Top 20 Best Cycle Brands in India

The bicycles are widely considered as one of the most healthy, clean, and efficient modes of transport. Due to this reason, the popularity of these vehicles is continuously growing for the last few years. Thus, naturally, the number of bicycle manufacturers in India is also increasing at a similar rate. 

However, it has become quite difficult for bicycle lovers to select the best cycle brand in India for them. Therefore, like many others, if you are also experiencing the same problem, then you are in the right place.

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best cycle brands in india

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best cycle brands in india

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best cycle brands in india

To help you with this, we in this article, have made a list of the best bicycle brands in India.  Along with a lot of information, we have also provided an overview of their specialties and cycles. So, if you want to gather as much information in this aspect, then make sure to read the whole write-up thoroughly. 

The Best Cycle Brands in India are:

1. Hero Cycles

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When talking about the brands which produce top-selling cycles, Hero would probably top the list. Established in 1956, the company has always offered the best bicycles, in terms of looks and design, at affordable pricing. As a result, in no time Hero Cycles became one of the best cycle companies in India and are currently the leading brand in the world market too.

As of now, the brand exports to more than 70 countries in the world, among which Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, and Finland are some notable names. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hero Cycles is currently the largest producer of cycles.  

When talking about their bicycle series, Hero Ranger was the one, which helped the company to acquire a lot of reputation. The two-wheelers of this series were mainly popular because of their durability and robustness.

Many cycle-enthusiasts also consider the price tag of the cycles to be another notable factor in this aspect. However, concerning the looks and appearance, they were a bit off.

Nevertheless, to cover up for the negative characteristics of Hero ranger, the brand has recently launched a brand new series called Hero Sprint.

Known as one of the best bicycle brands in India, Hero Sprint features numerous excellent cycles, which are both durable and stylish. Hero Urban is yet another series of the company, which is quite popular among the Indians because of their efficiency in the urban roads.

2. Hercules Cycles

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Even though currently being owned by the Murugappa Group, Hercules Cycles is started its journey in the United Kingdom. In 1951, the Indian company, TI cycles, purchased the rights of the brand and launched the first Hercules cycle in India. 

Concerning durability, Hercules has always been considered by many as the best cycle company in IndiaAlong with robustness, the brand has also brought numerous new technologies with their bicycles, which were the first ones of their kind.

As an example, Hercules is one of the first bicycle manufacturers in India, which introduced shock absorbers, named Rockshox, in the MTB cycles. The brand launched its first Rockshox-infused two-wheeler in 1993. They were also the first brand that introduced mountain cycles in India.  

To capture the attention of the teenagers, Hercules has recently launched its new sub-brand Hercules Roadeo. The cycles of this series are known to be quite stylish and come with numerous features that are uncommon among its rivals. Along with this, they also feature a robust frame, which improves both their durability and longevity. 

As of now, Hercules has launched more than 90 cycle models in India, which, by itself, is a record. Almost all of these models are currently available in the online market, as well as in their official stores. 

3. Atlas Cycles

Broadly considered as one of the best bicycle brands in India, Atlas Cycles started its journey in the year of 1951. In the first year of its operation, the company produced more than 10,000 cycles, and since then, it has never looked back. 

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In 1958, Atlas shipped its bicycle to a foreign country for the very first time, and by 1965, it became the largest bicycle manufacturers in India. The company has also launched the first sports cycle in India. The bicycle was launched by Atlas in 1978.  

Since the beginning, Atlas has always focused on making good-looking yet durable cycles. Due to these reasons, almost all the Atlas models are highly popular among the Indian population.

Among their two-wheelers, Atlas Ultimate City and Atlas Motion are some of the notable ones, which are currently ruling the Indian bicycle market. Between these two, Atlas Motion is an MTB while the Atlas Ultimate City is a commuter cycle. 

Along with the adults, Atlas also offers great bicycles for the kids. Amongst these models, the Atlas Super Baby and Kobra 20T are some of the best ones that you can find in the market. 

4. Avon Cycles

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Are you looking for a bicycle brand that produces excellent products but offers them at a low price? Then, Avon Cycles should be the best option for you. 

Even though we all know it to be a bicycle brand, Avon started its journey as a brake and saddle manufacturing company in 1948. However, after 3 years, it shifted its focus towards the market of two-wheelers. 

Established by the Pahwa brothers, Avon launched its first cycle in 1951, with the aim to be the best cycle brand in IndiaHowever, unlike Atlas, Avon Cycles’ beginning was quite humble.

Nevertheless, the heads of the company did not give up and started offering the products at a low cost. Owing to the price tag and the durability of the cycles, Avon became one of the top bicycle brands in India within only a few years.

As mentioned before, Avon has always produced robust and durable cycles. However, the design and appearance of the earlier models of the company were quite unattractive.

It was because the previous models of Avon were generally targeted towards the daily commuters who did not really care about looks. But, in the current market, along with efficiency, the appearance of a bicycle has also become a talking factor.

Thus, along with conventional models, Avon, nowadays, is also launching numerous cycles, which look exceptionally attractive. Among these, Avon GEN Now and Avon Bounce 20T are some of the notable names. 

5. BSA

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Along with the British Tube Investments, the Murugappa Group founded TI Cycles in 1949 and launched the BSA bicycle brand. Thus, as you might have already understood, it is one of the oldest cycle companies in India. 

After almost 70 years, BSA has, at last, established itself as the best cycle company in India. Along with a brand of the same name, BSA also owns numerous other popular sub-brands, such as Ladybird, Hercules, and Montra. 

As one of the oldest cycle companies, BSA has been the pioneer in numerous aspects of the Indian bicycle market. For example, it was the first brand in India, which introduced kids’ (BSA Champ) and ladies’ cycles (Ladybird).

BSA was also the first company to release an MTB in the Indian market. As of now, the company also launches fitness cycles, which are known to be quite efficient and effective. 

The bicycles of BSA are generally popular among the Indian crowd because of their exquisite appearance and looks. Besides attractive aesthetics, the MTBs and the fitness cycles of BSA, also feature a robust frame that enhances their durability. 

Among the models of BSA, the BSA Champ has always been one of the best in the market. However, the cycles of this series can only be used by the kids. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a high-quality commuter cycle for adults, then you can also opt for either BSA Photon or BSA Ladybird Breeze.

6. Firefox Bikes

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Firefox is a Delhi-based bicycle brand, which started its journey in the Indian market in 2009. However, although being relatively new in the market, the company did not take much time to capture the attention of the cycle-enthusiasts.

Thus, within only 4 years of its inception, Firefox became the best cycle brand in India in the segment of premium bicycles. 

Because of its efficiency and enormous success, Hero Cycles acquired the brand in 2015. However, Firefox still has a distinct identity in the Indian market due to the reputation it had gained over the years. 

Firefox, currently, has an extensive range of bicycles to suit everyone’s choices. However, the brand usually targets the kids, youths, and professional cyclists with their cycles. Therefore, they generally release new models in the segments of Performance, MTBs, and BMX cycles.

Due to this reason, if you are looking for a commuter cycle of Firefox, it can be quite hard for you to find one. As Firefox generally targets the youth generation of India, it usually uses elegant graphics and delicate paint schemes on their cycles.

So, if you are thinking to buy an exquisitely-designed Firefox cycle, then you can either go for Firefox Stravaro or Firefox Target D. Both of these models are available on their website as well as the on the online market. 

7. Btwin Cycles

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The next one on our list of the best cycle brands in India is the Btwin Cycles. Owned by a French company named Decathlon, the bicycles of Btwin are generally quite popular among the sports enthusiasts. 

The Btwin brand started its journey in 1976 with the name of Decathlon cycles. However, in 2006, the parent company decided to change its name and renamed it as Btwin. 

The parent company, Decathlon, was established to make sports equipment affordable to everyone. Thus, naturally, as a brand of the same organization, Btwin follows the same idealism and offers its cycles at a reasonable price. 

Even though they come with an inexpensive price tag, the models of Btwin come with a great look and design. Along with this, the cycles are also known to be quite durable. Thus, if you take thorough care of your bicycle, it will offer you its services for many years. 

As one of the top 10 cycle companies in India, Btwin has always produced high-quality cycles. Thus, it is quite difficult for anyone to distinguish the best one among them. However, if you are looking for some value for money products, then you can check out Triban, Riverside, Elops, or Rockrider. 

8. Kross Bikes India

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The Kross cycles, which people generally buy in India, are not offered by the Polish brand, Kross. These bicycles are manufactured by an Indian bicycle group known as Hero. Thus, in regards to pricing, the Kross cycles of Hero generally cost a lot less than the Polish ones.

Also, while the Polish brand focuses on making advanced models for the professionals, this sub-brand of Hero rather provides their bicycles for the beginners. Thus, if you are looking for one of the top cycle brands, which offer casual riding bicycles, then you can go for Kross cycles. 

One of the features, which make the Kross products one of the best bicycles in the world, is their durability. Almost all the cycles offered by Kross generally feature a robust frame and structure.

Along with this, they also come with numerous guarding elements, which prevent bicycles from getting severely damaged. Thus, if you take proper care of your cycle, then it can last for many years.  

Kross is generally more popular in the segment of MTBs. However, the brand also provides some excellent high-end bikes, which are quite efficient and look very beautiful. 

9. Mach City

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Coming 10th in the list of the best bicycle brands in India is an Indian originated sub-brand, named as Mach City. Currently owned by BSA Cycles, Mach City generally focuses on offering high-quality models at an affordable price. 

Mach City is known for manufacturing some of the best bicycles in India. These hybrid cycles are quite popular among the Indian youth generation because of their price and appearance. Among these models, the Mach City iBike is currently holding the leading position in the Indian bicycle market.

This cycle features a robust frame, which can soak vibrations from bumps and potholes. Along with this, it also comes with three different gear variants, which makes it a lot more efficient. To make this model even more popular among the Indians, Mach City has launched iBike Women for the health-conscious ladies.

Besides iBike, Mach City provides numerous other models in the segment of Hybrid bicycles, which offer a brilliant service. Among these, Mach City Munich is one of the most notable names. 

10. Montra Bikes

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Montra is yet another brand of the Murugappa Group that makes it to our list of top bicycle brands in India. However, when compared to others, this brand of Murugappa is the newest as it entered the market in 2011.

Nevertheless, because of offering high-quality bicycles at a reasonable price range, Montra Bikes has achieved a lot of reputation within a small duration of time. Due to its enormous popularity and recognition, many people consider it as one of the finest cycle brand in India.  

Unlike the other top cycle brands on this list, Montra uses carbon fiber frames to build their bicycles. Thus, naturally, its models are relatively more robust and firm than their rivals. Also, because of this carbon fiber material, the Montra cycles feel quite light in terms of weight. Thus, even if you ride them on uneven surfaces, you will not experience any issues regarding handling. 

With regard to pricing, the Montra is generally categorized as a mid-segment brand. However, when compared with its rivals, most of the cycles of the brand can be termed as good value for money. However, in terms of appearance, if you compare them with the international bicycles, Montra cycles are still not up to the mark. 

11. Merida

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On the 17th spot of our best cycle brand in India comes yet another Taiwan-based cycle manufacturer, Merida. Founded in 1972 by Ike Tseng, Merida is currently considered by many as one of the top 10 bicycle brands in the world.

The name of the brand is formed with three syllables, Me, Ri, and Da, which means beautifully designed and high quality. Being true to its name, Merida has always launched gorgeous yet robust cycles since its inception. 

Merida is one of those international brands, which manufactures cycles for both professionals and beginners. Thus, almost all of its models are perfectly suitable for people who are aged 12 or over.

Also, unlike the previously-mentioned brand on the list, Merida offers its products at a very affordable price. Thus, if you want to give your son or daughter an affordable yet high-quality bicycle, then you can always opt for Merida.  

12. Bianchi

Formed in 1885, Bianchi is one of the best and the oldest bicycle manufacturing brand in the world. Originated in Italy with the hands of Edoardo Bianchi, the brand distributes its products in India with the help of TI cycles. 

Because of being one of the earliest bicycle manufacturers, Bianchi has pioneered in a lot of aspects of a cycle. Among these, the invention of the front-wheel caliper brakes is considered by many as the best one. 

Since its inception, Bianchi has always provided excellent performance bicycles. The frames of these models are crafted with high-quality materials to make them perfectly suitable for racing. Due to the usage of high-quality resources, the Bianchi cycles are quite light in weight.

Thus, they are generally quite easy to handle. They can also go quite fast, even in challenging conditions. Among the group of Bianchi’s racing models, Bianchi Specialissima is considered by many as the best bicycle in the world. 

Along with racing cycles, Bianchi has also launched numerous models in the categories of MTBs, e-cycles, commuters, and fitness bikes.  

13. Roulik Bikes

Hailing from glorious South India, Roulik Bikes is one of the newest additions in the Indian bicycle market. Founded in 2016 by a talented team of engineers, Roulik generally focuses on the segment of electric bikes and aims to simplify the human transportation system.

Among their series of e-bikes, Roulik Inizio currently is one of their top-selling products. This bicycle comes with two different frame sizes, one of 26 inches and the other one of 27.5 inches. Therefore, no matter what is your height, you will surely find the variant that is suitable for you.

Other than this, the company has also launched some other cycles in the Hybrid segment. Amongst these, Roulik Avalanche and Roulik Tangent are some of the names to remember.

Along with e-bikes, Roulik is currently also thinking to venture in the segment of commuter bicycles as it is still a growth market. However, the brand is yet to provide any news on this aspect.

14. Trek Bicycles

Any person who is enthusiastic about cycles and follows International cycling blogs or news has undoubtedly heard about Trek. This brand is currently owned by Trek Bicycle Corporation, which manufactures its products under Gary Fisher, Trek, and Electra Bicycle Company.  

Founded in 1975, Trek Bicycles has been one of the shining names in the segment of high-end models. However, the brand also launches numerous other types of cycles, such as MTBs and BMX cycles. The headquarters of the company is located at Waterloo, United States. The brand currently has more than 1,700 dealers across the world, including more than 30 in India. 

Although the company is American, almost 90% of its cycles are built outside of the country. Among the manufacturing countries, some of the notable names are China, Netherlands, and Germany. 

Trek Bicycles currently launches numerous types of bicycles, such as MTBs, Cross country, Trail, Downhill, Fitness, and Hybrid cycles. Among these, Fitness and MTBs are some of the most popular sections of the brand. 

When talking about manufacturing exquisite-looking cycles, Trek is probably one of the top cycle brands in the world. Some of their aesthetically beautiful bicycles are Marlin 5, Stache 7, Supercaliber 9.8, and Slash 9.8.  

15. Ladybird Cycles

Currently owned by BSA, the brand, Ladybird, was first launched in 1994. It was the first Indian brand that primarily focused and launched bicycles for the women population. Ladybird was also the first bicycle brand, which broke the tradition of monotonous dark-colored frames and used attractive paint schemes on its cycles. 

The Ladybird cycles are primarily popular among the Indian crowd because of their gorgeous design and appearance. Many women also prefer these cycles more than others as they are quite light in weight and are easy to handle.

However, although being lightweight, the Ladybird models are known to be quite sturdy. Thus, if you take thorough care of your cycle, it can last for many years. 

Because of the introduction of numerous other women’s cycle companies, Ladybird has lost a small chunk of its enormous customer base. However, in the budget cycle category for women, it is still the best cycle brand in India. 

16. Giant Bikes

On the 15th position on our list comes the Taiwanese manufacturer, Giant Bikes. Launched by King Liu in 1972, the brand is currently recognized by many as the biggest cycle manufacturers in the world.

Since the last decade, Giant Bikes has been enormously popular among the bicycle-enthusiasts and sold more than 6 million cycles since 2014. According to some recent reports, Giant currently produces more than 2 lakh models annually, half of which gets exported to the European region. 

Giant Bikes is widely acknowledged for its MTBs, which are very popular among professionals. These cycles generally feature a lightweight yet robust frame, which makes them both speedy and durable. To make its bicycles more efficient, the brand has also worked with numerous professionals and experts. 

Along with MTBs, Giant also offers hybrid cycles, which, in terms of quality, are best in the business. However, these bicycles come with an expensive price tag, which may not seem affordable for middle-class Indians. Nevertheless, if you do thorough research on their models, you might find some of the Giant’s products, which might suit your budget. 

17. Ghost Cycles

Ghost Cycles is one of the few brands, which were formed by bicycle enthusiasts. Started by Klaus Mohwald and Uwe Kalliwoda in 1993, the headquarters of the brand is currently located in North Bavaria. 

Since the beginning, Ghost has always offered high-quality bicycles, which is why it became one of the top 10 manufacturers quite quickly. However, the brand generally develops cycles from recreational and professional riders. Thus, if you are a beginner, then any of the Ghost cycles might not be your cup of tea. 

Currently, Ghost offers a wide range of road cycles, MTBs, trekking bicycles, and urban models. Besides, the brand also has launched a few e-bikes to satisfy the wander thirst of the e-bike lovers. 

As of now, Ghost has only launched some low-end MTBs in the Indian market, which are available in only some selected stores. But, due to the emergence of cycle lovers in India, the brand is planning to release more of its products in the country. However, if you are looking to buy a Ghost model now, then you can go for Ghost Cross. 

18. Mongoose Bikes

Are you looking for a BMX bicycle company that offers excellent BMX models at an affordable price? Then, Mongoose should be perfect for you.

Formed in the year of 1974 by Skip Hess, Mongoose has always been known as an innovative brand. Thus, most of its bicycles generally come with a lot of features and an exquisite appearance.

The brand generally uses a combination of alloy and magnesium to manufacture its cycles. Therefore, most of the Mongoose cycles, especially the MTBs and BMXs, feel quite light in weight.

Due to this reason, they are both quite fast and are easy to handle. If you are a professional, then you can also perform even the hardest stunts on these bicycles quite comfortably.

19. Pinarello

Established by Giovanni Pinarello, Pinarello is the second Italian brand on our list of the best bicycle brands in India. Founded in 1952, the brand is known to produce handmade models that are suitable for both road and track.

It also manufactures cycles under another brand, named Opera, and owns an in-house component sub-brand, called Most. 

The bicycles of Pinarello are known to be quite sturdy and lightweight. Thus, if you buy one of these cycles and use it carefully, then it will last for many years. Also, as the Pinarello models are lightweight, even the beginners can handle them quite comfortably. 

As an old cycle brand, Pinarello has launched numerous models over the years, which went on to be exceptionally popular. Among these, some of the notable names are Montello SLX, Montello FP8, Pinarello Dogma, and Pinarello Treviso. 

Pinarello has also sponsored numerous professional bicycling teams since 1960. Some of these are Telecom, Caisse d’Epargne, and Banesto. 

20. PPOF

PPOF, or also known as Pedal Power on Foldie, is an Indian bicycle brand that manufactures folding cycles. Currently, it is the only brand in India that mainly focuses on offering foldable bicycles.

PPOF designs its cycles quite thoroughly and carefully. Thus, all the models of PPOF are quite easy to fold. Also, as they are quite light in weight, you can physically take the bicycles almost anywhere without breaking a sweat.

Due to their small size, the cycles are also somewhat easy to handle. Thus, while riding them on city roads, you can avoid the potholes or bumps quite comfortably. 

Because of its seating position, anyone who is aged 15 or over can ride a PPOF bicycle without any issues. However, you will require intermediate cycling skills to ride these cycles properly.

As of now, PPOF has launched two models for Indian bicycle lovers. One of them comes with the name of PPOF Ace and the other, PPOF Ace Duo.


So, this concludes our list of the best bicycle brands in India. In this list, besides the background of the brands, we have also provided some information on their products. In some cases, we have also given some names of bicycles that might suit your preferences. So, make sure to go through the article as carefully as possible to find out the best cycle brand in India. 

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