Best Wet Grinders in India (NEW LIST – 2020)

Wet grinders have become an important home appliance in every household these days. Gone are those days, when you need to grind cereals and pulses with hands. By using the best wet grinders in India; you can do this task smoothly with less time.

It can be used to make a wide range of food such as making the batter for several delicious south Indian foods such as Idli, Dosa, Vadas and many others. Thus with this modern home appliance, cook your favorite south Indian dishes easily at home. The best part of these appliances is that they consume less energy and are very economical.

In today’s busy life these gadgets have become an integral part of every kitchen, besides serving finely ground stuff, it saves extra time which you can spend with your family making merry. On the other hand, the mixture quality you get with these grinders is hard to expect when it is done manually. Before proceeding to buy grinders for your kitchen, take a look at these best table top wet grinders in India.

The Best Wet Grinders in India are:

1. Elgi Ultra Dura+ 1.25-Litre Wet Grinder, Fortune White

The Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet grinders work perfectly for a family of 3 to 5 members. It can take the load up to 1.25 L. This particular grinder has every quality to meet your expectations. This grinder is designed with ABS body which provides it with a lightweight. This appliance also comes in a stainless steel body, thus it is durable. Due to its rustproof drum material, you can easily store the batter for an extended period. Because of all its function and advantages, these grinders secure its place in the list of best table top grinder.

The best fact about this machine is its 85-watt motor you finer batter. Due to the strong motor, the grinder provides you with the desirable batter in less time. Additionally, it also reduces the chance of heating up of your mixture. This table top wet grinder is designed with conical stones that generate less heat compared to others. Besides, this feature promises to improve the work efficiency of the grinder.

The detachable drum body allows you to keep the batter within it without changing utensil. Moreover, the batter cleaner allows you to clean the batter from the body with less difficulty. With these wonderful qualities, this wet grinder price is less than 6000 which is very ideal. Thus, if you own a small family then, the grinder has every cool aspect to serve you perfectly.


  • Strong motor for optimum operation
  • It generates less heat and finer paste
  • Easy to access and clean
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years
  • Detachable drum body for multiple purposes


  • Not suitable for bigger families

2. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 2-Litre Wet Grinder, White

Elgi Ultra Perfect+ grinder has a classy look with the best features that are required in a perfect wet grinder. Its best part is that it is specially modelled with the conical stone body. This feature not only helps in producing less heat but also ensure to improve the appliance quality. This appliance is capable of grinding 2 L at once and perfect

 Apart from this noble feature that, it comes with several other benefits such as its hard plastic body. The overall body of this table top wet grinder is made with the ABS plastic that makes it long-lasting.  It is also featured with AISI 304 stainless steel drum which is both durable and rust-resistant. Because of the rust-proof drum material, you can store the mixture a little more time. The specially modelled dish-shaped drum holds it intact to the grinder to avoid spilling.

The super-lightweight of the appliance enables to port it anywhere you want. It comes with a powerful motor of 150 watt which considerably grinds faster and better. It also offers you a batter cleaner to clean the drum body trouble freely.

Additionally, this wet grinder has a special feature of an electronic timer. Once your grinding is done completely it will give you an alert. Thus, it is considered among the best wet grinder in India.


  • Comes with an electronic alarm
  • The powerful motor of 150 watt
  • Stainless steel drum body for the hygienic batter
  • The dish-shaped drum to attach firmly
  • Comes with a warranty of 20 years


  • It may create shrilling noise

3. Butterfly Hippo 2.0 L Table Top Wet Grinder, Cherry

The butterfly Hippo wet grinder is yet another great wet grinder in India. Both by design and work efficiency this product has become a current favourite of several users. The grinder comes in four different grinding systems and delivers you the best batter. It can take the capacity of 2 L batter which is suitable for a medium household.

The machine is packed with the bestfacilities; one of them is its transparent lid. This lid is durable and helps you to peep in the batter while in process. This model consumes energy between 220-240 Volt which is respectively low. The wet grinder presents you with an efficient motor of 150 watts. The single-phase high torque motor ensures you faster service and finer supply. The wet grinder price is considerably low compared to the facility it provides.

Coming to its drum body, the material used in it is stainless steel. It is considered to be the good for storing the batter without the risk of any reaction. Moreover, with the facility of detachable drum body and roller stones can be cleaned easily It’s ABS plastic body is durable as well as shockproof. Touching machine with wet hands is more a big deal with this table top wet grinder.


  • It has a 4-way grinding system
  • The facility of detachable drum and roller stone
  • It has an unbreakable polycarbonate transparent lid
  • Presented with a 150-watt powerful motor
  • Provides 2 years warranty on the product


  • It sometimes generates more heat
  • A burning smell in the first few usages

4. UNIQUE Table top Wet Grinder (Cyan)

In the list of the best wet grinders in India, the Unique Table top is another favourite. With amazing features and endure power, this wet grinder is securing places in maximum of the households. With the powerful motor of 150 watt, the grinder grinds the ingredients faster and evenly. This device can take up the load of 2 L which is sufficient for a small to medium family.

It is super affordable and this wet grinder price is below rupees 6000. The work efficiency of the machine is high which the best part of the grinder. It comes with a motor overload protector which results in longer life of the motor. The high surface spatula provided with it helps to remove the batter properly from the drum body.

It is furnished with a polycarbonate transparent lid. It is both durable and easy for watching the operation while the lid is closed. This top table wet grinder is designed with stainless steel which increases the drum life. Its excellent construction does the operation hassle freely with comparatively less noise. With a little extra investment, you can get the combo pack of coconut scraper and Atta Kneader. 


  • Capable of taking 2 L load
  • Has a strong motor of 150 Watts
  • It makes considerably less noise
  • Comes with a polycarbonate durable lid
  • provides a spatula for easy operation


  • The drum heats up easily
  • A burning smell is sensed in firs use

5. Butterfly Rhino Plus 150-Watt Wet Grinder (Grey)

Butterfly is serving the some of the best wet grinders to the users since its inception. Rhino Plus is one of the prime examples among them. Both in quality and classic design model, these grinders are much popular in the market. The mentioned grinder works perfectly in a household of 4 to 5 members. It can easily take the load of 2 L which is considerable in this price range.

This grinder has the cylindrical stone body which helps in smooth operations. The drum body is built with a stainless steel body that offers a longer life to it. The cylindrical stones have a secure lock for a spill-free clean operation. The Rhino wet grinder price comes below 7000 and is surely a good purchase.

 It’s high-quality ABS plastic body is both durable and beautiful. The grinder comes with a transparent lid to check the stages of operations smoothly. It has a special modulation of ventilating feature to lower the heat generation of the gadget. Its high efficiency and powerful 150-watt motor enable you to complete the operation in less time and effort. Due to the lightweight, it is easily movable in any part of your kitchen. Additionally, the process of accessing it is simple and less-troubled. So, if you are looking for an excellent table top grinder, it is a perfect choice.


  • Stainless steel body for a hygienic operation
  • Comes with a 150-watt powerful motor
  • Secured with a safety lock system
  • Lightweight to port easily
  • Transparent lid for checking operations


  • It is not high in demand

6. Lakshmi Deluxe Wet Grinder (Cherry)

The table top wet grinder by Lakshmi Deluxe comes with some interesting features at a negotiable price range. The wet grinder can carry 2 L of loads. It runs smoothly for a family of 3 to 4 members. The wet grinder provides a highly efficient motor that runs at a speed of 150 watts.

Due to its powerful motor, the machine provides you smooth granules of the cereals. It helps to make your idly delicious by making it softer and fluffier.  The grinder is presented with an overload motor protection. This function is really helpful as it stops the operation when the drum gets overheated.

This drum body of the grinder is built with stainless steel. It allows you to keep the batter in the drum for some extra time. Owing to its rustproof element the batter does not create any reaction with the body. To remove and mix the batter trouble freely, the machine provides a spatula. Its good construction makes less noise while grinding your cereals.

The specific qualities and durable power makes it count within list the best wet grinder in India.


  • Has a powerful 150-watt motor
  • Carry the capacity of 2L
  • Comes with the best grind quality
  • Has an overload motor protection


  • Does not provide Sufficient warranty period

7. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder

The Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold is an upgraded version of the Elgi Ultra Perfect+. The extra benefit you get with this grinder is its capacity for taking loads. This grinder is capable of grinding the load of maximum 2 L. It is good for a considerable larger family of 5 members.  

It works with a high-efficiency motor of 150 watts which ensures fine operation. It even takes less time to complete the whole work-process. This grinder also promises to create a comparably low noise. The drum body of this table top wet grinder is designed with rust-resistant elements. Thus, storing the batter a little more will not affect its hygiene. Moreover, the AISI 304 stainless drums offer a longer life expectancy to it. The multipurpose usage of the drum body enables you to store the batter in it. With it, you do not need to worry to shift the batter immediately into another utensil.

With this wet grinder, you are getting a mind-blowing feature of the conical stones. This improves the grind quality as well as provides its longevity. The grinder comes with a batter cleaner as an additional feature. It helps in removing every trace of the batter from the drum. Its smooth and fast performance allows it to stay in the list of the best table top wet grinder.  If you want you can purchase Atta Kneader and coconut scraper with a little additional investment.


  • High-grade efficient machine
  • Grinds better with its conical shape
  • It is convenient to use
  • Comes with a 5 years warranty
  • Has an additional batter cleaner


  • Create more noise compared to 1.25 L machine

8. Premier Stainless Steel 1.5L 230V Table Top Wet Grinder

The wet grinder includes the name of Premier Stainless Steel 1.5 L. The grinder offers you with a 1440 RPM strong motor for faster operation. It can grind the load of 1.5 L at once. Thus, it works bestfor the household with 3 to 4 members. The drum body, made of stainless steel lasts last long. It also abolishes every possible germ and bacteria serving you hygienic batter. Thus, the grinder enables you to keep the batter material in the drum without any chance of a reaction.

It is built with an automatic overload of heat protection. Because of it, this the table top grinder automatically senses the high heat generation and stops the function. You can get a one year warranty on this product.


  • It takes 1.5 L of load
  • Drum built with a rust-resistant material
  • Comes with an Overload heat protection
  • The motor spins in 1440 RPM


  • Provides only one year warranty

9. Sowbaghya 2Ltr Diva NXT Wet Grinder(Maroon) with Attachments

This table top grinder is built in a compact size to take less space. Due to its favourable size, it fits perfectly in every corner of your kitchen. It can grind up to 1kfg of raw rice and provide you with 2 litres of fine batter.  This grinder is modelled with some best features that serve you outstandingly.

It has an unbreakable transparent lid for checking each step of the process easily. Thus, with this device, you do not need to open the lid frequently to observe the batter. The grinder is proposed with an easy thread lock system that holds the drum body tightly within it. The fact is the motor of the machine runs silently even if you operate at the highest gear.

The machine is even presented with a shockproof facility. So, no matter if your hands are wet, with this device the risk of shock is reduced. It also provides you with the facility of body cooling ventilation. This table top wet grinder helps the machine to regulate the heat of the drum body Due to its stainless steel drum body the material does not react with the batter. So, you can keep the batter for a longer time on the drum. Aside from that, the detachable drum body makes it easier to clean. The wet grinder additionally comes with a coconut scraper and Atta Kneader. With all these cool features, the wet grinder prices come less than rupees 7000  


  • Compact size that fits anywhere easily
  • Comes with a shockproof facility
  • It has body cooling ventilation
  • Designed with an easy thread lock system
  • warranty of 5 years on motor


  • Not suitable for larger family

10. Bajaj WX1 150-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder (White)

If you are wondering which table top grinder is perfect for your kitchen, give it a try. If you have a bigger family this grinder will be perfect for you. It holds a capacity of 6.2 L which is sufficient for making enough batter. Moreover, the machine runs smoothly with a powerful motor of 150 watts. The strong and efficient motor does the operation fantastically within a few moments. So, if you are running late, this machine isperfect to stand as your saviour.

The Ss202 stainless steel drum is safe to use as it eliminates all germ and bacteria. The high-grade material of the drum increases its life expectancy. The hard plastic body of the grinder machine makes the machine body long-lasting. It also prevents the machine from getting easy scratches.  

The bestpart of the machine is that it is easily accessible. The cleaning method of the drum body is also trouble-free. Its classic white body suits perfectly in every kitchen. This wet grinder price is also negotiable and comes under rupees 7000. For making tasty south Indian dishes, make sure to welcome it in your home


  • Comes with a high-grade work efficiency
  • It has a rust-proof stainless body
  • Modelled with a 150-watt powerful motor
  • Capable of grinding 6.2 L
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years


  • A burning smell in 1st use
  • It can create a loud noise

Best Wet Grinders – Buying Guide

Finding the best table top wet grinderin India is not an easy job. You need to do a lot of research and consider a few things before opting for one. Here are some of these.


Before opting for a wet grinder, the first thing, which you need to consider about it, is its capacity. If you have a bigger family, then you would naturally need a wet grinder, which has at least two litres of capacity. However, if you have a smaller one, then a 1.25-litre model would suffice for you. 


The motor is one of the most crucial parts of a wet grinder. People often look for the bestmotor in a grinder. The faster operation and smoother batter rely on the quality of the motor. The best table top grinder always offers the users with a high-grade motor. So, do a god survey before buying one. For smooth grinding of different pulse, cereals etc you will need a wet grinder with a motor that is high in wattage.

Drum body

You can call a wet grinder good if it comes with a durable and rust-resistant drum body. The drum body means the inner surface of the drum. If the drum is built with stone material they can lead to scrapping and wears away with regular uses.

The stainless steel drums are corrosion-free, so, naturally, they endure long. Additionally, the stainless steel does not react with other elements of the batter keeping it intact. Thus, always look for a good table top wet grinder with a rust-resistant drum.

Overload protection

Before proceeding to buy a wet grinder, make sure that it has the feature of overload protection. The specially designed table top grinder includes the overload of heat protection for safety. With this, your grinder detects the overload and automatically pauses the work. Once you reduce the content from the drum it resumes its work. This feature helps to prevent the motor from damage or burning.

Energy efficiency

Check out the energy efficiency of the very product you are going to buy. Generally, wet grinders consume a lot of energy. As a result, it can bring you a huge electricity bill. Thus, prefer choosing a table top wet grinder that has some extra energy efficiency feature.


This guidance is applicable for any electrical home appliance. In some cases, electrical gadgets can lead to severe accidents. Thus, before bringing home a wet grinder, ensure that it has proper earthing and cutouts. A goodtable top wet grinder is designed with this in-built feature. It helps in providing safety from the leaking of the electric current. These devices even help in reducing overheat production. So, make sure that your grinder has all these features. 

Easy to access

Every home appliance should be user-friendly so that everyone can use it smoothly. Before spending money on a wet grinder, check out well whether the working process is comfortable. Thebest wet grinders come with smart control operations. Few modern appliances have the additional features of LCD which show temperature, errors if occur etc. These features increase the wet grinder price; however, this investment is worthwhile.

Speed control

The faster spinning motor in wet grinder is the best choice to purchase. Nevertheless, the slow speeds help in improving the batter quality to paste smoothly. The taste and quality of your idli, dosa will depend on the texture of the batter. Thus, check out the speed control of the wet grinder well. The grinder must have different speed settings for better operation.

Warranty period

Last but not least the warranty period and the service provided by the table top grinders is a must-check fact. The appliance that comes with a good warranty period is worthy. Thus, choosing a grinder with a longer warranty period is the best thing to do. Some brands provide a good warranty as long as 5 or 10 years on the motor. But, they do not provide such a longer guarantee on the plastic parts of the device. So, check the warranty limit of both the motor and the product. After that, decide between buying the wet grinder who have chosen. 

How to Install Wet Grinders?

Unlike the usual wet grinder, the table top wet grinder can be installed easily. You can easily detach the drum body and separate all the different parts of the grinder. Make sure to take proper care of the motor as it is the most important impart of it. First of all, keep eye on the lubrication levels of its wheels. Along with that, make sure that the conveyor belts are firmly attached. After that carefully connect the grinder to the socket and use it gently. 

Best Table Top Wet Grinder Brands

In the Indian market, you can come across several trusted brand that manufactures good wet grinders. Among them, the list given below are the most popular and trustworthy best table top wet grinder brands.

  • Elgi
  • Butterfly
  • Premier
  • Bajaj
  • Sowbaghya
  • Lakshmi
  • Unique
  • Apart from all these Panasonic, prestige, Ultra etc are also widely known.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do I need to take the help of a technician to install my wet grinder?

Not necessarily. The installation process of most of the tabletop wet grinders is known to be quite simple and uncomplicated. Therefore, even if you have a piece of small knowledge about these home appliances, then you can easily install them by yourself. However, if you are a novice in this aspect, then calling a technician can be a great idea.

Do the wet grinders work without their lid?

This generally depends on the model that you are currently using. There are numerous tabletop grinders out in the market, which work perfectly without having its lid on. However, a few products do not start working until you put their lid on.

Are the grinders noisy?

Yes, most of the grinders generally make a lot of noise while working.

How to fit the grinding stones in the drum?

Fitting the grinding stones in the drum is quite easy. You would only have to lift it with a tool or by your hand and place it in the middle. Upon placing, just make sure to turn a little bit here and there until its fits snugly into the place.

What type of wet grinder should I opt for?

This depends on the size of your family and your requirements. If you love the South Indian foods, such as Idli and Dosa, and make them at your frequently, then you would need a bigger table top wet grinder.Otherwise, even a small model will perfectly suffice for you.

How much time do the grinders take for completing one grinding cycle?

Most of the grinders generally take at least twenty minutes for grinding one complete cycle. However, if your model’s motor is not that powerful, then it will take more than twenty minutes to do its job.


Now that you are aware of every detail about the best wet grinders in India, deciding to buy among one of them would become easier. The above-mentioned table top grinders are stunning both in efficiency and design model, thus, the choice completely relies upon you. If you want to serve your family some yummy south Indian authentic food dishes bring home the wet grinder today and make cooking tastier and more convenient.

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