Best OTG Ovens in India

Cooking tasty and delicious foods has always been a type of art. Thus, you would require a distinct skill set to master the flair of cookery. However, nowadays, only being skilled is not enough to prepare delicious foods. With expertise, you would also require the assistance of some advanced instruments, and an OTG is one of them.

The OTG ovens, also known as Oven, Toaster, and Griller, are the smaller version of a traditional oven that people usually use. As the name suggests, this type of kitchen appliances is generally used by the users for baking, roasting, and grilling. Thus, as you can already tell, these instruments can make cooking very easy.

Thus, in this article, we will be talking about some of the best OTG ovens in India that you can get at an affordable price. Along with their names, we will also be providing you with some valuable information on them to help you with your choice. Therefore, make sure to read the whole write-up thoroughly.

The Best OTG Ovens in India are:

1. Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (White)

When talking about OTG ovens in India, the first name that comes to mind is Bajaj Majesty 1603 T. This OTG grill oven comes with a white color scheme and a sleek appearance, which makes it a perfect complement to your kitchen. Also, as the design of this appliance is quite compact, it is perfectly suitable for a small kitchen of a small family.

At the front side, Bajaj Majesty 1603 T features three black-colored dials. With these dials, you can control the time and the temperature of the appliance manually. Along with this, the OTG also features a cool touch door handle, which can prevent injuries caused by heat while opening or closing.

Bajaj has used stainless steel to manufacture this product. Thus, you will not have to spend much of your time cleaning it. The usage of this high-quality steel material also makes the product much more robust and durable. Therefore, if you use the oven carefully, then it will last for many years. Bajaj also provides 2 years of warranty on their product, which is an added bonus.

The only problem with the OTG is its capacity, which is of only 16 liters. However, if you take a look at its price, then it will surely feel like a proper value for money to you. Another thing, which makes it one of the best OTG ovens in India, is its power consumption. Even after being so much efficient, this kitchen appliance only consumes 1300 watts of power, which is quite astonishing.


  • Owing to the compact design, the OTG can fit anywhere
  • It is best for a small family with 2-3 members
  • The alarm sound of the kitchen appliance is quite loud
  • It is quite easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with an inexpensive price tag
  • Does not consume much power
  • One of the best OTGs in Indiain terms of durability


  • The power chord of the device is somewhat small
  • Overall capacity is not that good

2. Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre OTG (Black)

The second one on our list of the best OTG ovens in India is yet another Bajaj product, named Bajaj 2200. Like the previously-mentioned OTG, Bajaj has also used the same stainless steel material to manufacture this one too. Therefore, this one, too, will be quite easy to clean and maintain. Also, because of its beautiful color scheme, this oven will enhance the beauty of your kitchen by a mile.

With Bajaj 2200, you will get three dials, which can help you to control temperature, heat, and time. To enhance its utility, Bajaj has also added a feature called Warm Mode with their product. With this mode, you can easily make food hot by only setting the required time.

Unlike the previously-mentioned oven, Bajaj 2200 comes with four functions, which are toasting, baking, grilling, and deep cooking. Thus, along with reducing your cooking time, it will also help you to improve your cooking skills. As this OTG can achieve a temperature of 250 degrees, it can help to cook foods quite swiftly.

Bajaj 2200 features numerous productive accessories, such as wire grill cum barbeque tray and four skewer rods, which most of its rivals generally lack. Along with this, you will also get a crumb tray, a baking dish, and a baking tray tong. The OTG also features a motorized rotisserie, which enables you to hold a delicious barbeque party.

Bajaj 2200 comes with a capacity of 22 liters, which is quite excellent. Thus, with this kitchen appliance, you can, quite comfortably, cook the food of five people in only one session.


  • Excellent for a large family with 5-6 members
  • Comes with four heating elements for more convenience
  • Has a capacity of 22 liters
  • One of the best OTG oven for baking requires only 1200 watt of power for working
  • Features an extra-long rotisserie for preparing barbeques
  • The OTG can cook or bake foods quite rapidly


  • The build quality of the product could have been better
  • Its price is a little bit high than its rivals

3. Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18-Litre Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Grill

On the third spot of our list of the best OTG in India comes a Morphy Richards OTG, which has a capacity of 18 liters. Thus, with the help of this oven, you can prepare meals for at least four people. Also, like the other OTGs on our list, you can use this one for toasting, baking, and grilling, which is an additional benefit.

The British company, Morphy Richards, has used stainless steel to manufacture this product. Thus, along with being sturdy, the OTG is also quite easy to clean as well as maintain. The stainless steel body also helps to circulate the heat properly.

Thus, with this OTG, you can cook your foods quite quickly. Also, as Morphy Richards 18 RSS comes with a motorized rotisserie, you can use it for preparing barbeques.

Like the other OTG ovens on our list, this one, too, comes with a cooking timer. With this timer, you can cook your foods with absolute precision. With this oven, you will also get a temperature control knob that allows you to adjust the temperature as per requirements.

Morphy Richards 18 RSS consumes almost 1380 watts of power while preparing foods for you. Even though for starters, it might feel a little bit high, but it is quite ideal for an 18-liter OTG. Thus, if you are a budding cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then Morphy Richards 18 RSS should be perfect for you.


  • The OTG looks exquisite due to the silver finish
  • It is very easy to use
  • Comes with a compact design and can fit almost anywhere
  • With 1380W of power, the OTG can cook foods swiftly
  • Features a motorized rotisserie for barbeque
  • Covers from 100 to 250 degree centigrade of temperature
  • The alarm sound of the product is excellent


  • The price of the product feels a little bit high
  • The handle heats up quite quickly

4. Inalsa MasterChef 16BK OTG with Temperature Selection

Are you looking for an OTG that can help you to cook juicy steaks and kebabs without any fuss? Then, Inalsa MasterChef 16BK will be just the thing for you. With 1300W of power, this oven can heat up quite quickly. Thus, naturally, no matter what you want to cook, it can help you to do it within only a few minutes.

Another thing, which makes it one of the best OTG in India, is its 4-way cooking setting. This feature can aid you in baking, toasting, broiling, and keeping your food warmer.

To make their product more convenient, Inalsa has equipped it with the new Even Toast Technology. This advanced feature makes it the best OTG oven for baking, allows you to cook almost anything and everything. Owing to this technology, the OTG can also help you to toast four pieces of bread at a time.

For providing more efficiency in the department of heating, Inalsa MasterChef comes with dual heat elements. To make these elements more effective, the manufacturing company has placed them at the top and the bottom.

Like all the other Inalsa products, Inalsa MasterChef 16BK comes with a compact and glossy design. Thus, you can place it anywhere in your kitchen. Also, thanks to the black color of the product, it will make your kitchen look quite sophisticated when placed in the correct place.


  • Comes with a capacity of 16 liters
  • Perfect for a family with 3 to 4 members
  • Weighs only 3.6kg, which is quite convenient
  • The best OTG oven in India in terms of toasting
  • This product has a low power consumption
  • The design of the OTG is quite stylish and compact
  • This oven is quite durable


  • The power cord of the device is small
  • Comes with an expensive price tag

5. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Are you trying to find the best oven toaster griller, which comes with a reasonable price tag? Then, we would like to suggest you Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS. This OTG is known to consume only 1200W of power in an hour for offering its services. Therefore, with this oven, you can make as many crunchy toasters as you want without worrying about the electricity bill.

As Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS produces 100 to 250 degrees of heat, you can use it for baking. Due to the same reason, many people also use it to keep their food warm for a prolonged period.

Like its other OTGs, Bajaj has also equipped the Majesty 1603 TSS with a heatproof door handle. It is known to be quite efficient and can protect your hand from injuries while you are opening or closing the door.

Also, like some other products on our list of best OTG in India, Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS features three separate panels. These panels allow you to set all the parameters as per your requirements.

Even though being quite inexpensive, Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS comes with a powder-coated body. Therefore, it can resist almost any kind of mild to moderate damage. The powder-coated body also makes the product scratch-resistant.

However, this product comes with only 16 liters of capacity. Therefore, if you have a big family of 5-6 members, then you have to look for some other options.


  • Consumes only 1200W of power in an hour
  • This product does not require installation
  • It is equipped with a cool touch door handle
  • Owing to its stainless steel body, it is quite durable
  • 16 liters of capacity is perfect for small families
  • Features a timer and an element selection switch
  • Comes with a lot of essential accessories


  • The design of the product looks a little bit simple

6. Morphy Richards 52 RCSS 52-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

If you are a lover of cooking and have a large family, then Morphy Richards 52 RCSS is probably the best option for you. Unlike the other OTG ovens on our list, this one has an enormous 52 liters of capacity.

Therefore, with this product, you can prepare meals for at least 6 to 8 people quite comfortably. But do not get the wrong idea. You can also cook small amounts of foods in this OTG.

Regarding appearance, Morphy Richards 52 RCSS is probably the best OTG oven in India. Like its other products, Morphy Richards has also used stainless steel to build this one. Therefore, it looks quite glossy and beautiful.

The compact design of the product also helps it to circulate the heat accurately. However, because of its high capacity, the product comes with a big size. Therefore, if you want to buy and use this product, then you would need to make some space in your kitchen.

Along with its enormous size, the Morphy Richards 52 RCSS also comes with a motorized rotisserie. Therefore, with cooking, you can also use this OTG for both grilling and roasting. Besides rotisserie, you would also get a non-stick baking tray, which is ideal for oil-free cooking. Along with all these, the OTG oven also comes with an exclusive Kebab rod set that you can use for cooking steaks and kebabs.

The Morphy Richards 52 RCSS supports numerous functions, such as convection, defrost, broil, toast, and bake. Among these, the convection feature is one of the most important as it helps to cook the food evenly. The oven also comes with a stay-on function, which can assist you to keep your meals warm for a prolonged period.

Unlike some other OTG ovens on our list, Morphy Richards 52 RCSS has an advanced 120-minute timer. It is ideal for cooking those types of meals, which require a lot of time to cook. Pros


  • The product comes with a properly-illuminated chamber
  • Features a galvanized internal section for better heating
  • Suitable for a family with 6-8 members
  • Features 6 special cooking modes
  • Consumes 2000W of power per hour
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty


  • The power cord of the OTG is somewhat short

7. Lifelong 16L 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Griller, Black

Coming in the 7th position of our list of best OTGs is the Lifelong 16L. Even though having only 16 liters of capacity, the interior of this product is quite spacious. Therefore, with this OTG oven, you can bake, grill, and roast quite comfortably. However, in one session, you can cook meals for only 3 to 4 people.

Like most of the other Lifelong products, Lifelong 16L also comes with a compact design. Thus, it will fit quite perfectly anywhere in your kitchen. Along with making it more convenient, the design of the OTG also enhances its durability.

Therefore, if you use the product a little bit carefully and maintain it properly, then it can offer its services for many years.

Lifelong 16L features three dials, which you can use for controlling time, heat, and temperature. Among these, the timer of the OTG is the most highlighting feature, as it can help you to multitask while you are cooking on it. However, like the previously-mentioned OTG, this one does not come with that many functions or features.

Lifelong 16L comes with numerous additional accessories, which makes it more efficient and convenient. Among these, crumb tray, cooking tray, baking tray, and skew rods, are some of the notable ones.


  • The price of the product is quite affordable
  • Because of the stainless steel finish, it is easy to clean
  • 16 liters capacity is ideal for a small family
  • Consumes only 1200 watts of power in an hour
  • One of the best OTG for baking
  • This oven is very easy to use


  • Cannot cook a large amount of foods
  • The wire is a bit short

8. Morphy Richards 24 RSS 24-Litre Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Grill

The next OTG model on our list is yet another Morphy Richards product. Still, unlike the previous ones, it has a capacity of 24 liters. Therefore, if you have a family of 4 to 5 people, then this OTG would be perfect for your cause. The large capacity of the OTG also allows you to hone your cooking skills and experiment with numerous dishes.

Morphy Richards has equipped its product with numerous accessories. Therefore, with this OTG, you can cook a wide variety of dishes, such as Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and, of course, Indian. Among the accessories, the motorized rotisserie is one of the notable names.

With this function, you can grill and roast luscious delicacies quite efficiently. Along with this, Morphy Richards 24 RSS also comes with the Stay-on feature, which is yet another thing that makes it one of the best in the business. This function is known to be quite advanced and can help to keep your meals warm and fresh.

Owing to the galvanized chamber, the interior of the OTG is rust-resistant. Due to the same reason, it is also quite durable and can withstand mild to moderate blows quite comfortably. The compact design of the product is yet another thing that improves its durability even more.

Other than the rotisserie, Morphy Richards 24 RSS also comes with numerous other accessories, such as crumb tray, baking tray, and a tong. It also features a wire rack, which is quite uncommon, even among the best OTG ovens for baking. With this exclusive feature, you can cook numerous tikka-style dishes quite quickly and comfortably.


  • Requires 1500W of power for offering its services
  • Stay-on function can keep the foods hot for several hours
  • Due to its compact design, it is quite robust
  • Features a wire rack for preparing tikka-style dishes
  • Does not get dirty that easily


  • The timer and heat control knobs are not of high-quality
  • Pricier than its rivals

9. Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS 45-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Silver)

In the market of low-capacity OTGs, Bajaj has always been one of the best brands in India. However, in the segment of high-capacity, it did not have many options. Therefore, to make its presence more influential in this segment, Bajaj has recently launched its new product, Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS. This OTG comes with a capacity of 45 liters, which is one of the highest in the high-capacity segment.

As a 45 liter oven, Bajaj Majesty 4500 can help you to cook for at least 5 to 6 people at once. For ensuring even cooking for your meal, Bajaj has also provided a rotisserie with its product. Other than assisting you with proper cooking, this motorized rotisserie can also help you with roasting and grilling.

To make it more convenient, Bajaj has equipped a jog dial control panel with its 45-liter OTG. This panel enables you to set different settings quite smoothly. Besides this, the oven also features a timer dial, which can help you to multitask while cooking.

The temperature, which Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS can produce, ranges from 0 to 250 degrees Celsius. Therefore, with this OTG, you can cook almost any dish without any issues. Bajaj Majesty 4500 also features an advanced function named Keep Warm, which keeps your food hot and fresh for a long time.

To make it one of the best OTG for baking, Bajaj has added an exclusive feature called convection. It helps the cake to bake evenly.


  • For a 45-liter OTG, its price is somewhat affordable
  • Comes with exquisite design and glossy appearance
  • Good overall efficiency
  • Consumes only 2000W of power
  • Suitable for a family with 5 to 6 members
  • Robust build and structure
  • One of the best OTG oven for baking


  • Short power cord
  • The body of the OTG gets hot quite easily

10. Prestige POTG 19 PCR 1380-Watt Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

When talking about the best OTG ovens in India, it is almost impossible to forget about Prestige. Therefore, along with other OTG ovens, we have also added a masterpiece of the Prestige brand, named Prestige POTG.

In terms of looks, Prestige POTG is one of the best in the business. It has been made with stainless steel, which makes it look glossy and beautiful. Its full-size glass door is yet another thing that adds a touch of class to its overall look.

As a low-capacity OTG, Prestige POTG comes with a robust and compact design. Therefore, you can keep this product in almost any corner of your kitchen. Along with enhancing its longevity, this design also helps in heat circulation. Thus, compared to other ovens, this OTG can cook a lot faster.

Like most of the other ovens on our list of best oven toaster griller, Prestige POTG, too, features three different dials. The first one is for temperature control, while the second one is a rotisserie mode and heating element selector. The third knob is a 60-minute timer, which allows you to set a preferable cooking time. The mode selection dial is one of the best features of the OTG, as it enables you to choose from six different modes. Also, unlike some other OTGs, Prestige POTG lets you choose from three different rotisserie modes.

So, to conclude, if you are looking for a good OTG oven with an affordable price tag, then this one should be your go-to option.


  • It has a low power consumption (1380 watts)
  • Comes with four high-quality heaters for even heat distribution
  • The product is quite durable thanks to its compact design
  • Due to the usage of black color, it looks quite pretty
  • Has a capacity of 19 liters
  • Comes with three different rotisserie modes
  • Features a lot of accessories


  • Not suitable for large families

11. Bajaj 1000 TSS 10-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Silver/Black)

With only a capacity of 10 liters, Bajaj 1000 TSS is the smallest product in our list of best OTG ovens in India. However, in terms of looks, it probably is the best OTG grills out there in the market. The thing, which makes it look so beautiful and attractive, is the combination of silver and black color. The small yet compact design of the product is yet another thing that helps it to look very appealing.

Even though it is small in size, you can use it to make almost any kind of dish you want. However, with this OTG, you can only prepare meals for only 2 to 3 people. However, as it requires only a short duration of time to cook, you can make as much food as you want without spending much time.

Due to the small structure, Bajaj 1000 would not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen. Therefore, you can keep it almost anywhere you want in the room. Also, because of its size and weight, you can carry it while on the go quite comfortably.

When it comes to toasting or baking, Bajaj 1000 does a decent job. It is also quite energy efficient as it only consumes 800 Watts of power. Therefore, if you love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then Bajaj 1000 can be your best friend.

One of the things, which make Bajaj 1000 the best OTG for baking, is the auto shut-off feature. It is an exclusive additional in Bajaj product and can save your food from burning.

So, if you are thinking to buy an OTG that offers efficient service with costing much, then you can always go for this one.


  • One of the best OTG oven for hassle-free cooking
  • Requires only 800 watts of power per hour for cooking
  • The product looks very stylish and elegant
  • Comes with the auto shut-off feature
  • Does not weigh much or occupy much space
  • Comes with one year of warranty
  • It is not pricey at all


  • It is suitable for small families with 2-3 members

What is the difference between OTG and Microwave Oven?

Even though they look similar and do the same type of work, an OTG and a Microwave Oven are quite different than one another. There is a difference in their way of working and the method of using electricity. However, by reading this only one line, it would be quite hard for you to understand the dissimilarities between them. Therefore, to get some more information on this aspect, make sure to read the whole write-up thoroughly.

Usage of Electricity

Both of these kitchen appliances run on electricity. But, as mentioned before, the way they utilize power is different. A Microwave Oven uses electricity for creating microwaves to heat the food.

However, an OTG, on the other hand, employs electricity directly for heating up the Nickel-made coils. Once these heating elements get heated up, they distribute this warmth to the food and start the cooking process.

Consumption of Electricity

In terms of power consumption, a Microwave Oven is a lot more efficient than an OTG. As it uses electricity to generate microwaves, it generally does not consume much electricity. Due to the same reason, it also does not require much time to do its job.

However, unlike a Microwave oven, an OTG requires much more time to cook foods as it uses electricity to heat its coils first. Therefore, naturally, along with time, it also consumes a lot more power than usual.


As the Microwave Ovens are, in some ways, better than the OTGs, they generally come with an expensive price tag. Due to the same reason, the OTG ovens are much more affordable when compared to the cost of Microwave Ovens.

Baking Quality

Even though the modern Microwave Ovens can do a lot of things, but they are still a novice on the subject of baking. On the other hand, the OTGs are considered to be experts in this aspect as they can bake almost anything quite efficiently.

OTG Oven Buying Guide

OTGs are known to very efficient in almost all forms of cooking. However, they generally come in different sizes and features. Thus, if you want to buy an OTG that suits your purposes perfectly, then you need to consider a few things. Here are some of them.

The capacity of the OTG

The first and the most important thing, which you must consider is the capacity of the OTG. If you have a small family, with 3 to 4 members, then an 18-liter OTG will be sufficient for you. However, if you have a larger family, then you should buy an OTG that has more than 45 liters of capacity.

Power Consumption

For offering you their service, an OTG will consume power. However, some of them, while being less efficient, use a lot more electricity than usual. Therefore, it is always better to buy an OTG with an operating-wattage between 1000 to 1400W. However, if you are thinking of buying a high-capacity OTG oven (more than 45 liters), then make sure to check if it has an operating-wattage between 2000-2200W.

Warranty Period

Most of the OTGs are generally quite durable. But, as you know, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, while buying an OTG, make sure to check its warranty period. Most people usually buy the ones which come with two years of warranty.


As mentioned before, the modern-day OTGs manufacturers are equipping their products with a lot of features to make them more convenient. However, if you are looking for an OTG for only cooking regular foods, then you would not require all these features. For example, if you only want to use the OTG for baking, then you would not need rotisserie.

So, before buying an OTG oven, make sure to consider the ways you want to use it.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is one of the most quintessential features of an OTG. It allows you to set the internal temperature of the oven manually and helps you to prepare mouth-watering delicacies quite comfortably. Therefore, while buying an OTG, be sure to check that if the one you opted for comes with this feature.


Admit it or not, maintaining anything, including the OTGs, properly can be quite challenging. Therefore, to keep yourself away from the hassles of maintenance, make sure to buy an OTG oven with a powder-coated body.The powder-coated OTGs are scratch-resistant and do not require much time to clean.


Last but not least, the cost of an oven is yet another thing that you need to consider before purchasing it. There are numerous companies who nowadays sell their products with an aggressive price tag. Therefore, to save your pocket, make sure to buy one from them.

OTG Oven – FAQs

Are OTGs good for preparing large meals?

Yes, you can definitely cook larger meals on an OTG. However, for preparing meals for a lot of people, you would have to buy high-capacity OTG.

What can a person cook on an OTG?

You can cook almost anything and everything on an OTG. Along with cooking, you can take its help for baking and grilling too.

Is there any training required for using OTG?

OTGs are quite easy to use, as they generally come with simplified settings and basic features. Also, most of the companies provide a guidebook with their products, which can also help you with operating an OTG. Therefore, no, you would not need to undergo any training procedure to use an OTG oven.

Which is the best OTG brand in India?

Bajaj, Prestige, and Morphy Richards are some of the best brands for OTG in India. However, if you are looking for some affordable options, then you can also go for Lifelong, Panasonic, or Usha.

Are Microwave Ovens better than OTGs for making Pizza?

When it comes to baking, or especially making a Pizza, OTGs are always the best option.

Can I use an OTG for re-heating the meal?

Yes, you can definitely do that. The OTG will provide constant heat to warm up the edible and keep it fresh for a long time.


If you have read the whole article thoroughly, then you must already have understood the importance of OTG grill ovens. They can reduce the time of cooking and prepare food quite swiftly. They can also help you to cook almost any kind of delicacies you want. Therefore, it is always better to keep one near your hands.

So, visit your nearest shop or mall today and get the best OTG oven in India as soon as possible.

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  1. Useful review. But I wouldn’t agree with your rating for Bajaj OTGs.
    My Bajaj TMSS2800 OTG is absolutely frustrating as far as the temperature control is concerned. I set its temperature to 200 degrees. After some time, my oven thermometer shows 250 degrees and the temperature goes on rising. I turn back my temperature knob to 175 degrees and the temperature reduces. I have to keep playing with the temperature knob all the time and constantly observe the food being baked. Otherwise, it can easily get burnt or stay undercooked. I called the Bajaj engineer and he had never heard of “calibration of ovens” or issues with temperature control before.
    I am wondering if I should sell off the oven on It is still in warranty. I might get some value for it.
    This is an important con for OTGs.


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