Best VR Headsets in India (under 1000, 2000, 3000 and 500)

Virtual Reality is an exciting and fascinating way to travel, using only the power of technology. The experience of virtual reality glasses is such that you will not feel like you are in a virtual space and feel like it’s real. Here we look at the best VR headsets in India.

Today’s generation is showing great interest in the VR headsets. With several creative virtual reality glasses showing up on store racks, you should have no shortage of making VR decisions.  

Below are the Best VR Box in India:

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

best vr headset in india

Procus PRO (White) VR Headset

best vr headset in india

AuraVR Pro Adjustable VR Glasses

best vr headset in india

In the beginning, VR users may face problems in using VR headsets, as they could find it a bit technical. But with time, they will enjoy the experience and get used to it .

With various models launched in the market and a lot more in the line, you have to initially choose the amount you are ready to spend for a VR headset. Then, you can start your search from the product highlights and features.

VR headsets fall into these three classes: Mobile-based, PC based and PlayStation VR.

The problem is that picking a VR headset isn’t simple, particularly now that there are an ever-increasing number of headsets in the market.

All these headsets have different features and requirements and come with fantastic offers; it may create confusion when you think of buying them.

Virtual reality glasses fall into these three classes: Mobile-based, PC based, and PlayStation VR. The issue is that picking a virtual reality glasses headset isn’t simple, particularly now that there are an ever-increasing number of VR headsets in India.

Below is the list of the best VR box in India:

Below are the Best VR Headsets in India:

1. Procus ONE VR Headset

Best VR box in India

In our list of the Best VR headset in India Procus stands on the top. People who are VR Enthusiasts can enjoy the taste of this Virtual Reality with this wonderful handset.

The unique VR Glasses which are used in Procus One give an immense viewing experience. You can also adjust the IDP for a sharper HD Vision according to the face type.

This headset has the most number of reviewers in this category. Let’s look at its features

Key Features

The Biggest 40mm Lenses
The 40mm lenses make you surpass the 100 degrees and expand your field of view so that you can have a magnificent viewing experience .

In-Built Touch Button
There is an inbuilt touch button that will help you in enjoying virtual reality applications like movies, gaming etc.

Smartphone Compatibility – Android and iOS
This VR handset is compatible with every smartphone with gyroscope and with any device that has a screen size of around 4.7 to 6 inches.

Comfortable to wear
Easy to wear, with movable headband, head backing and froth face padding.

Procus ONE VR Headset price in India is very competitive in its category. You can visit the Amazon page for its exact price.

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2. Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

Best VR box in India

Oculus presents to you a genuinely independent VR headset with no extra equipment, PCs, or gadgets required. Oculus Go is convenient, and simple to use.

Just put it on, switch it on, and watch a motion picture on a 30-foot screen. The new generation of oculus lenses offers a wide field of view with significantly reduced glare and one best choice that can be made for buying a VR box in India

Top Features

Wide Quad, Fast-Switch LCD
Improves visual clarity and reduces the screen-door effect.

Standalone Virtual Reality Glasses
No additional devices are required for it to work.

It is innovative and made with breathable fabrics and injection foam moulding, which is developed for professional athletes.

Integrated spatial Audio
This headset can be easily shared with someone else because of its inbuilt speakers.

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3. Procus PRO (White) VR Headset

Best VR box in India

Procus PRO (White) VR Headset accompanies inbuilt earphones and offers 100-120 degree FOV with a most astounding vivid experience.

The inbuilt earphones in this VR headset let you experience Immersive sound and 3D vision. The fantastic delicate cushioning in the headphones fits serenely over your ears .

Top Features

Inbuilt touch button
External controllers and clippers are not required because the inbuilt touch button can control games and apps.

Focal length
You can adjust focal length and distance according to your comfort .

Lens Quality
You can enjoy these virtual reality glasses comfortably for a longer duration because of the excellent lenses quality.

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4. Edgemeter VR Shinecon 9.0 3D VR Headset

Best VR box in India

It is a professional VR headset that is fully functional with flawless quality and modern structure. The best way to use Edgemeter VR Shinecon 3D VR Headset is to bend yourself backward 45 degrees when watching.

Edgemeter VR Shinecon is one of the best VR box in India in our review list. Let’s have a look a some of its features

Top Features

Eyes protection
The HD resin aspherical lenses used in this handset are smooth and purified. You will experience high-resolution imaging and colour visual event.

Ergonomics Design
To reduce the pressure around the eyes, it has Adjustable ergonomic T-shaped strap.

Comfortable breathing
It has a proper cut-out for the nose so that you can breathe comfortably. It has a soft leather protector that will treat your face like a baby’s skin.

Rich stereo sound
Appreciate good quality sound with these closed earphones that give remarkable sound quality. Its rotatable earcups are made for one-ear tuning in.

Adjustable Headphones
Completely encased sound chamber structure, 3D stereo, customizable earphones with dynamic noise reduction.

The soft sponge inside the VR SHINECON Headset protects the screen of your phone from getting scratched.

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5. HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset

Best VR box in India

HTC VIVE Pro is the fittest virtual reality system VIVE has ever designed. VIVE Pro outperforms the bar-setting background to understand the most vivid virtual reality experience.

It is designed while keeping in mind today’s most demanding VR users. It can be used in the crowded arcades, living rooms and offices too. This VR price tag is the costliest in this review list, but has a lot of offer. You can get the exact cost of it on its amazon page .

Top Features

Real-life Movement
360-degree controller and headset tracking cover every movement from the floor to the ceiling.

Vivid Audio
Feel sound surrounding you with hi-res, high impedance earphones with dynamic noise cancellation

You can enjoy up to 30 games in the free trial. This headset does not include base stations, controllers, or wireless adapter.

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List of the Best VR Headsets under 2000:

1. AuraVR Pro Fully Adjustable – VR Headset under 2000

Best VR headset under 2000

The finest plastic is used in the making of Aura VR Headset which makes it light weighted and more durable. This structure is a successful result of client feedbacks and In-depth research and is one of the best VR headset under 2000. This one is inspired by Oculus Gift, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.

Top Features

You can adjust the distance between the screen and the lens for better focus.

It provides you better 42mm nano-coated lenses which provide better FOV.

It includes mobile Bluetooth remote to control and manage different functions.

It is compatible with devices having android version 4.1 and iOS5.

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2. Irusu Mini 3D – VR Headset under 2000

It provides better FOV than most of the other VR headsets available in the market. Multi-polishing lens which does not strain your eyes. It comes up with a Bluetooth control system. You can also wear glasses while using this device.

Best VR headset under 2000


Top Features

Lenses Used
8 Layers nano coating and HD Lenses are used. This will prevent you from eye strain and dizziness.

Bluetooth Remote
It comes up with a Bluetooth control system that helps you to control different functions.

You can adjust the distance between the device and eyes to get better FOV.

Irusu VR app
Irusu VR Zone is an app through which you will get all VR apps in one place.

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3. Irusu Monster – VR Headset under 2000

Best VR headset under 2000

Irusu Monster VR headset uses a highly calibrated lens that is 42mm in thickness and is highly polarized for a better VR experience. This product is a must-have product if you have looking for something under 2000. It comes up with anti-fogging technology with larger and better FOV.

Top Features

This device comes under the price range of 2000 in India and is an excellent product in this range.

Free Touch Button and Remote
You will get a free touch button and a better Bluetooth remote. You can use this remote if your mobile phone does not have a magnetometer.

Better Designing
Head strap, heat dispersal system, face foam protector are designed in this device.

Fully Adjustable Lenses
Fully adjustable lenses, allows you to adjust according to size and sight of the pupil.

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4. Irusu Play VR Plus – VR Headset under 2000

Best VR headset under 2000

Irusu Play VR Plus comes with HD resin lenses and is also budget-friendly. Now you can affordably enjoy the fun 3d world. You can use it in several ways whether you want to play games, watch movies, take a virtual tour, the choices are limitless.

Top Features

Integrated Headphones
You can answer phone calls and control volumes while using the VR Headset. Its Touch Buttons can be used to select and perform different functionalities.

User-friendly, let’s you enjoy 3D world tour anytime and anywhere.

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5. Irusu IR_002 PLAY – VR Headset under 2000

Best VR headset under 2000

Lenses used in this VR Box does not harm your vision and it can also block electromagnetic radiation. This is a good choice to make for VR Headsets in this class

Top Features

Advanced Production Technology
This is the only VR Headset in this category that is optimized for tons of quality Google Cardboard Apps.

Free Magnetic Clicker
This VR Headset provides you free Magnetic Clicker and Bluetooth remote.

Adjustable Distance
Pupil and Object distance can be easily adjustable making it perfect for people with low myopia.

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6. Irusu Play Adjustable – VR Headset under 2000

Best VR headset under 2000

The focal point used in this VR Box does not hurt your vision and it can block electromagnetic radiation. This is one of the good choice for VR Headset in this range.

Top Features

Free magnetic clicker and remote
This virtual reality glasses comes with free Magnetic Clicker and Bluetooth remote.

Adjustable Lens
Pupil and Object distance can be effectively adjustable as per convenience.

The mobile devices must have an accelerometer and gyroscope. If the mobile device has these two features, you can use them with this VR Headset. Also, the free magnetic clicker works only if your mobile device has magnetometer. It is future compatible with ‘Android N’ Os.

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Below are the Best VR Headsets under 1000:

1. Envilean VR Box – VR Headset under 1000

Cool BUDDYZZ Vr Box 3D Virtual Reality Vr Glasses-Best VR Headset in India

With Envilean VR Box, you can watch 360° 3D Videos. You would not feel visual weakness or unsteadiness; hence it is safe to utilize. Adjustable focal point centre and position controls can be utilized with a wide range of cell phones having screen size 3.5 – 6.0 inches.

Top Features

User friendly
The system of VR Box for holding your cell phone is simple, secure and easy.

Material used
It is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and is environmentally friendly.

You can easily adjust the lenses of VR media which means all eye shapes can use it.

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2. Irusu Mini VR 3D Glasses – VR Headset under 1000

Irusu Mini VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses - Best VR Headset in India

There are many VR Handsets available in India, Irusu Mini Virtual Reality Glasses is the strongest and lightest VR headset. It comes with 5.2 overlay amplification for vivid VR Experience with better FOV, uses HD optical lenses with 8-layer nano-covering and 5 times polishing.

Top Features

Front Mobile Holder
With a unique front holder, it can safely hold mobile devices up to 6.4 inches. The open end structure at the front facilitates simple heat dispersal.

42MM Diameter Lenses
It provides better FOV than other headsets available with 5.2 magnifications for vivid VR experience.

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3. Ocular Swift Fully Adjustable – VR Headset under 1000

Ocular Swift Fully Adjustable VR Virtual Reality Headset - Best VR Headset in India

Ocular Swift is an exceptional and premium device with a blend of creativity and imagination. The carefully selected material within the gadget protects your cell phone and display from scratches.

The VR Glasses are compatible with the majority of the Smartphones and the working environment of the cell phone (iOS/Android/Windows) is no bar for this headphone. It stands out as one of the best VR headset under 1000, let’s have a look at some of its features .

Top Features

The device has a super soft padding for your face and also it has ventilation holes for dispersal of your cell phone heat.

The VR glasses of the Ocular Headset are compatible with almost all the devices available in the market.

Quality of Lenses
The lenses used in this device are chosen in such a way that it prevents your eyes from strain and dizziness and you don’t feel uncomfortable while using the headset.

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Best Budget VR Headset under 500 in India

1. Google Cardboard 3D Glasses – VR Headset under 500

Simulation Centre Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses VR Viewer Box

This is a Virtual Reality Headset. As the name suggests, it is made of cardboard that is based on Google Cardboard Principle. This device is compatible with the smartphones having Screen Size up to 6 inches. There is no headband or head strap is attached to the device. You have to hold it in your hand along with your cell phone, but it is rated as one of the top VR headset under 500 in India.

Top Features

Compatible Devices
It is compatible with android version 4.1 and above. It is also compatible with Windows and iOS.

It is very simple and easy to use and quite budget-friendly.

Working Principle
It is based on the Google Cardboard Principle

This headset price tag is the cheapest in this review list and one of the highly rated products on Amazon in this category.

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2. Drumstone 2nd Generation 3D – VR Headset under 500

Drumstone Vr Box 2nd Generation Enhanced Version Reality Cardboard 3D Video Glasses Headset -Best VR Headset in India

With the help of VR Box 3D Glasses, you can have good experience of watching motion pictures and playing games. This VR Headset works with your cell phone and enables you to travel to the true and virtual 3D world .

Top Features

Adjustable Lenses
This 3d gear has two movable lenses, enabling you to change the focus with the button on the top of the VR Headset.

The design of this headset is such that it prevents dust that is entering into the cardboard of 3D Virtual Headset.

It can be adjustable accordingly different eye shapes and also prevents eye strain so that you will be comfortable.

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3. GetCardboard VR Box Headset – VR Headset under 500

GetCardboard VR Box Headset Inspired from Google Cardboard

Google inspires this Virtual Reality Headset. This is made up of laminated cardboard; hence this is very light weighted and used for a long period. If you are looking to get a VR Headset priced under 500 in India, then this is the one.

Best Features

Screen Compatibility
It works best on mobile phones with screen sizes up to 5.5 inches.

Compatible Devices
It is compatible with android version 4.1 and above. It is also compatible with iOS 5.

It is inspired by Google Cardboard. It is made up of laminated cardboards which consist of head straps, magnetic trigger.

You can use this device to enjoy 360-degree videos, Virtual Reality Videos and to play Virtual Reality games.

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4. Cool BUDDYZZ VR Box 3D – VR Headset under 500

Cool BUDDYZZ Vr Box 3D Virtual Reality Vr Glasses-Best VR Headset in India

You can use Cool BUDDYZZ VR Box 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses to play side by side video and VR Games. It is designed in such a way that you can adjust this according to the vision of different people.

Best Features

Device Compatibility
This device is compatible with Android. iOS Operating System and also you can use this device on laptops.

Environmental Friendly
The lens is made of materials that do not consist of plastic sheets. Hence, it will not harm your environment.

Smooth on Eyes
You will not feel dizziness and eyestrains while using this device for a long time. Also, it can be easily adjustable so that different vision people can use this easily.

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5. IRUSU VR Cardboard with HD 34mm Lens – VR Headset under 500

IRUSU VR Cardboard with Hd 34mm Lens For Great Virtual Reality Experience

Irusu VR Cardboard is also certified by Google cardboards. It gives greater FOV as it contains 34mm larger lenses. It consists of a touch button with the help of which you can select the input and trigger actions.

Best Features

IRUSU VR Headset is Google certified.

Device display compatibility
This product is compatible with devices with display of 6.3 inches.

Touch Button
There is a touch button available to perform different functions while playing virtual reality games or watching virtual reality glasses videos.

HD Quality
VR HD Quality depends on the content resolution and the device you are using. Your device must have a gyroscope sensor

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The Best VR Headset for Movies 

Virtual Reality glasses are developing at very high speed in terms of quality and specifications. A few headsets are designed to use a smartphone where they split the screen with the goal that each eye gets a large portion of the pictures to shape 3D and different impacts.

Others come as independent headsets, with committed equipment made for making an extreme, yet enjoyable and life-like virtual situation.

If you are searching for a VR headset principally to watch movies, then the independent and versatile Oculus Go is probably the most appropriate, cost-effective alternative for you. It is light, very comfortable to wear and generally, worked for interactive media.

It offers a superb overall package (convenient, wire-free, incredible visuals, simple to utilize, great controllers and tracking) and is one you should go for movies.

The Best VR Headset for PC

Virtual Reality Glasses are yet another innovation; not many people know about it; however, it tends to be a fantastic approach to experience a new virtual world.

You can surely end up spending a lot while purchasing a VR headset with the best specifications, but for a majority of people, ease of use is the most crucial element.

A standalone headset would be the best for PC. However, if you’ve just got a gaming PC and need a more extravagant, increasingly vivid VR involvement with better illustrations and more games, the Oculus Swift is the one to get.

Best Budget/Cheap VR Headset in India

Picking a VR headset isn’t simple. Consistently new models hit the market to offer something new to space, and a large number of premium headsets get their value dropped.

This can make it very confusing for users as they are frequently left puzzled for the decision. Not realizing whether to go for a less expensive headset or put resources into a top of the line model on the off chance that they can find an appropriate arrangement.

The problem here is that the best cheap virtual reality glasses typically require a smart phone and they do not offer the same level of functionality as expensive ones.

Luckily, since Google Cardboard was announced, there have been a few choices coming up, even from a sticker price of just Rs. 300 which is very affordable. You can refer to the above review list to find the best budget/cheap VR headset in India.

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