Best 2 Ton Split AC in India

Summers are knocking at the door with its scorching heat and humidity. But you can beat its severity by bringing home an air conditioner. Just a simple touch and you can get to relish the instant cooling even in the hottest temperature.

Modern air conditioners are equipped with multiple cool features to make the cooling experience better.

However, the vast availability of air conditioner will make it hard to choose the ideal option. To make it convenient for you, the best 2 ton split AC in India are enlisting below.

List of the Best 2 Ton Split AC in India

If you are looking for the best 2 ton AC then this list of best 2 ton split AC which is based on Amazon ratings is for you.

1. Godrej 2 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

If you are looking for the best 2 ton AC in India, make the Godrej products on your top preference. Godrej 2 ton 5-star inverter split AC is a fantastic product with several wonderful features.

Godrej 2 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

Along with that, the condenser coil is specially modeled with alloy to increase its durability. Moreover, the coil even assists the device to run smoothly.

Worth to mention the alloy condenser is coated with an anti-corrosion golden plate. It again works on its strength by keeping it free from rust or corrosion

As it has an inverter compressor, it allows you to enjoy the noise-free cooling. Furthermore, the best part about the compressor is its energy efficiency.

The inverter compressor consumes the least energy and keeps your electricity bill low. Besides lowering the noise production the multi-layered jacket protects it from future damage.

Talking about its special features, the AC is modeled with an anti-carbon filter. The filter is designed with green tea extracts. It makes the air refreshing and healthy to inhale by removing the germ.

Voltage fluctuation is not a big deal with this device. Its stabilizer free operation delivers you with refreshing cool air even in 160 voltage range. This AC was first launched on 10 December 2018


  • Twin compressor for fast cooling
  • Multi-layered acoustic jacket for noiseless operation
  • Works effortlessly in voltage fluctuations
  • It is energy efficient


  • None

2. Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper)

The next best 2 ton split AC in India is Sanyo 2 ton 3-star inverter split AC. Among all the amazing features, the most notable is the dual inverter technology. Owing to this stunning feature, it results in low electricity.

The inverter technology consumes as little energy as it can. Moreover, its two separate rotors serve you with a faster cooling experience.

Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

Generally, most of the devices are not smart enough to fix their temperature after a power cut. The best trait of this AC is you do not need to work on its temperature setting. It senses the previous temperature and reset it according to it.

Its clean air technology lets you breathe in the fresh germ-free air. The device is constructed with a PM 2.5 filter. Such an advanced filtration system removes even the tiniest dust mites and pollens, etc. 

Because of this special filtration process, Sanyo air conditioners are best to serve you with good health.

You no longer need to wait for experiencing the cool air after a tiresome day. The Sanyo 2 ton 3-star inverter AC is featured with a special Glacier Mode. It instantly spreads the cool air in every corner of your room delivering you with utmost comfort.

You can set the timer to switch off the AC automatically in the middle of the night. Moreover, with this device, your future investment regarding the maintenance is of no need. It can detect ist issue and solve it trouble-freely.

This AC was first launched on 6 February 2019


  • It is eco-friendly
  • Comes with an auto-restart mode
  • It is featured with self-diagnosis system
  • Facilitates you with dual inverter technology


  • Does not come with indoor cord unit

3. Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper)

Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC ranks 3rd in our list of the best 2 ton AC in India. It is one of the top choices in non-inverter AC. The device is mostly notable for its low-noise operation.

The next great thing about the AC is its power saving. With 3-star energy ratings, the AC offers you a reasonable electricity bill.

Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

The copper condenser coil acts in better cooling. Moreover, the copper coil is durable. The specially modeled Pm 2.5 dust filter refines the air and makes your home healthy.

Best Part in the Mechanism
It does not increase global warming. The refrigerating gas it emits has no ozone diminution. Thus, besides being energy-friendly and high performing, the device is earth-friendly too.

The best thing to mention about the AC is that you can customize its settings. The air conditioner is specially constructed with My Mode program. It facilitates you to set the AC settings according to your choice. This AC was first launched on 24 January 2019


  • Designed with auto cleaner feature
  • Its powerful air filter refreshes the room
  • It can identify the refrigerating gas leakage
  • Consumes minimal power


  • High installation charge

4. Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper)

The remarkable features of the Voltas air conditioners make it user-friendly. One of the finest features of the Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is auto-restart.

Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

Setting the AC temperature every time after power cut is irritating. But, it can be resolved with the mentioned product. It automatically adjusts the temperature sensing the former settings.

Another interesting feature of the product is the turbo swing mode. When you enable the turbo swing mode, it scatters the freshly generated air to each corner. It results in a gentle temperature in all rooms.

The air purifier of this particular device is fantastic. The high-grade air filter serves the refreshing air by filtering the tiniest toxic particles.

Apart from all these, one of the appealing aspects of the AC is its self-diagnosis system. With it, you do not need to be anxious about the maintenance cost.

The device is suitable for taking care of itself. It can detect its error and find solutions according to it.This AC was first launched on 9 February 2018


  • Equipped with auto-restart mode
  • Featured with self-diagnosis
  • Appears with a high-quality water filter
  • Comes with a backlit remote


  • The after-sale service is not smooth

5. Voltas 2 Ton Hot & Cold Split AC (Copper)

This specific AC is well-known as the best 2 ton split AC in India due to its multi-purpose usage. It is both summer and winter-friendly. You can set your room temperature moderately whether it is intolerably hot outside or chilly cold.

Voltas 2 Ton Hot & Cold Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

This AC is in the 4th position of our list of the best 2 ton AC in India. The device facilitates you with 4 stage filtration process. Thus, there will be no injurious residue in your indoor air with such a high-efficiency filtration system.

Similar to other Voltas air conditioners, it has the power of instant cooling. By turning on the turbo cooling mode, it spontaneously cools the room.

The stunning Sleep-mode feature for which the Voltas air conditioners are notable is present in the device. The smart technology in your AC will perform the task of automatic temperature fixing at midnight.

Dual display is one of the best features of the device. With the facility of the dual display, you can view both the outside temperature and your AC temperature. It assists in the better adjustment of the temperature and power saving.

This AC was first launched on 21 February 2019


  • 5 years warranty on the compressor
  • Suitable to use in summer and winter
  • Cools the room instantly
  • AC remote appears in glow light button


  • None

6. LG 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper)

The inverter compressor of the AC assists you to relish a noise-free cooling experience. It adjusts the temperature according to the heat, which results in low energy consumption.

LG 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

The device works in better cooling even in the high scorching temperature. Moreover, the Himalayan cool mode allows you to savor the immediate cooling facility.

Its best contribution to its users is its energy-friendly quality. The active energy feature is specially designed for the summer months. With this special feature, it can trim down the power consumption by up to 57%.

It even prevents the growth of those bacteria and viruses along with delivering the fresh air. Hence, you can keep your home dust and pollutant-free by purchasing the LG air conditioner.

Along with summer, the device serves you ideally even in the monsoon month. It soaks the humidity of the room and reduces the stickiness.

This AC was first launched on 20 December 2018


  • Constructed with dual inverter compressor
  • It has an instant cooling mode
  • Condenser coil has ocean black protection
  • Consumes less power


  • Remote quality is not up to the mark

7. Comfee 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper)

Comfee 2 Ton 3 star split AC is another best choice to bring at home. Its exclusive technology and programs make it one of the best selling products.

The first praise worthy part of the device is its strong compressor. It is durable, efficient and appears with 5 years of warranty. Owing to the high quality the device comfort you noise freely.

Comfee 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

It is regarded as the best 2 ton AC in India because of its powerful condenser coil. Made with copper, the condenser runs well and long. It does not even need frequent maintenance.

The self-diagnosis feature relieves you from its repairing cost. Utilizing the self-detection feature, it can sense and fix its own issue precisely.

The worth mentioning feature of the air conditioner is its nano filter system. This advanced filtration process refines all the harmful residues of the air. One of the best attributes of the device is the HD filtration system.

Its high-density filter does not spare any residue. It purifies the entire indoor air by soaking all the harmful residues of dust, pollen, smoke, etc.

It is modeled with the renowned feature ‘Follow Me’. With it, the air conditioner conveniently reaches the air to every corner of the room.

This AC was first launched on 24 January 2019


  • Comes with an efficient condenser coil
  • 5 years warranty on the compressor
  • Featured with a high-density air purifier
  • Controls the indoor humidity rightly


  • Fan speed is a bit slow

8. Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC

The brand Voltas leads the market of the air conditioners. Its durable and high-performance air conditioners always satisfy its customers. The Voltas 2 ton 3 star split AC is one of the best products of the brand.

Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

This is the eighth AC in our list of the Best 2 ton ACs in India

Its non-inverter compressor is considerably reasonable in price than the inverter ones. But, the efficiency is similar to the inverter compressors. It is energy-friendly, which means it helps in keeping your electricity bill reasonable.

The next aspect of the AC is its low noise performance. Its compressor is designed in such a way to minimize the noise production and vibration.

It is important to state that the condenser coil of the AC is built with the alloy metal. It is cheaper from the copper but has similar significance. Similar to the copper ones, it saves energy but in an affordable way

Its 4 stage filtration system delivers you with refreshing bacteria-free air. Hence, it allows you to keep sound health.

Additionally, its high ambient cooling facility offers you the best cooling even in the hottest temperature. The AC manages to cool down the room efficiently even when it is 52 degrees Celsius outside.

This AC was first launched on 6 February 2018


  • Turbo cooling for instant action
  • Adjust the temperature and humidity automatically
  • Comes with a glow in dark AC remote
  • Featured with self-diagnosis for self-recovery


  • Considerably expensive

9. Godrej 2.3 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper)

Godrej air conditioners are always best to purchase due to its inclusive functionalities. The most renowned one is its noiseless operation. The high-grade compressor performs noiselessly serving you the utmost comfort. Its large capacity is suitable to install in a large room with 200 square feet.

Godrej 2.3 Ton 3 Star Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

The best thing to mention about this device is its maximum warranty period of the compressor. It assures you worth a warranty of 7 years which is undoubtedly great.

The AC is mostly admired due to its powerful condenser coil. It is mainly modeled with copper metal. The copper coil makes it work more efficiently. Besides serving you with a low electricity bill, it also facilitates in fast cooling.

The high-grade filter soaks up almost every dirt particles such as dust, pollen, smokes. It enables you to take is the fresh air. The product reduces much of your cleaning effort.

It is specially designed with the self-cleaning operation. So, sit back and relax as your smart AC can clean itself perfectly.

Alongside, coming to its special attractions, the device is eco-friendly. It means it consumes less energy and does not eliminate harmful gases. With all these amazing features, it comes amid the top air conditioners.

This AC was first launched on 9 January 2019


  • Comes with an energy-efficient copper condenser coil
  • 4-way air technology for faster cooling
  • Its compressor enjoys 7 years of warranty
  • Equipped with the best air filter


  • The compressor could be better

10. Blue Star 2 Top 3 Star Split AC

When you opt to select the best 2 ton split AC in India, Blue star products can be great. The mentioned product has all those qualities that a good product must-have. Though it is not an inverter AC still it is considered energy efficient.

Blue Star 2 Top 3 Star Split AC - Best 2 ton AC

The blue star 2 ton split AC has 3-star energy ratings, which is mind-blowing in such a reasonable price range.

Moreover, the warranty period of the device is also worthy. The compressor of the AC comes within a warranty of five years.  The capacity of the AC is enough to cool down a large room with maximum members.

One of the best characters about the device is that has an antifreeze thermostat.  It helps to enhance the performance of the AC. Besides, it again works in prolonging the durability of the product.

The remote of the AC has the cool glow in dark buttons. Thus, operating the device in darkness is convenient.

Among all, the top feature of the device is the air swing function. This master program helps you to enjoy a better cooling experience.

It aids in spreading the fresh cool wind to every nook of the room. Moreover, its anti-dust filter assists you inhale the germ-free healthy air.

This is the last AC in our list of best 2 ton AC in India. This AC was first launched on 24 December 2014


  • Air swing for spreading air fast
  • Appears with a backlit remote
  • Consumes less energy
  • Constructed with a better quality air filter


  • Does not have inverter compressor

Buying Guide

As you are conscious of the best 2 ton split AC in India, let’s proceed to the purchasing guideline. While making a big investment in your Ac, you must fix your requirements first. Unless you get the best one, the result will not be in your favor. Check out the below enlisting thing that you may seek before purchasing the device.

  • Power consumption

Regardless to say, the most important aspect to notice about your AC is its energy consumption. The more it drains the power, the greater the bill is. Thus, always opt for less power consumption ones.  

Air conditioners come with two individual compressors- the inverter and the non-inverter compressor. Both the compressor can be energy efficient if the BTU ratings are high. Therefore, check the energy rating of the device to get the best energy-friendly product.  

  • Check the cooling capacity

This is the crucial part to notice carefully before getting the AC for your home. Your purchase becomes unworthy if your device fails to cool your room proficiently. To avoid such mishap, you first need to measure your room and then select the AC.

For instance, a 1 ton AC can conveniently cool a small to medium-sized room. If your room is large with more members, go for the 2 ton types.

  • Check the noise production

Imagine your AC making loud noises and vibration while working. Feeling horrible? Yes, it is. Air conditioners that create noises and vibrations are extremely annoying. They may have attractive cooling facilities, but the noise production spoils everything. So, do not let your AC disturb your peaceful sleep. Therefore, it is best buying the AC which is less in dB.

  • Check the additional features

 The above-mentioned aspects are some basic features to look at in an AC. But, the modern devices are featured with several appealing functionalities. These functions enhance the service of the products. As a result, you get to delight in the best cooling experience. Some of these amazing features include auto-restart mode, sleeping mode, instant cooling mode, etc. If all these features are available in your device, go for it without thinking twice.

  • Be careful about the maintenance cost

One of the top things that we worry concerning electronic appliance is its durability. Home appliances tend to get weary over time and require high maintenance. But, the ideal products come with an advanced mechanism, which lasts long. Before buying, do a quick survey on the efficiency of the compressor and the condenser coil.   

  • Research well

Researching is the best way of getting the most valuable air conditioner. Sometimes, the brand fails to meet up the claims that it makes. Thus, check the reviews and ensure that the AC delivers all the facilities according to its claiming.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is stabilizer important for an AC?

Most commonly the interruption in voltage damages the interior mechanism of the electronic devices. Thus, it needs protection. The stabilizer protects the device from getting damaged.  The air conditioners which are pre-designed with S-UTR compressor do not require a stabilizer.  

How much power does a split AC consume?

The energy consumption of a split Ac relies upon the star ratings and the tonnage capacity. The air conditioners which have high BTU or star ratings are best. Approximately a 1 ton 3 star AC usually consumes 1.09 kW an hour. 

Which one is efficient between 1 to and 2 tons AC?

The tonnage capacity of the air conditioner does not fix the efficiency of the device. It decides the cooling ability of the device. For example, if your home measures somewhere between 160 square feet, 2 ton is required. But, if it is less than that, choose the best 1-ton inverter AC in India.

Every electronic device especially AC consumes a certain amount of energy. However, the top star ratings consume less, you can make it even lesser.Keeping the door closed while using the device cleaning the air purifier frequently, etc results in less energy consumption. 

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