Benefits of Cycling: A Comprehensive Guide

To lead a fit and healthy life, you need to be physically active. Other than boosting your health, regular exercising can help and protect you from several ailments, such as heart disease and cancer.

For exercising, most people generally opt for running or walking. However, if you do not want to follow these conventional ways, but want to stay fit nonetheless, then your way forward is cycling.

Cycling comes with a lot of benefits. Not only it lets you stay physically energized and fit, but it can also help you lose stubborn fat around the waist. Also, cycling is a low-impact exercise, so it can be enjoyed by people of almost any age.

Along with this, cycles generally do not require a lot of maintenance and don’t emit unhealthy gases. They are excellent for environment as well as your pocket.

Benefits of Cycling

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Below is a detailed breakup of the benefits which you can get from regular cycling, plus few additional surprise benefits you which we have not cover in this info graphic.

1. Increase Awareness – Makes you a better car driver

Cycling regularly can help you to have a better understanding of the road while driving. Along with this, it can help to increase the sense of awareness as a rider, which is very crucial while driving. Almost 68% of driving instructors also think cycling to be excellent preparation for driving both cars and bikes.

Thus, if you ride your bicycle regularly, then you will surely become a much better driver than you already are.

2. Sleep Better

Because of the hectic schedules, almost all the people in the world, nowadays, are following a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, having a good night’s sleep has become rare among them. Due to this reason, the occurrence of sleep-related problems, such as stress issues and anxiety attacks are increasing day by day.

However, solving this problem can be quite easy by cycling. As a form of exercise, cycling can reduce your stress and anxiety, which are considered to be the main factors that contribute to insomnia.

Riding a bicycle can exert your body positively and healthily. Thus, upon reaching your home after this tedious workout, you will fall asleep almost instantly.

3. More Brain Power

Other than aiding you in sleep, cycling can also help to improve the health of your brain and the brain cells. As you put the pressure on the pedals, healthy blood flow increases throughout your entire body, including your cerebrum.

Thus, naturally, the oxygen supply in this metabolically avaricious organ increases, which further improves its ability to grow and function. In addition to this, the enhanced blood circulation also helps to boost the brain’s capability of self-repairing and functioning.

Cycling can also boost the creation process of the BDNF protein, which aids in stimulating the formation of new and healthy brain cells. Thus, if you ride your cycle regularly, the production of neurons in your cerebrum and cerebellum will also increase. As a result, the grey matter of your brain will function a lot more efficiently than before.

Along with this, cycling can also enhance the health of white matter, which helps to transmit information from your cerebral cortex to different parts of your body. Thus, with regular cycling, you can improve not only your memory and intelligence but also your motor skills.

4. Improves Sex Life

As mentioned before, riding a bicycle can help you to stay fit and healthy. Along with providing a fit body, it can also enhance your intelligence, which is yet another thing that will make you a lot more attractive and appealing. With the combination of these two, you will feel much more self-confident, and your sexual desirability will tend to increase.

Regular cycle riding can also help to keep the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline at bay. Thus, naturally, you will feel a lot less stressed and experience a much better sexual arousal. Cycling can also increase the production of endocannabinoid hormones by almost 45%, which can also improve your sex life.

As a form of cardiovascular exercise, cycling can boost the blood flow inside your body. This can aid in minimizing the risk of erectile dysfunction as your penis will get the proper blood flow in it when you are sexually aroused.

According to a recent study, men who cycle more than 4 hours per week are less likely to get affected by impotence. The same research has also found that regular cycling can help to delay menopause in women by atleast 7 to 8 years.

5. Make More Money

Cycling increases you awareness and the ability to take good decisions. It also improves your concentration while you are at work eventually increasing your ability to make more money.

Also, the initial price of a cycle and its gears do seem quite expensive at first. However, if you compare it with the expenses you might incur without cycling, the value of the bicycle will look a lot less pricey.

Other transporting methods, especially a car, need petrol or gas to offer its services, which are quite costly. An automobile also requires a lot of maintenance, which is yet another thing that can make a large hole in your pocket.

However, like a car or a bike, a bicycle does not require that much maintenance. Even if it somehow gets damaged, most of the time, you can repair it by yourself. Also, with a cycle, you would not have to spend money on petrol or diesel, which is another way in which this vehicle can save your money.

In addition to this, cycling can also prevent numerous diseases and aid in boosting your overall health. Therefore, you will not fall ill that easily or have to go to the doctor and buy medications that frequently.

6. Build More Muscles

Cycling is generally considered by many as a rigorous leg workout, as it requires a lot of pedaling. Thus, with regular bicycle riding, you can build the muscles of your glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings quite thoroughly and efficiently. In addition to this, cycling can also help to improve your abdominal muscles, which can further boost your resilience and durability.

However, if you ride your cycle through a smooth surface, the process of muscle building will get quite slow due to low resistance. Thus, for maximizing the benefits and building your muscles a lot faster, you would have to ride your cycle in uphill areas. Another thing, which might help you with this is the usage of heavy gear and equipment while riding. You may also include a sprint interval in workout sessions with the cycle to build your muscles more quickly.

7. Burn More Fat

The term ‘obesity’ generally means having a harmful amount of fat in one’s body. Even though it looks less-injurious, obesity is considered to be quite dangerous as it can potentially increase the risk of numerous deadly diseases. Along with this, it can also contribute to some other health problems, such as erectile dysfunction, which can prevent you from leading a healthy life. However, if you ride your cycle regularly, then it will be quite easy for you to lose weight and avoid the risks of obesity-related issues.

As mentioned before, cycling is a classic form of aerobic exercise. Thus, along with building muscles, it can also help to trim your fats and lose your weight. However, as cycling is generally a low impact workout, you would have to cycle for at least an hour every day to get a more efficient result.

8. Strengthen Immune System

Our body’s immune system is exceptionally essential for our survival as they prevent small micro-organisms, called viruses and bacteria, from making us ill. Other than that, the immune system can also help to keep us younger and healthy for a long time.

However, with aging, a person’s immune system, too, gets ineffective. Another thing that can weaken this system is the sedentary lifestyle, which most of us generally lead. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you would have to indulge yourself in exercising. However, if you do not have the time, then you can also use your bicycle as a transportation system for going to your office.

Along with an increased rate of blood flow, riding a bicycle can, too, help to promote the health of our thymus gland. Thus, naturally, the production of the T cells, which are produced by the thymus gland, also gets increased. Therefore, the overall efficiency of your body’s immune system also improves by a mile.

9. Grow Social Circle

Cycling is a fun exercise, and when you are doing it with your friends, it becomes even more enjoyable. Thus, if you have some companions, who regularly indulge in cycling, then make sure to join them as soon as possible.

Due to the extended benefits of cycling, many people are, nowadays, opting for this form of aerobic exercise. So, if you are somewhat lonely and do not have many friends, then cycling can help you to make some new ones.

Riding a bicycle can assist you in exploring your surroundings and know your neighborhood more closely. You might also get the chance to get acquainted with your neighbors and bond with them.

Numerous towns or cities, nowadays, also have some cycling clubs, which hold multiple contests and competitions. Therefore, if you want to improve your recognition among the other cyclists, then you can also join one of these organizations. Many associations also offer excellent discounts on many gears, which is yet another benefit of belonging to a bicycle club.

10. Healthy Family Time

Due to the pressure of office and work, everyone these days lives a busy life. Thus, spending quality time with the family members and strengthening the bonds between them has also become quite rare.

However, cycling can offer a brilliant solution to this problem as it lets you spend some precious time with your family members. Along with this, cycling can also reduce your and your loved ones’ stress, which is quite beneficial for family bonding.

Cycling can, too, implant the sensation of adventure and physical consciousness in the kids of your family, which is quite beneficial for their well being. It might also help them to focus more on their studies and get good marks on their exams.

11. Positive Addiction

For many cyclists, cycling is not only an enjoyable exercise but also an obsession and addiction. However, unlike the other types of addictions, such as smoking and drinking, it is instead a positive one as it enhances your overall health. Along with this, cycling can also prevent you from developing those other addictions as it makes you health conscious and careful.

12. Healthy Heart

Due to numerous reasons, the occurrence of heart diseases, such as coronary heart disease, Arrhythmia, or myocardial infarction, has become quite common. Among the factors, which contribute to these conditions, obesity currently holds the leading position.

According to the doctors, being obese can increase the risk of the deadly coronary heart disease by 12% and the other heart issues by 49%. Besides, obesity can also increase the chance of stroke by 24% even if the person is somewhat healthy.

However, if you have a bicycle and know how to ride it, then you can avoid obesity issues quite comfortably. You would only need to ride your cycle for at least one to one and a half-hour every day.

As an aerobic activity, cycling can burn a lot of your calories and help you to trim your fats and strengthen the muscles of your heart. Thus, if you cycle regularly, then your chance of getting affected by any of the heart diseases will be cut down by 50%.

13. Reduce Stress

Because of leading a hectic lifestyle, stress has become a prevalent part of our life. However, with regular cycling, you can, too, reduce your stress quite comfortably and live a happy life.

Because of being an aerobic exercise, cycling can help to regulate your breathing by making you breathe deeply. Owing to this deep breathing, almost all of your organs and muscles get the much-required oxygen. Therefore, with only a half an hour of cycling, you will feel more relaxed and calm. Also, as cycling requires a lot of your focus, it will help you to forget about all the things that have been causing stress.

Along with stress, cycling can also help to reduce your level of anxiety. A recent study on this aspect has also revealed that cyclists are 40% less likely to suffer from anxiety attacks than the people who do not cycle.

14. Diabetes Management

Diabetes, especially type-2 diabetes, has become quite typical among humans. It is a type of chronic disease, which affects Pancreas and stops it, and your body, from regulating glucose. Along with this, type-2 diabetes can also affect your body’s natural blood circulation process and make your feet swollen.

As it is a terminal disease, diabetes currently has no cure. However, if you want to, you can control it by taking some safety measures. Among these, cycling is considered to be one of the best ways.

Diabetes is generally more common among people who are obese. Thus, to control your diabetes, you would have first to lose your weight and, in this case, regular cycling can be quite beneficial for you. Also, as cycling requires constant usage of your legs, it can enhance your body’s blood circulation process, especially in the lower section. Thus, besides helping to control your weight, it can also reduce your swollen feet, and therefore, reduce pain and discomfort. Along with this, cycling can also help to regulate your blood sugar as it burns up the glucose, which was stored by your body. This is yet another way in which regular cycling can help you to control diabetes and live a prosperous life.

15. Save the Planet

Even though being more efficient, cars and other public vehicles are not safe for our environment. They emit gases, which pollute the air and produce a lot of noise through their horns that causes noise pollution. Also, due to some internal problems, petrol or other toxic substances get leaked from the vehicles, which contaminate water and its surroundings.

However, if you use a cycle for daily commuting, then you can prevent all of the problems as mentioned above from happening. As cycles do not require petrol, they do not produce poisonous substances that affect the air and the water. Also, the horns, which the bicycles use for letting people know about their presence, are not that loud. So, if you use a cycle rather than a car, then you can, too, reduce noise pollution that affects our environment so gravely.

Due to the lack of concentration of humans, many animals are also getting killed by cars every day. However, as the speed of the cycles is slow, you can, quite comfortably, stop yourself from running over any animal. Also, even if a collision happens, it will be a lot less harmful to both you and the creature.

16. Have a Long Life

As mentioned before, with regular cycling, you will be able to reduce the risk of getting affected by numerous deadly diseases. Thus, even though indirectly, cycling can help to increase your lifespan by keeping these ailments away from you. A recent study has also revealed that the people who regularly cycle tend to live more than five years than those who are not physically active.

Also, as cycles are quite slow, they can reduce the risk of collisions or deadly accidents. This is yet another way in which they can stretch your lifespan and help you to live a lot longer than usual.

17. Boosts Bowels

Cycling does not only enhance the outer muscles of your body but also improves the inner ones. Thus, with regular cycling, you will have much more frequent bowel movements and live a healthy life. In addition to this, it will also help to boost the efficiency of your digestive tract. Thus, you will not get affected by the common indigestion issues, such as gastroenteritis or acid reflux.

Besides enhancing bowel health, regular cycling can also prevent constipation and makes your stools softer. Therefore, naturally, your chances of developing anal fissure, hemorrhoids, rectal cancer will also get decreased by a mile. However, to make this happen, along with regular cycling, you would also have to drink a lot of fluid and keep yourself properly hydrated.

18. Easy of Joints

Most of the aerobic exercises, such as running or skipping, can adversely affect the health of your knees and make them weak over time. However, even though being a type of aerobic activity, cycling does the exact opposite of this. As a low-impact workout, it does not affect your knee joints at all, but, improves their and the surrounding muscles’ health and robustness. Due to this reason, most doctors generally ask older patients to opt for cycling rather than doing other aerobics.

However, to get benefitted the most, you would have to adjust your seating position. If your cycle’s seat is too high or too low, your knee joints might get damaged.

19. Improves Navigational Skills

Unlike the cars, the cycles generally do not come with a pre-installed GPS. Thus, while exploring a new area with your bicycle, you would have to depend on your natural sense and intuition to find the right path.

Therefore, along with all the issues above, cycling can also help to enhance your navigational skills and sense of direction.

20. Increases Production

As cycling requires a lot of your focus and enhances your intelligence, your overall productivity will, naturally, also get increased. With regular cycling, you will also get healthier than ever, which, even though indirectly, will also improve your overall efficiency.

Using a bicycle for daily commuting can help to keep you energized all day long. Thus, no matter what happens, you will always stay refreshed and feel a lot less stressed.

Cycling generally comes with a lot of benefits, but so does the other aerobic exercises. However, the only thing, which makes it a lot better than the others, is the fun element. Other than this, cycling can also help to enhance the sense of adventure in you, which is yet another thing that makes cycling more popular than the other workouts.

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