD color screen display

Like a few others on our list of the best electric bicycle in India, Coppernicus T3, too, features a sturdy aluminum frame. This frame provides the much-required tensile strength to the cycle, which helps it to withstand a lot of bumps and vibrations with ease.

With regard to its appearance, the Coppernicus T3 also looks quite fresh and stylish. However, it comes with an aggressive riding posture, which is not appropriate for city riding.   

For taking care of the suspension duties, Coppernicus has equipped its bike with Suntour XCM suspension forks at the front. Despite being quite old-school, this system can do a decent job on both city roads as well as bumpy surfaces.  


  • The aluminum frame of the two-wheeler is quite strong
  • Features a robust battery with 9-speed level assist
  • Gets ultra-wide tires for providing excellent grip and balance
  • Efficient and responsive disc brakes
  • One of the best electric cycles in Indiaconcerning overall efficiency


  • A lot more expensive than its rivals in the market
  • The saddle of the e-bike is quite narrow

7. GoZero One | Electric Bicycle India

GoZero One | Electric Bicycle India - Best Electric Cycle in India

Are you looking for an e-bike that comes with many features despite being less expensive? Then, the GoZero one should be perfect for you.

For starters, this bicycle features an all-LCD display, which provides information on current speed, total distance traveled, and PAS levels. Additionally, this display panel also works as a battery indicator, which is yet another factor that makes it quite efficient. 

Key Features

  • 36V lithium-ion battery which can complete more than 800 charging cycles
  • An all-LCD panel 
  • 5 levels of pedal assisting system 
  • Tektro disc units at both sides for braking
  • Raleigh forks infused suspension system 
  • Waterproof cables for added safety and convenience 
  • 36H double-wall alloy rims 

For running, this e-cycle draws the power from a 400W battery, which is both removable and portable. Thus, if required, you can also carry the battery quite comfortably. Along with the battery, GoZero One also comes with a 250W motor that can produce a maximum of 32Nm of torque.

For braking, the e-bike features two mechanical disc units, which have the ability to stop its motion on any situation.

Along with this, GoZero has also equipped a Raleigh fork at the front of the bicycle. Thus, you can ride this e-bike on both city roads and challenging surfaces without experiencing any comfort-related issues.


  • Comes with a much less expensive price tag 
  • The battery of the cycle is quite powerful
  • It can offer a nice amount of mileage in economic environment
  • Comes with numerous exclusive features, which boosts its efficiency
  • One of the best electric cycles in Indiain terms of appearance 
  • Wide tires for providing superb grip and stability on any surface 
  • Robust build and structure 
  • Can carry a lot of weight


  • None

8. Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5 Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5 Electric Bike - Best Electric Cycle in India

The next e-bike on our list of the best battery cycle in India is the SwagCycle EB-5. Manufactured and distributed by Swagtron, the bicycle comes with a 250W engine, which can generate a maximum torque of approximately 30Nm.

With this robust engine, this e-bike can achieve a top speed of 29km/h in economic conditions. 

Like any other electric bicycle in India, the Swagtron SwagCycle, too, comes with a 36V battery. This battery unit requires 3 and a half hours to charge completely.

Key Features

  • 250W electric hub motor 
  • 36V battery unit 
  • 14 inches of wheels 
  • Comes with numerous accessories, such as bells, kickstand, and bells 
  • IPX4 water-resistant system 

However, it can only provide you with a mileage of 24km/charge, which is somewhat disappointing. Nevertheless, for daily commuting, this mileage is quite decent.

SwagCycle EB-5 has been built upon an aluminum alloy frame, which is known to be quite sturdy and durable. Thus, other than commuting purposes, you can also use this e-bike for transporting heavy cargoes. However, you will not be able to carry more than 145kg of weight, including yours of course. 

In terms of its dimensions, the e-bike comes with a length of 49 inches, a width of 22 inches, and a height of 35 inches. Thus, even if you are relatively short, you can operate this bicycle quite comfortably. 


  • The bicycle is quite light in weight
  • As a beginner’ cycle, it can be handled quite efficiently
  • Comes with a robust structure, which enhances its longevity
  • The cycle can carry more than 145kg of weight 
  • Its battery requires 3 and a half hours to charge
  • The e-bike is both foldable and portable 
  • Offers a decent top speed of 29km/h


  • The braking system of the e-bike is not that efficient  


ROULIK INIZIO E-Bike - Best Electric Cycle in India

As an electric bike made for professional cyclists, Roulik Inizio features a 21-speed gearbox, which amplifies the cycle’s pedaling action for better riding experience. This cycle is also quite fast as it comes with an exclusive feature called Pedal Assist.

Other than this, the e-bike also comes with numerous other features, such as E-brake, throttle function, and cruise control, which improve its efficiency even more. 

Key Features

  • Disc units for braking
  • 3.4 inches of an LCD panel
  • 21-speed transmission system 
  • Efficient Hardtail suspensions front forks 
  • 26 inches of wheels 
  • Features 3 driving modes, pedal-assist mode, manual mode, and throttle mode 
  • 250W rear electric hub motor 

As one of the best e cycles in India in the matter of braking, Roulik Inizio features two-disc units. These braking units are quite powerful and can stop your cycle’s motion within just a moment. Thus, along with uneven surfaces, you can also use this cycle quite comfortably through the irritating city traffic. 

Another thing, which makes thise cycle one of the best in the business, is its robust aluminum frame. With this structure, this e-bike can withstand almost any kind of damage. However, to keep the bicycle in its best shape, you would have to maintain it regularly. 

The frame of the cycle is measured at approximately 26 inches. Thus, if you are under 15 years of age or are relatively short, then it would be quite difficult for you to operate the cycle properly. 


  • The e-bike is currently available in 3 battery unit variants 
  • Comes with a powerful engine
  • Can achieve 25km/h of maximum speed 
  • Equipped with features like cruise control, e-brake, and throttle function 
  • Robust frame enhances its overall durability 
  • Can carry a lot of weight


  • Only people over 5 feet can ride the bicycle 
  • It is somewhat pricey

10. Elektron Cycles M5X-Electric Fat Bicycle

Elektron Cycles M5X-Electric Fat Bicycle - Best Electric Cycle in India

Elektron cycles have always been quite famous for being both efficient and affordable. However, in respect of appearance, they sadly do not look that good. Thus, to fill this pothole, Elektron has recently launched its new M5X bicycle, which is both good looking and comes with numerous futuristic features. 

However, like the other models of Elektron, M5X, too, features a 250W engine, which produces a maximum torque of 30Nm. With the help of this engine, the cycle can achieve a top speed of almost 25km/h. 

Key Features

  • Gets two 180mm disc units both at the front and rear for braking 
  • Features Shimano Altus gears for transmission 
  • 250W rear electric hub engine and 36V removable battery unit 
  • Comes with a torque sensor with 3.5 and 9 levels
  • Features the exclusive dust and water-resistant system

The motor of the e-bike draws power from a 36V battery unit, which is also quite common among the electric cycles in India. This battery needs 4 hours to charge completely. However, when fully replenished, it can help you to travel almost 70km, which is, in one word, excellent. 

To enhance its durability, Elektron has used aluminum alloy to build the frame of M5X. Thus, along with carrying a lot of weight, this e-bike can also endure almost any blow or damage.

Other than this, Elektron has also equipped its bike with IP54 dust and water-resistant system. Thus, you can use this cycle both on dusty roads and during rainy conditions. 


  • Thanks to its robust structure, it can carry a lot of weight 
  • The braking system of the bicycle is quite efficient 
  • Perfect for riding both in city roads and challenging conditions
  • Comes with an all-LCD display panel 
  • Can achieve a top speed of 28km/h
  • Offers a mileage of 70km/charge in economic conditions


  • Due to its robust structure, the e-bike feels somewhat heavy 
  • The battery requires almost 6 hours to get fully charged 

11. Being Human BH27 E-Cycle

Being Human BH27 E-Cycle - Best Electric Cycle in India

Are you trying to find e cycles in India which looks quite stylish and provides superior riding experience? Then, Being Human BH27 should be the best option for you. 

Concerning appearance, the BH27 looks flawless. It comes with a minimalistic yet sleek design, which, while driving, looks quite pretty and elegant. The manufacturers have also done a great job with the wires as they look completely hidden when looking from a distance.

Key Features

  • Shimano 7-speed gearbox for doing transmission duties
  • Features an exclusive thumb shifter
  • All-LCD display
  • Mechanical disc units for braking
  • 36V prime-quality lithium-ion battery
  • 2.1 inches wide tires

Another thing, which makes it a good electric cycle in India in terms of appearance, is its wheels. Because of being made with magnesium material, these alloy wheels look absolutely gorgeous during both day and night. 

Like many other e cycles in India on this list, BH27 has also been made up of steel material. Thus, while manually using, the e-bike might feel a little bit heavy to some people. However, once you use the throttle or pedal assist, everything will feel comfortable and breezy. 

For taking care of suspension duties, Being Human has added a front fork with their e-cycle. It offers outstanding service in almost any condition, especially on the uneven roads and surfaces.

To make your riding experience even more enjoyable, Being Human also equipped their bicycle with two wide tires. Other than making you feel comfortable, these tires also provide exceptional grip and stability on any kind of road. 


  • The cycle comes with four color variants to choose from
  • Features an adjustable seat for providing maximum comfort
  • The battery takes only 3-4 hours for charging
  • Can provide a mileage of 40km/charge
  • It can achieve a top speed of 25km/hour
  • Minimalistic yet stylish design
  • Comes with a sporty and posture-friendly handle


  • The cycle might feel a bit heavy to some people
  • Misses out on the cruise control mode

12. LightSpeed Glyd (2019) – Your Futuristic Electric Bicycle

LightSpeed Glyd (2019) - Best Electric Cycle in India

The Glyd is the second LightSpeed and the last e-bike on our list. Even though being an older model, LightSpeed Glyd comes with almost the same feature, which its successor, too, inherits. 

Like Dryft, LightSpeed has also used the same steel frame to build Glyd. Thus, despite being quite sturdy, this one also feels a tad bit weighty. However, if you use the pedal-assist feature, you would not face any issues regarding its weight. 

Key Features

  • 7-speed gearbox for providing amazing throttle response 
  • Mechanical disc brakes for braking  
  • Adjustable front suspension fork for taking care of suspension duties 
  • 36V lithium-ion battery 
  • 2.10 inches wide high-quality nylon tires 

Other than being heavy, the frame of the cycle also feels somewhat large. Thus, if you are relatively small or are a beginner, then you might find it difficult to operate the bike properly.

Another thing, which might cause issues if you are a beginner, is the 7-speed transmission system. As this system features 7 gears, it can be quite tricky to handle, especially for a novice. 

Like most of the other battery cycles in India, LightSpeed Glyd, too, comes with a front suspension fork, which prevents the bumps from affecting your riding experience. The wide and big tires are yet another part of the e-bike that can enhance your overall riding experience by a mile.


  • The saddle of the bicycle feels quite comfortable
  • Excellent seating position
  • The e-bike looks aesthetically beautiful because of the paint schemes 
  • Can achieve a top speed of 26km/h in economic conditions 
  • Wide and well-patterned tires for providing excellent grip 
  • Comes with a long and comfortable handlebar 
  • The battery of the cycle takes only 3.5 hours to charge 


  • Mileage is not that good 
  • It is quite heavy 
  • It is not suitable for riders with short height


So, these were some of the e cycles,which, in our opinion, can be best for you. As promised, along with their names, we have also provided you with some data that can help you to find the one that suits you.

However, if you still require some more information on any aspect, you can always Google them. If you wish to, you can also try some other websites or articles to gain a little bit more knowledge about the best electric bicycle in India

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