Best Cycles Under 10000 – A Complete Guide

Best Cycles
Under 10000

Bicycles are the most efficient and time-saving means for daily life. Be it going to your local market or taking a short trip to a nearby park. You can always rely on this masterpiece.

Even if you look a few decades ago, bicycles were the only cost-effective and convenient way of transport. It is economical and also good for your health.

As you swim through the air and see that your cycling takes you ahead, you will also feel how positively each part of your body wakes up due to the inflow of blood. Meanwhile, putting in the mind about your cost, we have collated the list of some best cycles under 10000.

For your better convenience, we have collected some valuable information so that you can purchase the most reliable product at an economical price. Take a short look to have an idea about the various bicycle that is available in the market.

List of the Best Cycles under 10000:

Below is the list of the best cycles under 10000. Go through them and select the best which is suitable for you.

1. Hercules Top Gear 18 Speed – Cycle under 10000

Hercules Topgear Cx70 is currently the best cycle under 10000 on our list. Hercules has made some of the most durable cycles for the Indian market and the Topgear Cx70 is definitely Fone of them.

Best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Double Tube Rugged Design frames make it long-lasting
  • Good quality mudguards make it all-weather friendly
  • Elliptical shaped suspension fork makes the ride enjoyable
  • Shimano gear system makes climbing easier
  • Swift Braking makes riding comfortable
  • Broad tires provide a strong balance
  • One of the top 10 cycles under 10000 in terms of durability

So, if you are looking for a sturdy bicycle, which has been specifically designed for Indian roads, then this cycle can be a great option for you.

The frame has been immaculately engineered with a rugged double tube. The mudguards are designed for an all-weather terrain using the intricate Flying Fenders module.

Elliptical-shaped rear suspension, along with a front suspension, has also been added with the cycle for taking care of the suspension.

To provide you a comfortable riding experience in patchy roads, Hercules has added a long and comfortable saddle with their cycle. Likewise, a durable integrated carrier has also been equipped with the cycle to help you to carry a fellow rider.

Along with these, the cycle, too, comes with a straight handlebar for providing easy handling in sharp turnings. It is also featured with the Japanese 18 speed Shimano gear system for an easy climb.

Additionally, power brakes are added for safe riding. The cycle also uses the Revo shifter model so that gears could be changed within a short interval.

Tires with a broad length of 2.125 make the bicycle easy and stable to ride. The cycle also comes with a Cotterless crank, which potentially makes it one of the best gear cycles priced below 10000.


  • DoubleTube Rugged Design frame makes it durable
  • Broad tires give excellent grip and balance in every road condition
  • Latest Comfy saddle makes riding smooth
  • Spot breaking gives quality riding


  • The handling gets stiffer
  • The brakes are worn out soon

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2. Mach City Ibike 7 Speed 26″ – Cycle under 10000

Mach City Ibike is the 2nd best cycle under 10000 on our list. This bicycle is specially developed for those who are much into adventure riding.

best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Light Steel Frame makes the ride hassle-free
  • Thermoplastic rubber grip provides a comfortable grip
  • Comfy Saddle foam provides relaxation
  • Bird Type steel handle designed for an adventure ride
  • 7-Speed Shimano derailleur helps smooth switching of gear
  • Nylon tires reduce the rolling resistance

This cycle comes with nylon tires, which provide excellent grip and stability on any surface. Engineered with a lightweight steel frame, this cycle is most suitable if you want to experience the thrill of bicycling.

The cycle features a 7 speed Shimano Tourney gear system, which makes it one of the best gear cycle priced below 10000. This bicycle has also formed a good impression due to its strong and rigid suspension.

Featured with a wheelbase of 26 inches, this pure steel cycle will make you impress you. Its direct alloy V pulls brakes with accurate three finger braking makes riding much smoother.

Developed with the latest technology alloy rims, it will guarantee you a good performance in hilly as well as plain terrain. Furthermore, such a feature makes it easy to maintain by keeping away rims from rusting.

Bulged stem design makes the handle more flexible and easily changeable according to one’s convenience.

If you are thinking of having an adventure, be it in the narrow lanes of your city or the sloping hilly roads, this lightweight bicycle will show you the thrill of cycling.

This cycle has made such an excellent impression, which has helped it to get listed in the top 10 cycles under 10000 numerous times.


  • It has durable tires and is light in weight
  • It provides a comfortable riding posture
  • It has a well-designed body
  • The braking is swift and instant


  • The bicycle has a short grip space
  • The saddle could be made contented

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3. Omobikes Model-1.0 Lightweight – Cycle Under 10000

Omobikes Model-1.0 is the third best cycle under 10000 in India on our list. This bicycle is well known in the market for its unique and quality design.

Further, the stylish and colorful design has made it capture a significant spot in the list of the trending cycles of the year. Its other features are no less in terms of compatibility.

Omobikes Model-1.0 Lightweight Bicycle - best cycles under 10000

Best Features

  • Very durable for long rides
  • Adjustable seat position gives a good balance
  • PU Saddle from Big Ben makes cycling comfortable
  • Export grade cotterless crank brings lower error
  • Lightweight helps in easy cycling
  • Addition of brushless chain makes lesser noise

The bicycle is designed with a lightweight segment with a total weight of only 13 kg, making it comfortable in zooming around the city. Additionally, because of being designed with an adjustable seat, it is easy to ride for height ranging from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet.

Also, due to its high-quality tensile steel frame, it can handle up to 95kg load. These features help to bring it under the category of Best cycles under 10000 rupees.

The anti-rust coating with colourful double-wall alloy rims makes it a weather-friendly cycle. This bicycle possesses wide (26×1.75) bike tires, which makes riding in this cycle a joyful endeavour.

Meanwhile, excellent quality accessories such as mudguards, reflectors, side stand, and locking system make the cycle stand apart from other cycles.

For providing maximum comfort, this cycle also comes with the world-class Big Ben pedals and saddle.


  • Lightweight makes it comfortable on all roads
  • Corrosion-free rims for all-weather rides
  • High-quality tires provide comfortable speed
  • The stylish and colorful design makes it trendy


  • Brushless chains need short maintenance
  • Good quality paints need to be used

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4. Kross Globate Bike – Cycle under 10000

Kross Globate professionally crafts some of the sturdy cycles. Be it on the city roads or hilly terrain, Kross Globate never lets you down. The company provides a high-quality bicycle, which ranks among the best bicycle under 10000 rupees.

Standardized with MTB STEEL Frame makes the cycle a durable product for the Indian market.

Kross Globate Bike - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Well-designed braking pattern for all-terrain
  • Lightweight makes easy and swift maintenance
  • Balanced sitting posture for long rides
  • Reflector system infused pedals for night riding
  • Easy maintenance suspension frame

Designed with Fork suspension, makes the bicycle look quite sturdy and tough. Thus, it also does not require that much maintenance.

The cycle comes with a double bend type oversized handlebar with extended soft grips, which works excellently while turning. Along with this, it also relaxes your hand, thus, providing you a comfortable riding experience.

Soft saddle with comfortable riding posture is yet another thing that helps you to cycle for a prolonged duration,

Equipped in front and rear, the V-Brakes with alloy lever offers an effective braking pattern while you ride downhill.

The braking system is designed in such a way that it provides easy to your hand and further makes brake lever frictionless.

Meanwhile, a wheel size of 26 inches provides an easy balance in every type of road. Also, because of being scientifically designed, the tires provide superior grip in every terrain you ride.


  • Low Friction ratio and swift braking system
  • Comfortable, durable quality saddle
  • Soft handle grips and extended handlebars
  • Stylish and resin molded anti-skid pedals


  • Tight handling grips
  • Maneuverability needs to be improved

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5. BSA Cycles Photon Ex Bicycle, Cycle under 10000

This is the 5th best cycle under 10000 on our list. This is a type of bicycle that comes with a simple yet elegant design. Named in the list of your , this two-wheeler comes with 21 inches of durable frame, which improves its longevity by a mile.

BSA Cycles Photon Ex Bicycle - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Very lightweight makes riding easy
  • Tin white-walled nylon tires provide a good grip
  • The wide-angle handle makes riding pleasant
  • Classic frame brings a vintage look
  • Good quality carriage for double loading

Along with that, this cycle has been engineered with reflectors on its wheel and pedal, making it glow during the night time.

Along with this, the bicycle also comes with 26 inches of wheels, which is quite compatible with adults.

This lightweight bicycle provides an easy and comfortable pattern for roaming around the city. Additionally, thin white-walled tires with nylon grip make it durable in all the road conditions.

If you are looking to get stuff from the market within a few minutes, then this bicycle will be a reliable mode for traveling.

Furthermore, like its other products, BSA has, too, specially designed this model for easy maintenance and swift assembling if you plan for long riding.


  • Good braking system with frictionless lever pattern
  • Comfortable riding posture with a quality saddle
  • Durable chain quality
  • Longer peddle size provides relaxation


  • Handle grips could be improved further
  • Brake cables need to be of good quality

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6. TATA Stryder Harris 200 – Cycle Under 10000

This is one of the best cycles designed by TATA. It is also named as a beast for the ride quality it provides. It is specially made for today’s youth who can take the cycle for multipurpose riding.

TATA Stryder Harris 200 - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Frame height of 17 inches provides a balanced position
  • Soft grips give lessens strain in the hand
  • Single-speed gear is economical in maintaining
  • The good quality braking system for instant braking
  • Fine quality saddle brings less exhaustion

This bicycle is padded with PU quick release saddle for the best comfort while riding in unruly roads. Likewise, the TIG Welded Steel 17-inch frame with Water Decals makes it a durable product.

A steel Telescopic Threadless Suspension fork marks the cycle as a formidable build-up. The bicycle also comes with a Cotter-less chain wheel with a steel crank, which helps you to ride in any kind of terrains.

Specially designed for bad roads, this cycle has a front disc brake and rear V brake, which makes it the best bicycle under 10000 rupees. The brake levers are made of alloy for easy braking.

Peddle body with side reflectors make the cycle look swanky while you hit on the road. Soft grips make you take the cycle on long rides. Similarly, steel made oversized handlebar makes the cycle maneuver easily in sharp and curvy turns.

Double Wall Alloy wheel makes the best cycle under 10000 for adults. Single-speed with a wide-angle peddle makes it easily maintainable too.


  • Stylish colors with the latest market trending design
  • The quality chain makes the cycle reliable in all types of roads
  • Front disc and rear V brakes give swift braking
  • Pedal reflectors glow at faded lights
  • Tires provide a good grip


  • Economical but timely maintenance required
  • Routine checks need to be done
  • Brake cables need to be changed frequently

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7. Avon Bicycles GEN Now – Cycle under 10000

Avon GE Now Dual Disc Brake is made especially for providing a smooth riding experience. The cycle comes with many key features, which makes it a durable product.

Avon Bicycles GEN Now Bicycle - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • The cycle has a reliable braking system
  • Trendy and stylish mudguard with reflective tapes
  • The soft cushioned saddle provides comfort
  • Short bending handlebar makes easy turning
  • Good quality handle grips

The cycle is engineered with 45 cm (17.5 inches) steel body. Additionally, it comes with Mig Welded Frame, which provides high tensile strength. Further, Fork suspension makes the cycle easy to ride in every type of road.

Its other features include stylish PVC Fender with reflective tapes on both mudguards, which provides a trendy look. The wheels are specifically installed with alloy rims along with spokes.

The cycle has double disc brakes both for the front wheel as well as the back. These brakes provide a smooth and easy braking pattern in every terrain.

The cycle also comes with a bent crank system . The chain wheelbase of the cycle is made with a cotterless disc, which provides smooth pedaling.

The cycle comes with a bottle set attached in the frame for long rides. Likewise, it also features a threadless suspension system, which provides a comfortable riding experience.

Specially designed PU cushion with a quick-release system is one of the latest features of the bicycle that makes it one of the Best cycles under 10000.


  • All weather-friendly tires
  • Quality suspension for bad roads
  • Efficient braking system
  • Tough and durable frame body


  • Brake cables need timely maintenance
  • Timely lubrication needs to be done

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8. BSA Lady Bird Shine Version – Best Cycle for Girls

BSA Lady Bird is one such variant of bicycle that comes under lightweight and easy maintenance category. This is one of the most common bicycle that you can see on the Indian roads. Along with that, it can be taken for shopping due to its front basket.

BSA Lady Bird Shine Version - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Good quality integrated carrier for heavy loads
  • Sturdy and well-designed step-through steel frame
  • Standard wire messed basket
  • Soft cushioned saddle for untoward roads
  • Best quality braking pattern

This bicycle comes in various colors in different sizes and provides an excellent balance, which is great for beginners. The body is made of good quality metal, which provides long-lasting durability.

It also comes with a height of 18 inches, which is quite good for almost anyone with an Indian female, with an average height.

The tires come with a wide base of 26 inches, which gives superior balance in slippery roads. This cycle comes with single gear for easy and smooth riding in the bustling city.

Additionally, it has been designed with a U-shaped mudguard, which saves your dress when you cycle through slushes. Similarly, this suspension-free cycle is easy to ride even in unruly roads due to its comfortable handling grips.

The steel rims make it long-lasting and corrosion-free, saving it from getting rusted. Printed and cushioned saddle provides a pleasurable riding experience. The cycle follows the callipers brake system for easy and swift braking in every terrain.

However, the positive point of this bicycle is that the wire mesh front basket can be used for keeping goods, making the handle-free from loads, unlike the typical type.


  • Lightweight gives a balanced riding posture
  • Good quality tires provide excellent grip
  • Low maintenance makes it cost-effective
  • Good quality integrated carriage for loading


  • The small handle makes a compact turning
  • Chain quality needs improvement

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9. Hero Sprint Thorn 26T Single Speed Mountain Bicycle

This cycle comes with 24 inches of frame size and a rigid suspension, which covers a weight of 15kg. Crankset of 101.6cm x 16.51cm provides a smooth cycling pattern. The saddle is adjusted with a quick-release clamp, making the riding pattern quite smooth and easy.

Hero Sprint Thorn 26T - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Excellent quality tires for mountainous roads
  • Good quality chaining system
  • Long pedal for relaxed riding
  • The cycle has standard and smooth brake levers
  • The rims are strong and durable

The cycle further uses the V-brake system for both the front and the rear brake. For the safety of the rider, a nicely designed chain cover has also been added.

The bicycle comes in orange and green color, which gives it a stylish look.

Another important feature is the reflectorized anti-skid pedal that makes it the Best Bicycle under 10000. The spokes come with reflectors that make the cycle look glazing at dark.

Likewise, for the comfort of riding, the latest designed PU saddle is fitted with the cycle. A single-speed gear has also been added for easy and economical maintenance. Along with this, it comes with an adjustable 80MM extendable steel stem.


  • For turning, wide handle base is made
  • An efficient brake pattern gives instant braking
  • Smooth quality revolving pedals
  • Well-balanced riding posture


  • Rubber brake shoes wear out soon
  • Short time maintenance required

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10. Hercules MTB Brut Plus Smart Steel Bicycle

This cycle looks masculine due to its compact and durable body size. It possesses a frame size of 17 inches. Further, it has a wheel size of 26 inches and comes with attractive color designs.

Hercules MTB Brut Plus - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Properly designed tires for untoward roads
  • Swift turning can be done with the wide-angle handle
  • Good quality frame body
  • A balanced posture is made for long rides
  • Standard quality spokes make it long-lasting

The two-wheeler comes with a fully covered chain for the safety of the rider. The chain also gets protected from dirt due to its cover. For the comfort of riding, this cycle comes with the latest PU soft and comfortable saddle with graphics that make riding luxurious.

This cycle is designed especially for the Indian roads where steel spokes provide enduring performance. The brake system follows the alloy levers along with the callipers style brake pattern. With that said, the company provides a metal mudguard too.

Turbo drive crank has also been added in the cycle, making it the top 10 cycles Under 10000 in India. Its integrated carriage is a quality material that keeps it apart from other cycles.

Such a stylish and aggressive body, along with a durable integrated carriage system, makes the cycle sturdy for daily usage. The handlebar is wide and balanced for riding in narrow lanes.

The company has focused on giving the best quality with easy maintenance. This cycle comes handy when visiting the nearby market area or for going on a short and leisurely ride.


  • Wide-angle peddling system helps decrease exhaustion
  • Excellent design with quality cushion is provided
  • Hardtop mud covers bring reliability
  • It comes with a durable quality integrated carriage


  • Exhaustive brake levers
  • Heavyweight and costly parts

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11. Btwin My Bike Mountain Cycle

This bicycle comes in handy if you are planning to use it for urban riding. It is built with a lightweight steel frame and a comfortable geometrical pattern specifically for touring purposes.

Btwin My Bike Mountain Cycle - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Single Speed gear is ideal for commuting
  • The latest V brake pattern causes instant halts
  • Wide handlebar provides upright position
  • Tires provide the required quality grip

The durability rate is excellent due to its all-steel made body. This bicycle comes with a single-speed gear system, which is the main reason for smooth cycling. This cycle has secured a good reputation making it light body bicycle under 10000.

The brakes are designed with alloy V-brakes, which provide accurate braking for quick halts in cities as well as rough terrains.

Further, the cycle uses Ralson high-performance tires typically designed for urban roads.

The tires give a good quality gripping system in city roads. The cycle uses a rigid steel fork for smooth cycling, which makes it compatible for urban areas where frequent turning is expected.

Rim brakes are added in the 36 holed aluminium wheels. A wide steel handlebar of 58mm makes maneuvering simple and easy.

Latest designed PU MTB Saddle comes in this cycle for giving a pleasant riding pattern. The all-white design brings a flashy colour while riding in the city.


  • Well balanced handlebar length
  • Immaculate and trendy design
  • Bottle rack can be fitted easily
  • The geometrically balanced frame provides good comfort


  • Lacks quality handle grips
  • Saddle quality needs to be improved

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12. Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky Bicycle (New Version)

Hercules has made this cycle under 10000 by using distinctive features and design. This is one such cycle that is liked for its unique quality and outstanding performance.

It follows Y-shaped through the channel, which is a very stylish and different model in the market.

Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky Bicycle - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Standard brake system with alloy levers is added
  • Good quality rubber tires provide a strong grip
  • Standard and friction-less lever system gives an upper hand
  • Metal mudguards provide durable result
  • Scientifically designed balanced posture provides easy riding

The cycle uses a calliper brake pattern for smooth braking. The levers are specially made of an alloy that makes it strong and powerful. The design is very much different from other models.

Likewise, it has a frame size of 19 inches, and its wheel size is 26. The chain pattern follows the turbo chain wheel system for efficient pedalling. It is adjusted with the latest technology saddle for the comfort of riding.

The integrated carriage is built of good quality metal, which can handle heavy weight, thus making it reliable in every area of bicycling.

This cycle under 10000, comes in different colors with vibrant graphics. It features a standard handlebar which for smooth turning. The wheel spoke comes with double reflectors both at the front and the back end. This creates a glossy look while riding at night.

The full metal mudguards are reliable for all the weather. Half chain cover has been added for the safety of the rider as well as the durability of the chain.


  • Lightweight and reliable quality body frame
  • Good quality handle grips have been provided
  • The cycle comes in various colours
  • Simple design makes it easy to maintain


  • Peddles become stiff after some time
  • Regular lubrication is needed for better results

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13. Mach City Munich Single Speed Stylish Steel Bicycle

This adventure cycle under 10000 comes with a height of 19 inches. It has been designed with lightweight steel and TIG welded pattern. Further, it uses a lightweight steel frame, which makes it quite easy to zoom around the city.

Mach City Munich Single Speed Stylish Steel Bicycle - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Lightweight and easy to ride
  • Smoothly designed body for high speed
  • Alloy brakes provide instant braking
  • Quality cushioned saddle for long rides
  • Standard quality nylon tires
  • Simple design makes the cycle look outstanding

Likewise, it performs greatly in hilly terrains too. The cycle uses an oversize oval, swaged straight, and threadless fork system. It is one of the latest technologies that help the rider to maneuver.

Thermoplastic handle with rubber handle grip makes cycling comfortable and fun. The cycle has been specially designed with an oversized handlebar so that turns could be made swiftly.

It also uses the latest design in terms of frame quality and especially stresses on braking pattern.

The bicycle comes with rexine top PU saddle, which is quite soft and provides a comfortable sitting posture. Alloy seat tube clamp with size-2 Allen fasteners comes in the cycle. It further uses black nylon tires, which provide well-balanced grip on all-weather roads.

The cycle is designed with black alloy rims making it look trendy. These are some of those features which make it the best bicycle under 10000 for adults.


  • Alloy V brakes provide adequate stopping power
  • Nylon tires provide smooth riding pattern
  • Lightweight hybrid steel frame provides durability
  • The geometrically balanced upright position for smooth cycling


  • Handle grips are on harder sides
  • Brakes are not much effective in slippery surfaces

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14. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle

This bicycle is one of the most spectacular models that Hero cycle has produced. It comes with a size of 24T with an overall weight of 18.1kg. Along with this, it also features a rear suspension for providing you with a comfortable riding experience.

Hero Sprint Next 24T - best cycle under 10000

Best Features

  • Good quality body frame is provided
  • Spoke reflectors make it look glossy
  • Smooth handling grips
  • Excellent quality rubber tires provide smoothness
  • Comfortable riding posture for long rides

Similarly, the front derailleur has a 2-speed range while the rear has 6-speed. Likewise, bolted clamp, BPC Finish seat are some other features that also come with this bicycle.

Keeping in mind about the road conditions, this type of saddle provides comfortable seating posture.

The saddle is adjusted with nut bolt. Meanwhile, straight handlebar with five-degree rise is adjusted for a better riding experience. These features make the cycle one of the top 10 cycles under 10000.

Both the front brake and the rear brake pattern follow the V style braking system. This cycle comes in different color modules such as red, floro green, and floro orange. The color pattern itself brings a pleasant aura while riding.

Additionally, it has both front and rear suspension. This provides minimal exhaustion to the rider in short rides.

Latest Revo shifter is used for shifting gears making gear shifting pattern hassle-free. Chain cover has been provided for the safety of the rider.

The pedals come with reflectorized anti-skid module that adds glamour to the bicycle. The adjustable stem of 95mm steel is engineered for this cycle, which provides the rider with comfort according to the needed height.


  • Dual suspension system provides comfort
  • The swift braking system gives instant stoppage
  • Cushioned saddle gives a pleasurable experience
  • Easy gear shifting pattern lessons clumsiness


  • Mudguards need to be standardised
  • Timely maintenance is required regarding the chains

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15. Kross Maximus Bike – Cycle under 10000

Kross is one such company that is known for making durable bicycles and Kross Maximus is one of their best cycle under 10000 yet. This cycle comes with a full steel frame body.

Kross Maximus Bike - best cycle under 10000

It also uses fork suspension for better riding capability. The steel handlebar comes with 31.8 mm, 620 mm length giving a good maneuverable position.

Best Features

  • High-quality fork suspension
  • Catchy color design with a good quality saddle
  • Full steel frame body makes it durable
  • High-quality rear derailleur provides good performance
  • Butyl Tubes provides efficient riding structure

Additionally, the cycle comes with front disc and rear v-braking system. This type of system provides a balanced speed and brake ratio in every type of road. This has been designed especially for adventure seekers.

It uses steel plastic moulded crank system. The gearing system comes with 7 Speed pattern. Meanwhile, this cycle possesses Butyl Tube tires, which provides efficient grip in all the weathers.

It also uses Shimano EF 500 21/7 Speed shifter module for the ease of cycling, which makes it one of the best gear cycle under 10000.

Additionally, water bottle cage can be adjusted for long rides. The cycle also comes with reflector pedals, which makes it the top 10 cycles below 10,000 Rs. Soft hand-grips make riding much more comfortable while riding on patchy roads.

Comfortable cushion saddle has been provided for the ease of riding. Along with that, scientifically developed riding angle lessens the exhaustion while riding in hilly terrain.

Meanwhile, the tires are specially added for all-weather roads providing a strong grip. The cycle provides a good balance due to its wide-angle handle base.


  • Standard riding posture for long rides
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain
  • Top-quality gear shifter is provided
  • Durable spoke wheel makes riding adventurous


  • Mudguards are not reliable
  • Brake levers need regular maintenance

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So, these were some of the top 10 best cycles under 10,000. However, for providing you another price option, we have also listed some bicycles under 8000 in our list that offer good performance.

But, in the meantime, you should understand that each cycle that is mentioned above comes with different design quality and specifications.

Therefore, before you start selecting your favorite gear cycle priced below 10000, you need to decide what your need is and how your choice can help you to serve all of your purposes.

So, we suggest you to think carefully in terms of your need so that you can fulfill your desired endeavor on the bicycle.

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