Best Front Load Washing Machines in India

The modern advancements of science have blessed humans with the discovery of front load washing machines. The front load washing machines have made a massive come back in 2000. Since then, these machines have become the favorite of many users.

So, in the following article, we have talked about the best front load washing machines in India to give you a better knowledge of them. Therefore, to know more about them, make sure to go through this write-up thoroughly.

Front load washing machines are specifically designed to save huge electricity bills. Along with this, they can, too, make clothes cleaner and cut the chances of damage. Also, because of having a larger capacity to fit more clothes at a time into the compartment, they can save both time and struggle of putting the clothes in again and again.

Additionally, as a plus point, these machines tend to use less water compared to others. Apart from water and energy efficiency front load washing machine needs less servicing and repairing.

Top 12 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India:

1. Bosch 7 kg Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch 7 kg - Best Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch is a trusted brand for selling the best quality water machines in the Indian market. This washing machine comes on the top of the front loader washing machine reviews. This home appliance has a capacity of 7 kg and works superbly for a family of 3 to 4 members. It is designed with 15 different wash programs with faster drying facilities.

Apart from its stunning design model, the work efficiency of the washing machine is quite appreciable too. Along with these, it also comes with numerous cool features, which are known to be quite beneficial for the cleaning job.

Best Features

  • It has great stability and decreases vibration
  • It comes with an automatic drum clean process
  • It deals with the interruptions of voltage
  • Its VarioDrum feature cleans tough stains

The speed perfect feature works by reducing the wash time for around 60 to 65 %. It also has a reload function, in case you need to add some laundry in the middle of the wash cycle.

This front load washing machine only requires low-water pressure to run smoothly. Therefore, besides helping you with washing your clothes, it can also prevent the overuse of water. The drum clean facility of the machine enhances both its durability and wash quality by removing harmful residues.

The noise level of this machine is 55 dB, which means it creates less noise while in process. The child lock system of the washing machine makes it safer to keep at home if you have children. This front load washing machine is high in performance and, the durability power is also quite considerable.


  • It works faster and saves energy
  • Cleans a great variety of fabric
  • Adjusts the water level automatically
  • Its water filter fits several taps


  • Require more water pressure than its claim
  • The drum is not long-lasting

2. LG 6 kg Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

 LG 6 kg Inverter - Best Front Load Washing Machine

Here comes another fully automatic front load washing machine, which is widely famed among the buyers. This washing machine has the capability of taking a load of 6 kg and is suitable for couples as well as the singles.

It also has a smart diagnosis feature, which can detect any problem and solve it automatically.

The device’s 6-motion control technology takes proper care of your clothing material and washes them quite efficiently. This machine is designed with the heater system, which ensures the reduction of stubborn stains.

Best Features

  • Automatic front load machine
  • Gives you a noise-free service
  • Keep setting safe with child lock
  • Spins in the speed of 1000 RPM
  • 2 years warranty on the product

The drum is made of stainless steel, hence it guarantees to last long. Moreover, due to its rustproof body, it also has the capability of eliminating germs and bacteria.

Along with all these, it has numerous other facilities, such as waterproof control panel, inverter direct drive, and auto-restart mode. All these make it count among the best front load washing machines in India.

The tub clean feature offers the water to heat around 85 degrees, which also helps to kill the bacteria and germs. Its higher spinning facility helps to dry the clothes a lot faster.

The motor of the LG front load is attached to the drum directly, which reduces the noise and vibration. Its waterproof touch panels allow you to operate the machine even in wet hands.

Due to all these things, the machine is widely regarded as one of the top 10 front load washing machines in India for its smart features. 


  • Smart diagnosis feature save time & money
  • Stainless drum removes germ and bacteria
  • Drum-body is durable, unlike plastic drums
  • Provides you with fresh non-allergen clothes


  • It is not easily movable
  • Requires a fixed place for installation

3. IFB 8.5 kg Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

IFB 8.5 kg Inverter - Best Front Load Washing Machine

Are you looking for the best front load washing machine in India? Then, this one can be a great option for you. The IFB washing machines have gained a lot of popularity in the market due to its fast working formula. It is an Indian brand and holds a good reputation for selling quality products with high durability.

The Aqua Energy function of the washing machine is an impressive quality. It aims to improve the ability of lathering in water. Thus, no matter how hard the water is, this machine can surely help to wash your clothes efficiently.

Best Features

  • Drum light makes easier to peep in laundry
  • 4D wash system gives the clothes fresh look
  • Provides warranty of 4 years
  • Anti-allergen system supplies non-allergen clothes
  • Aqua-Energie formula allows washing in hard water

It has a capacity of 8.5 kg, which is suitable for a family of 5 to 6. It is designated with 100 wash programs, which can help to wash your clothes properly. The advanced formula takes proper care of your fabric whether it is satin, silk, or cotton.

The 3D wash facility soaks the dirty clothes well and gives it a cleaner look. The washing machine has a special feature of express wash, which allows you to wash small loads of clothes. The device has some impressive features including voltage protection, which improves its overall efficiency.

If it detects any uncertainty in the power supply, it immediately stops the work-process. It again resumes when the voltage is perfect back again. The child lock facility locks the control panel and protects its settings. Thus it can be considered among the best fully automatic front loader washing machine in India


  • LCD for clear understanding
  • The light inside drum increases visibility
  • Designed with multiple wash programs
  • Child lock facility for secure settings


  • N/A

4. LG 8 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Front Load Washing Machine

LG 8 kg Inverter Wi-Fi - Best Front Load Washing Machine

When it comes to choosing the best front load washing machine in India, you can always trust the products of LG. Similar to other LG washing machines, this one’s motor is also directly contacted with the drums.

This facility helps you wash clothes without making any harsh noise and vibration. So, whether it is midnight or in the afternoon, you can easily wash your clothes without hampering anyone’s sleep.

Best Features

  • 6 motion DD to wash the delicate fabric
  • Spin in the speed of 1400 RPM
  • Smart thing wifi to use it from anywhere
  • Smart diagnosis to detect errors
  • A quick cleaning with turbo wash

Its turbo action makes the cleaning faster and better. Within only one hour, it can help you to complete your laundry works. It has been proved by the lab experts that this machine washes a 3.5kg cycle around 39 minutes.

The 6-motion control technology moves the laundry in multiple directions. This gives your clothes an ultra-clean look with a fresh smell. It also comes with a smart ThinQ Wi-Fi system, which allows you to operate it from anywhere and everywhere.

It also has the steam wash feature for extra care of the delicate clothes. With this feature, the washing machine removes dust mites, disinfects germs and presents you with pet and pollen allergen-free clothes. Its heater formula heats water about 60 degrees Celsius, which helps to remove any stubborn stains.


  • Make less noise and vibration
  • Works on the dirtiest stain
  • Child lock facility to keep settings intact
  • Saves both time and water


  • N/A

5. Bosch 7 kg Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch 7 kg - Best Front Load Washing Machine

This machine has a capacity of 7 kg, which is perfect for a family of 3 to 4.  The machine comes with a guarantee of 10 years, thus your investment will not be fruitless. Its eco perfect feature is great for saving your money on electricity.

With the allergy plus formula, it assures you to provide non-allergen hygienic clothes. Therefore, with this product, you do not have to suffer from fabric allergies.   

Best Features

  • Comes with the spin speed of 1200 RPM
  • Consumes water up to 47 L
  • Large LED display for easy operation
  • Has 14 different wash programs
  • Foam control and active water formula

Its low noise level does your laundry at an extremely less sound and vibration. It makes noise in around 49 decibels, which is quite soothing to ears. The big space inside the drum allows your laundry to move freely inside it.

It delivers you the cleanest clothes by removing all the deepest dirt from it quite efficiently. Its advanced child lock function locks all the keys of the control panel. So, with it, your children can not change the settings of the machine.

Its Active water formula automatically adjusts the water pressure according to the laundry. Moreover, it has the reload function to add or remove laundry at any time of the wash cycle. All these features and functions make it a perfect choice for bringing home.

Because of coming with these extra-ordinary features, this washing machine is considered as one of the top 10 front load washing machines in India.


  • Need less water pressure
  • Energy and water-efficient
  • Cleans comparatively faster
  • EcoSilence Drive Motor for less noise


  • Heavy
  • The installation process is troublesome

6. Bosch 6 kg Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch 6 kg - Best Front Load Washing Machine

Since its inception, Bosch always provides you with the best front load washing machines with great durability, and this product is the prime example of it. It has a capacity of 6 kg, which is quite nice for a machine in this price range.

Its smart working process adjusts the water level, which results in saving energy. Similar to other Bosch front load washing machines, this one is also built with the active water formula, which improves its overall efficiency even more.

Apart from that, its modern features use hot water in the cleaning process. It removes all the residue of detergents from clothes along with the lint and bacteria. 

Best Features

  • 10-year guarantee on motor
  • Comes with 800 rpm spin speed
  • Super 15’30’ for fast washing
  • Comes with drum clean and VoltCheck functions
  • Active water formula for automatic water adjustment

Its super 15’/30′ program allows you to wash clothes quick. Thus, running late will not be an issue with this device. You can easily do your laundry in just 15 to 30 minutes.

This machine is extremely suitable for daily washing with just a hassle-free touch button.

Its VoltCheck design helps in dealing with the fluctuations during the power supply. It pauses and resumes the work process according to the stability of the power supply. The drum clean function cleans every dust mite, lint bacteria from the drum making it clean and tidy.

With this front load washing machine, you can also get the service of the hand-washing process. Its pre-wash feature soaks the clothes for a period before the washing process. This machine is capable of working at an extremely low water pressure.


  • Consumes less water and energy
  • Big drum for easy movement of laundry
  • Allergy plus program for hygienic washing
  • Pre-wash treatment for stubborn stain


  • The drum tends to break within a few years
  • The installation process is bit hectic

7. Samsung 6 kg Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung 6 kg - Best Front Load Washing Machine

In your busy life washing clothes consumes a lot of your precious time. Keeping this in mind Samsung has manufactured this machine with a quick wash facility. With it, you can easily wash your dirties laundry within 15 to 30 minutes.

Numerous front loader washing machine reviews are talking about this particular washing machine for its diamond drum. Its unique diamond-shaped drums with ‘soft curl’ and tiny exit holes prevent trapping your clothes.

Owing to this feature, the machine can wash your clothes gently and keep its fabric and color intact with every wash.

Best Features

  • 1000 rpm spin speed on the machine
  • Warranty of 10 years on motor
  • Structured to consume less and energy
  • Comes with the function of a ceramic heater
  • Diamond-shaped drum for gentle cleaning

Samsung is a well-known brand for the best fully automatic front load washing machine in India. The volt control formula stabilizes the machine from getting damaged for the interruption of the power supply.

The machine’s ceramic heater improves its efficiency and durability by reducing the scale of hard water build-up. Also, its wide display of the control panel makes it easier for you to have a better view of the modes.

Its minimal noise, long-lasting service, and easy operation put it in the list of top 10 front load machines in India.


  • Easy cleaning and fast washing process
  • Maximum space inside the drum for effortless movement
  • Simple display for easy operation
  • Smooth tough button for the quick response


  • Difficult to move for its heavyweight
  • Not suitable to carry more laundry

8. IFB 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine

IFB 8 kg Best Front Load Washing Machine

It falls in the records of the best fully automatic washing machine in India for its quality functions. Its Aqua-Energie treatment makes the hard water suitable for washing.

The air bubble system activates the molecules of detergent and makes them penetrate deeper into the stains. This results in advanced cleaning of the dirt and grease from your delicate clothes and maintains its quality.

This machine comes with a user-friendly display for easy choosing of the washing modes. It is modeled with Ball valve Technology for enhancing the wash quality. These functions help in letting the water out when the detergent is kept in.

Best Features

  • Capable of taking the load of 8kg
  • 4 years warranty on the product
  • 1400 spin speed for faster drying
  • User-friendly LCD for trouble-free operation
  • Silk-special for immaculate care of silk garments

This helps in preventing wastage. The child lock system disables the buttons on the panel and prevents your children from changing the settings.

The drum is styled with crescent moon design for gentle care of the fabric by creating water cushion. The 3D wash system is a dynamic feature for your dirty clothes. With this feature, you can soak your clothes to get the cleanest clothes with a fresh fragrance.

The auto-balance system works automatically on the unbalanced laundry for a stable wash. Additionally, it has a silk special feature to take care of your favorite silk outfits.


  • Both energy and water-efficient
  • Provides high-quality performance
  • Child lock function for security
  • Voltage protection for the longevity of the machine


  • Makes a bit louder noise and vibration
  • Expensive compared to IFB machines

9. Samsung 6.5 kg Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung 6.5 kg Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

This fully automatic front loading machine has the capability of taking a load of 6.5 kg. Therefore, it can offer a suitable service for a family with 3 to 4 members quite smoothly. With this device, you get the facility of the easy closing door for a gentle and noiseless door shutting.

The door of the machine is modeled with tempered glass for an easy peeking at your laundry. The lid is strong and durable. Thus, the chances of getting scratches are low.

The easy troubleshooting function saves both your money and time of repairing the device. It works in monitoring the troubles itself and finds a quick solution t cure it. In India, Power cut and voltage issues are normal and they tend to damage the electronic appliances.

Best Features

  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years
  • faster drying with 1000 rpm spin speed
  • capable of taking 6.5 kg load
  • Diamond drum with chrome door
  • Automatic error detection and solution of it

Therefore, to help you with this, Samsung has built with a volt control formula to deal with the voltage fluctuations and keep your machine safe. Its powerful filtration collects the dirt particles and lint off your laundry to deliver you immaculate clothes.

So, no matter how dirtiest your laundry is, a simple touch on the intensive wash button will take care of it.

The Eco Tub Clean function keeps the drum and the lid clean by removing all dirt. It works without using expensive detergents and automatically notifies you the moment when it is done cleaning.


  • Works better on stubborn stains
  • Ceramic heater to save water and energy
  • Durable lid that lasts long
  • Controls the machine while voltage fluctuation


  • It takes less laundry
  • Doesn’t keep claims in cases

10. Bosch 6.5 kg Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch 6.5 kg Front Load Washing Machine

Most of the lists of the top 10 front load washing machines in India include this device due to its high performance. With this washing machine, you will get eight wash programs for customizing washing. 

These programs are suitable for washing any fabric starting from silk to cotton to woolen fabric. The shutdown memory function helps you start the washing from where it was stopped. It is also designed with a soft closing lid system for a noise-free easy shut.  

Best Features

  • Takes the load of 6.5 kg
  • Spins in the maximum speed of 680 rpm
  • Provides warranty of 2 years on the product
  • manufactured with 8 wash programs
  •  Provided water filter fits several taps

With this device, you can stay away from the tension of your naughty kids changing the panel settings. The child lock can help you with it. The stainless steel drum promises to last long and eliminates germs and lint quite efficiently.

Owing to its rustproof body, it will not get scratched easily and offer its services for a long time. The household, which suffers from low water pressure conditions, can use this device effortlessly. Its low water pressure course allows your laundry to be cleaned with less water pressure.

The dual dispenser feature of the machine enables you to use both liquid and powder detergent. Similar to other Bosch products, this device also has the reload function. With this facility, you can easily add clothes to your preloaded laundry in the middle of washing.


  • The facility of a dual dispenser system
  • Magic filter for clean and fresh clothes
  • Child lock course for safety
  • Reload function for adding laundry


  • It has no inbuilt heater
  • The device has no inverter technology
  • The door lock system is improper

11. IFB 6 kg Front Load Washing Machine

 IFB 6 kg Front Load Washing Machine

This device is designed with numerous modern features, which can aid you in washing your laundry in different modes. It has a capacity of 6 kg, which can be excellent for couples or a single person. This machine has 15 wash programs.

The machine comes with a guarantee period of 4 years, which applies to both the product as well as the motor.

The most reliable fact about this machine is that it washes in no time giving you cleaner clothes. It comes with an advanced feature called tumble wash washing system, which helps in cleaning your garments.

Best Features

  • Drum made of stainless steel for longer durability
  • The capacity of taking 6 kg load
  • 15 different wash programs
  • comes with a warranty of 4 years
  • beautiful model with silver body

Its crescent moon drum gently removes the dirt from your clothes and prevents the damage of fabric.  The 2D wash system soaks your laundry thoroughly and helps cleaner rinse.

The Aqua Energie feature helps to dissolve the detergent to penetrate it deeper into the stained laundry.

Its auto-balance system diagnoses unstable clothes and balances it for a stable wash. The automatic functions do all the jobs giving you time to relax.

The machine’s float ball valve frees the water out while the detergent is inside it. This feature helps in preventing wastage and improves the quality of the wash.


  • Delivers better wash quality
  • Consume low power supply
  • Tumble washing method for better performance
  • provides quick washing service


  • Needs frequent maintenance
  • There is no display on the machine

12. IFB 7 kg Front Load Washing Machine

 IFB 7 kg Front Load Washing Machine

This is another best fully automatic front load washing machine in India by IFB. The brand name is enough to grab the attention of the reader.

This machine is designed with 15 distinct wash programs. Thus, with this machine, you can wash several fabrics.  It is capable of taking charge of 7 kg. This load is suitable for a 3 to 4-membered family. The machine offers you the best quality wash with a comparatively less operating cost. 

Best Features

  • Contains 15 wash programs
  • Fast dry action with 1000 rpm spins speed
  • Capable of washing 7 kg of clothes
  • Stainless steel drum for a better life
  • 4 years of guarantee on the product

Its stainless steel drum does not catch any corrosion and works like new, even after a few years. Additionally, the rustproof drum abolishes all the bacteria germ of the drum body; it helps to give you germ-free spotless clothes.

The 1000 rpm speed takes less time to dry your washed clothes. The designation of the crescent moon drum helps stop the damage of your favorite outfits. It also has the ball valve technology which drains the water out keeping the detergent inside.

The cradle wash and 2D wash system take more care of the delicate fabrics. It can control the interruption of the power supply and stabilize the machine.

Spending money on this product will not be wastage. So, if you are looking for the best front load washing machine, the IFB7 kg Fully-Automatic can offer you a great option.


  • The facility of ball valve technology
  • The inbuilt heater is present in it
  • Rustproof body to avoid corrosion
  • Presence of digital display


  • Difficult to move the machine
  • Needs a firm place to install

Buying Guide

There is no way to escape from doing your laundry. But, if you opt for the front loader washing machines, then they can help to make the task trouble-free and fun. These home appliances come in several categories and facilities. All these formulas and functions fix the price of the machine.

One thing is very important to note before purchasing any gadget and that is its reliability. Check the front loader washing machine reviews to get a perfect understanding of the products. There are few things that you need to keep in mind before bringing a front loader washing machine, they include-

The capacity of the washing machine:

The numbers of members of your family and the number of clothes you need to wash determine the size of your device. The different front load washing machine is packed with different and distinct features.

Thus, before buying your product, make sure to choose your type well. For example, if you run a family of 4 to 5, the washing machine of a minimal 7 kg load is enough.

If you live alone or you have a family of two, then your requirements in capacity will be less. Before proceeding, check the ratings of the product from the top 10 front loader washing machine reviews.


Several home appliances including washing machines tend to bring a huge electricity bill. Some front loader washing machines have power-saving and save energy mood to save your electricity expenses.

Moreover, few high-quality washing machines also help in saving water wastage.  Try choosing among these machines for saving your pocket.

Child-lock system:

If you have children at your home, then the child lock feature in washing machines can be quite handy. Children, while playing, sometimes can mistakenly change the pre-settings of your washing machine.

You need to fix it again and again if they keep doing this. Having a child lock guard in your device disables all the buttons in your machine.

Thus, you do not need to worry about the resetting process. So, always prefer a washing machine that has the child lock feature.

Size of the machine:

This is the most crucial matter to note before buying a washing machine. Many of the buyers have felt in severe problem by ignoring the size matter. First of all, choose the position of your home where you want to install it.

After that measure, it well to match the size of your desired washing machine. Even an inch of indifference can lead to a big problem. Most of the washers are manufactured with two common measured widths of 24-inches and 27-inches.

Thus, selecting the proper size of the washing machine is important for proper setting.


High-quality washing machines have multiple useful features and wash programs. These functions offer you extra care for your favorite and expensive outfits. You can choose from different modes for washing different fabrics.

Moreover, few machines allow you to operate it from your smartphone. These features work like magic in your busy days. As you all know detergent is the most important stuff for washing your laundry. Few new modeled washing machines include a detergent tank.

With the help of this tank, you can manage to wash your laundry for a month. It does not even need to measure the detergent.

The material of the drum:

Drum is the most common part of a washing machine that damages fast.  And the hygiene of the washes clothes also depends on the material of the drum. Thus, preferring a high-quality drum will make your purchase worthwhile.

Plastic drums are easily broke and simple steel drums catch corrosions. So, you need to observe well whether the drum is made of stainless steel.  Stainless steel not only makes the drum body durable but also abolishes the germs.

 Drying facility:

Few washing machines skip the facility of drying. These machines are also a great choice, but, you need to dry the clothes again.

But some front loader washing machines are modeled with the drying feature.  Thus, if you want to make your laundry thing hassle-free, make sure to buy the washing machines with faster spin speed.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Does the front load washing machine wash better?

Yes, the front loader washing machines are said to wash better than the rest of the category, they even consume less energy and water and provide your clothes a brighter look.

Is it obvious of facing mold problem in front load machine?

Not necessarily, if your machine comes with stainless steel drum the chances of getting mold are low. Nevertheless, dry well the drum after washing to decrease the risk.

How to clean a front load washer’s rubber seal?

You can use bleaching powder and hot water to remove the rubber seal on your front load washer.

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