Best Landline Phones in India

Landline phones are here from a very time, from the invention of telephone. With the advancement of technology telephones as also moved to very advance functions such as cordless and wifi, but the basic function of a phone remains the same which is calling

If you are looking to buy the best landline phone in India then there are variety of options compared with the features and prices. Landline phones are also being used very widely by many companies nowadays.

Landline phones, which are the best, have better quality with a combination of good signal range, battery backup with a stylish and compact design. So, before going for any phone, you must look for its quality, make sure that the cordless or landline phone you select should be up to the mark and fulfill your needs accordingly.

Landline Phones can make your calls never-ending without any interruption in between because many times, we face noise creeping problems and other intrusions. You should select the best phones available for your never-ending talks.

Finding the best landline phone can be a daunting task. There are some options available in the market, with a variety of brands and features. While choosing one, you need to be sure about what services they offer and how can they benefit you.

To help you understand different brands and their features, here is a list of the top cordless that are popular in the market. Take a look at these and find your best option.

The following article will examine the various options available for the best landline phone in India, in detail.

The Best Landline Phones in India are:

1. Panasonic KX-TS500MXBD Single Line Corded Phone

Panasonic KX-TS500MXBD Single Line Corded Phone - Best Landline Phones in India

For people looking for a landline phone that suits their commercial as well as the residential premise, Panasonic KX-TS500MXBD is your best shot.

It is a stylish, simple to use landline instrument with features like one-touch re-dial, making it extremely functional. Owing to its subtle design, it can be placed on any side tables or can be wall-mounted for greater convenience.

It goes well with home décor and is among the best landline phones in India. The repeatedly dialed number can be easily contacted by using the one-touch re-dial button, and the volume can be adjusted as per your requirements and comfort.

This telephone transmits a clear voice making your conversations smooth. It comes with a well-designed grip making the phone user-friendly.

Top Features

  • Well-spaced numeric keypads
  • Adjustable output volume
  • One-touch re-dial
  • Easy to use and functional

2. Motorola CT202i Corded Phone

Motorola CT202i Corded Phone With Caller ID & Speaker Phone - Best Landline Phones in India

One of the top 10 landline phones, Motorola CT202i, comes with stunning features including caller ID, hands-free speaker option, and numerous caller tunes.

It has a digital display and is single corded to provide greater functionality. It has a classic design and comes in Black color. Re-Dial and Hands-free speaker make it apt for office use.

It has a large Black and white 7 segment exquisite display. Moreover, tone and pulse dialing characteristic has certainly made it one of the best landline phones in India.

Top Features

  • 30 numbers call list
  • Large Black and White 7 segment display
  • 24 melodious ringer tunes
  • Two touch memory key
  • Hands-free speaker for ease and convenience
  • The re-dial key for last dialed number
  • Bright digital display showing time, day and date

3. Panasonic KX-TSC62SXW Corded Telephone

Panasonic KX-TSC62SXW Corded Telephone - Best Landline Phones in India

Gone are the days when traditional landline phones were the most commonly used means for communication. The popularity of cell phones is on the rise. But there are still many people who love to install those old-fashioned yet easy to use a landline telephone.

Panasonic caters to such a crowd and blends the phone with the latest technology. When we are talking about one of the most technologically advanced landline instruments, then the Panasonic KX-TSC62SXW is one of them.

Panasonic has come up with this highly user-friendly phone having crystal bright display. It is a white color telephone covered with a layer of black chassis, giving it a decent yet elegant look. It has a caller ID memory and even provides a facility for saving the numbers of people.

Top Features

  • Slim led and alphanumeric display
  • 30 caller ID memory
  • 5 numbers can be saved
  • Hands-free operation and adjustable output volume

4. Binatone Concept 700 Corded Landline Phone

Binatone Concept 700 Corded Landline Phone - Best Landline Phones in India

Binatone Concept 700 phone is one of the best among the top 10 office landline phone options available. The corded phone is lightweight and can be placed easily on the tabletop. The slanted screen enhances visibility. The two-line display can accommodate up to 16 digits and even shows date and time.

It is capable of storing 5 outgoing and 30 incoming calls helping in the maintenance of call logs. The red led light indicates missed calls. Junior employees can operate this extremely easy to use landline instrument with great ease.

Landline phones are still one of the most commonly used means of intra-office communication in corporate buildings and companies having large offices.

Top Features

  • Allows conference calling
  • One-touch Speed dial button for the top 3 most contacted button
  • Does not require a battery for operating
  • The caller ID FSK/DTMF auto-select feature gives you the option of taking or rejecting a call.

5. Binatone Trend 1 Corded Landline Phone

Binatone Trend 1 Corded Landline Phone - Best Landline Phones in India

If you are looking for a relatively cheaper landline phone for minimal and basic residential use, then Binatone Trend 1 should be considered.

It is among the best landline phones in India for the specific purpose. It is small in size and can be placed anywhere or can be wall-mounted. It has an alphanumeric keypad with a Mute and Flash button.

The corded landline instrument has a re-dial button for quick contact with the last dialed number. It comes in Black color and fits perfectly in your residential interiors. Adjustable ringer volume is another convenience-oriented feature incorporated in this Binatone landline phone.

This is an extremely durable and user-friendly device assisting you in having an undisturbed chat with your loved ones. The small yet stylish looking landline telephone is suited for Hotels and Lifts.

Top Features

  • Easy wall-mount options
  • Adjustable Ringer Volume with different frequency
  • It has Phonebook Name Plate Labels so you can note down the emergency numbers
  • It comes with plastic buttons and humidity protection for every phone
  • A year-long warranty by the manufacturer

6. Siemens Euroset 2025C Telephone

Siemens Euroset 2025C landline phone comes with an extensive range of features making it very customer friendly and widely used. Many people are still looking for traditional landline telephones in the era of mobile phones.

Landlines are handy and provide more reliable connectivity. All landlines in a house can be connected, providing easy access.

It even serves as an alternative option to contact someone if you lose or damage your cell phone. Euroset 2025C provides you with all these benefits. This corded phone has an alphanumeric keypad and can store 30 phonebook entries.

Furthermore, it features conference calls option along with speed dialing options. It is a stylish looking telephone for your residence.

Top Features

  • 1-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Provides missed calls notifications so that you do not miss out on any callers
  • Black and slim in look with a stylish design

7. ICHIBAN CCNJTG21G001 Dual SIM GSM Fixed Wireless landline Phone

ICHIBAN CCNJTG21G001 Dual SIM GSM Fixed Wireless landline Phone - Best Landline Phones in India

In the era of cell phones, Ichiban has come up with a landline phonethathas completely changed the scope of wireless and cordless telephones in India. The amazing wireless telephone is sure to put all of the customers in awe.

It comes in grey and black color with amazing features like a dual sim and FM radio of 30 stations. It is everything one needs. The display screen indicates time, day, and date. Power LED indicator, call log details, and memory phonebook are among other customer-centric characteristics.

It even shows call durations and has a high memory power for incoming and outgoing calls that support efficient call logs management. It is one of the top 10 landline phones.

Top Features

  • 30 radio stations so that you can tune into your favorite song whenever you want
  • 20 incoming and outgoing store memories each
  • 300 phonebook memory where you can save as many as 300 contacts
  • Speaker option with a clear voice
  • Built-in alarm function that works perfectly according to your preferences
  • Programmable local area code
  • Hotline dialing

8. Beetel B15 Basic Corded Phone

Beetel B15 Basic Corded Phone  - Best Landline Phones in India

The beetle is among one of the most reputed companies when it comes to landline instruments. The Beetel B15 is an extremely lightweight phone which is ergonomically designed. There is a ring LED indication and adjustable ringer volume.

These characteristics are supplemented by the Pause button option and a re-dial button. One doesn’t require redialing the entire number. Slightly, the re-dial button can be tapped. It is available in Black color and is apt for the residential houses.

Top Features

  • Both tone and pulse dialing is available
  • Adjustable output volume
  • LED ring indicator
  • Redial and Pause function

Factors to Check before Buying Landline Phone

To choose a landline phone is not a cakewalk. You must go through a proper scrutinizing process and know what you need before you make a purchase.

A landline phone is going to be a long-term commitment. Unlike mobile phones, you cannot simply get it exchanged in a month or two or whenever you see a new model launching. There are plenty of things to take care of, while you buy a landline phone.

Of you are making your purchase for the very first time, here are a few things you need to consider before you buy a landline phone.

1. Types of Landline Phones

When you decide to buy a landline phone for your house, one of the most important things you need to consider is the type of landline phones. There are mainly 4 types of landline phones you can buy – corded, cordless, analog, and digital.

If you are someone who likes to move here and there while speaking, opt for a cordless phone for better convenience. If you are someone who likes to stay in one particular place while having a conversation on the phone, you can choose a corded landline phone.

Analog phones are less expensive and easily available. However, you might find a connectivity issue if the headset is moved too far away from the base.

Digital landline phones are little costlier but offer you good network coverage within a specific range.

2. Features Offered

Different landline phones provide various features. Based on the features, you can choose a landline phone according to your needs. Here are a few features that you should be looking at:

Answering Machine

Some landline phones have the answering machine features, while some others don’t. These machines help you record a message from the caller if you are unable to pick up the call.

You can record your message for the caller, which the caller can hear when you are unable to pick up the call.

Caller ID

Another feature that you may look for while buying a landline phone is a caller ID. A lot of new landline phones come with a caller ID option, which allows you to see the number from where you are getting a call.

However, if you are okay with not knowing from beforehand who is giving you a call, you can pick up a landline phone that does not have a caller ID feature.

Speaker Phone

The speakerphone feature comes in handy when you are unable to use your hands while picking up the call. You can put the phone on speaker mode and keep talking while doing your work.

This is a very useful feature to have on a landline phone. Think about whether a speakerphone is necessary for you while you buy a landline phone.

Phone Book

With the help of the phone book, you can store a lot of numbers. You do not have to keep dialing the name over and over again when you have a phone book feature.

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